Grow Your Own Food Become a REAL Revolutionary

Grow Your Own Food

About a decade ago Marjory Wildcraft volunteered to help get fresh, local, organic produce into her kids school system. That project failed miserably, but it changed her life forever. Why? Because there wasn’t enough locally grown food in the entire county for even one small elementary school. Marjory devoted her life to finding the fastest, easiest, and funnest ways for an individual or family to grow their own food, and in the process discovered that growing your own is incredibly rewarding.

Marjory developed a video that teaches permaculture in other words, the techniques used to grow your own food that is now used by teachers, universities, missionary organizations, and regular folks. It gets you started producing your food very quickly. You probably have a sense that the era of readily accessible high quality food is over. The era of cheap food is coming to an end we just have not fully associated with it. It was an illusion anyway: we did get cheap food, but we were getting exactly what we were paying for not much in the way of nutrition.

Here is where the the revolutionary act comes in: if you have a backyard, or even a sunny window sill, there is a tremendous opportunity for your to grow your own food and have real fun doing it!

Grow Your Own Food Turn Your Backyard Into An Organic Paradise

Marjory Wildcraft reveals how you could change your life forever. She is passionate about sustainable living and self-reliance. She dedicated over a decade of her life to finding the easiest methods for growing food in a backyard or small farm. Marjory says:

I’ve done a lot of research, but more importantly, I’ve done the dirt time, finding out exactly what methods work the best. Most of what I eat, I grow for myself using simple, sustainable, organic methods. But I didn’t start out knowing anything about gardening or handling livestock.

I became worried about the economy, possible pandemics, peak oil, terrorist destruction of key infrastructure, EMP flares, and a host of other issues. I felt unbelievably vulnerable when I realized how dependent I was on huge, corporate agri-business for my food supply, and how fragile that vast system is. I began in earnest to research and implement every kind of food production method I could find. At first I was taking every workshop, reading every book, and visiting all kinds of farmers, homesteaders, survivalists, and gardeners and then going home and trying it for myself. Initially I had a lot of failures. But I kept at it, and after a while I started producing.

After a while I found myself being the teacher. I offered workshop after workshop teaching hundreds of people how to grow food. We couldn’t handle all the people who wanted to come, so I took time off and crafted the video set Grow Your Own Groceries.

Marjory put everything into those videos; including her failures. You will really appreciate that she shows the techniques that didn’t work. The Permaculture Activist Magazine, the most highly regarded sustainable living journal in the US says of her work With high production values, the authenticity of lived experience, a script sharp as nails, and good narration, this film makes a tremendous contribution to the practical literature of permaculture. So in conclusion, if you want to be a real revolutionary, grow your own food!