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Homeopathic Program

Homeopathic Program

Feel better, fitter healthier!

A natural way to stimulate and support your body's innate healing process, to help cope with the stresses of today.

Research documents that much of your body replaces itself every 8 weeks. By introducing important support to your body's innate healing process throughout this vital 8 week period, your body and its immune system are empowered to better defeat illness and reestablish a sense of well-being, at a pace that is compatible with your body's natural cycle of renewal.

Better by Nature
Homeopathic Caring Remedies

Each remedy captures the energy signature of highly synergized patented "mother formula" herbal remedies combining Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbs, pure essential oils, probiotics, bee pollen, spices. We call these information-encoded remedies "infoceuticals". Simply sprayed under your tongue, they are designed to support and activate your natural healing and detoxification processes, maximizing the uptake of nutrition and restoring well-being and vitality.

Many people have reported significant benefits and positive changes.

We designed the Better by Nature Homeopathic Caring Remedy Collection to naturally stimulate, balance and support your body's innate healing and detoxification processes to restore well-being and vitality. They work in concert with Superfood drinks and nutritional supplements in traditional molecular form.

"The human body heals itself, and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task."
Roger Williams PhD, Nutrition Against Disease

The Program: "Eight Weeks to a Better You"

Weeks 1 to 4

Preparation Essence
This first step is to be taken for the first 4 weeks, before any of the Caring Remedies are used. It detoxifies to help eliminate all accumulated pollution related to today's living environment and the stresses of modern day life. Detoxing supports a well functioning digestive system, essential for the ingestion of vital nutrition. 80% of your immune system lives in your gut and a healthy gut holds the vital roots of our health.

Many health issues are interrelated especially because of the compound toxic effect of accumulated pollution and stress on the mind and body. Most of the activity of a healthy immune system, present in the gut more that anywhere else, is to switch off the adverse reaction to food and toxins.

"We carry our future health in our gut pretty much from birth. Exhaustion, moodiness, depression, bloating (twenty-first-century-itis) is a response to our polluted, urbanized, speeded up world."
Patrick Holford - Founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Preparation Essence also stimulates your body's uptake of key nutrition to boost and balance your immune system. Many illnesses can be caused by the deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. This deep detoxifying remedy is like preparing your wall's surfaces before painting.

"The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon its own mechanisms."
Andrew Weil MD. Author 8 Weeks to Optimum Health,
Founder of the Center for Integrative Medicine

After this deep cellular cleansing, you will choose the next formula to best suit your needs.

Weeks 5 to 8

This is when you choose the next formula to best suit your needs.
This depends on whether you wish to:

  • Address a particular condition
  • Address lifestyle or a life stage
  • Improve your general well-being
  • Provide essential, optimal nutrition.

The following is a list of available homeopathic Caring Remedies for you to choose from.
Be guided to the right ingredients for your body, to become better, more fit and healthier.

1. Cardio Support
2. Healthy Skin Support
3. Toxin Balance and Immunity Boost
4. Sensory Support
5. Energy Boost
6. Cleanse Detox and Digestive Well-being
7. Hormonal Balance
8. Male Well-being
9. Positive Outlook and Stress Balance
10. Healthy Joints Function and Mobility

In the majority of cases, a singe 8-week course is sufficient.

The best Remedy for you!

Follow Up to The Program: Ongoing Vitality for Continued Support

The Better by Nature "Ongoing Vitality" homeopathic Caring Remedy is recommended as a follow up to the 8 week course to maintain and build on the progress already made. Ongoing support to enhance and protect your body's own healing system is your best defense against illness, the stresses of modern life and the assaults of our toxic environment.

Adapting to the Stresses of Life

Your health will directly depend on your ability to cope with the challenges of your environment. Your immune system, with over 80% living in your gut, must be strong enough to adapt to the stresses of life.

Inevitably, our 21st century lifestyle includes:

  • convenient processed foods that contain preservatives and pesticides,
  • antibiotics, drugs & steroids,
  • increasingly polluted, toxic environment,
  • electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, computers, wifi etc.
  • ever growing demands in the workplace

All this causes stress, input overload and mental exhaustion. This is often accompanied by invasion of bad gut flora, with toxins entering the bloodstream causing chemical imbalances in both the mind and body - all resulting in a compromised immune system.

This assault on your immune system and consequent downward spiral in health can be a major contributor to many aspects of ill health. It restricts the ingestion of key nutrients while burning up those reserves which your body needs to function properly in the way it was intended. Imbalance in your lifestyle uses up even more of these reserves.

What You Need To Do Now

To know where to start and what action plan you need to take to achieve a healthy digestive and immune system

  • Read 'RDA Vs Optimal' to learn why your immune system needs an increased level of daily support.
  • Realize that a detox program is required.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet minimizing processed foods, refined sugar and salt.
  • Drink 64+ oz of water a day. 75% of people are dehydrated.
  • You are constipated if you do not go twice a day.
  • Exercise. Your lymphatic system has to move.
  • Limit stress - it burns up vital nutritional resources.

For Your Long Term Health

You need to ingest high quality real physical nutrients, including probiotics, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9) every day.

Optimum Nutrition is even more powerful when delivered in synergy whereby the combined effect of two or more things is greater than the sum of their separate parts.

Orchestrate the cell renewal process in the gut, protecting from disease and toxins, enabling the production and absorption of nutrients.

Free radicals cause cancer, disease and aging. Attacking vital cells, destabilizing life giving cell function. Our toxic environment means with every breath we produce free radicals. Antioxidants disarm and stabilize free radicals.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential means we cannot live without them. Every cell in our body depends on them. Each of our 50 trillion cells comprise of EFA's including much of our brain. Our cells control how our brain/body works and how we interact with the environment.

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