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Treating Disease: By Symptoms or Cause

Treating Disease: By Symptoms or Cause

Treating Disease: By Symptoms or Cause

Modern western medicine bases its practice on the idea that sickness comes from germs outside of the body (monomorphic theory). When a body becomes ill, our doctors use drugs and surgery to suppress, mask and treat symptoms. In the case of cancer, that theory assumes that a cure is attained by killing and removing cells with drugs, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. And yet, unless the patient drastically changes their internal environment, the preexisting conditions for the disease remain, and the disease will ultimately return. Unfortunately, this practice of treating symptoms (rather than causes) is firmly entrenched in mainstream medical treatments today.

Here at Life Enthusiast Co-op, we believe that sickness comes from dysfunctions and imbalances within the body (theory of pleomorphism): outside influences provide only contributing factors. Disease should be addressed at the root of the problem, most often caused by a depleted immune system. A healthy functioning immune system is naturally able to establish, maintain and restore health. We wish to facilitate this process, to help you identify and remove obstacles to your health and recovery, and to support you in achieving a healthy internal and external environment.

The Cause of Health and Disease

Colloids of Life & Light Within Our Blood

Colloids are defined as small particles suspended in a liquid. Colloids were discovered in the 17th century by Anton Leeuwenhoek. His discovery, using his own microscope, was when he collected rainwater, sealed it, examined it and saw nothing in it, yet four days later he found small creatures, evolved from something not visible to us. From light and water, they spontaneously evolved into visible life. Science can only take us as far as current technology allows, beyond that, one must use intuition, inner guidance, and a spiritual perspective. The evolution of the small creatures must be coming from a higher vibrational or spiritual level. Life evolving in a place where none was present. Just as in Anton Leeuwenhoek’s sealed rainwater we also find elements of life, or microbes, in the blood. What they evolve into (health or disease) depends upon the environment they’re exposed to, as per the pleomorphic theory.

Darkfield Microscopy

Western medicine considers blood to be a sterile, static environment. To examine blood, they stain live samples with chemicals, destroying the naturally present microbes. Darkfield microscopy looks at living blood samples with light beamed into the sides of the specimen, contrasting the contents onto a dark background. This clearly shows bacteria, microorganisms and parasites that naturally exist there. Examining live blood from seriously ill patients shows swarming hordes of mutated microorganisms, stressing the patients’ immune systems. Cleaning the blood of these pathogenic microbes allows the restoration of the immune system, and allowing healing to progress in an orderly and rapid fashion.

The State of Your Blood Reflects Your State of Health

When you’re not feeling well, your blood doesn’t look good either. It’s teeming with microbes, mutating to be pathogenic. Clean up your blood and internal environment, and your health & well being will improve. As you feel better, your attitude also improves: mental health is aligned with physical well being. As thoughts have much power, you can make it so (health), if you think it’s so. Your health is spiritually induced, physically driven, manifesting in the way you feel. The way you think, live and eat will affect your internal environment. Your health, resulting from your behavior, your thoughts, and your emotions, is reflected in your blood.

Author: Life Enthusiast

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