How to Choose a Diet Program

I sat down for a chat with one of our clients, Donna Tennant, while she was vacationing not far from where I live. We talked about two topics, her encounter with cancer (posted in another blog post) and her experience with Metabolic Typing as a means of managing health issues, and more broadly as a lifestyle. We are not talking just weight management here. Choosing the right diet program will influence not only your weight, but also your moods, your energy, the clarity of your thoughts, your reaction speed, your health, and ultimately the cause of your death at least if it is not accidental.

I am serious: depending on your genetics, the biological individuality you inherited from your parents, you can control with food whether you are depressed or agitated, whether you stay calm under pressure, or blow up in a fit of road rage. The way you structure your meal can easily add to or subtract 30 points from your IQ. Your genes will decide if you are better at physical strength or at endurance, whether you prefer high intensity and danger, or low intensity and safety. But your diet will determine whether you can cope with your situation, or end up in a mental break-down.

There is a proven method of determining your best diet program, it is called Metabolic Typing. It is a test, a quiz that will give us the ability to tell you not only which foods you should eliminate, but also which foods you should put on your A-list, and most importantly, how to construct your meals to feed your metabolic fires correctly. Once you match your food needs with your food intake, several wonderful things happen: your cravings go away, your energy levels improve, your moods stabilize, and your weight normalizes. To learn more about how to choose a diet program the scientific, proven, end the guessing way, watch the videos about Metabolic Typing – sign up for the series below.

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The Advanced Metabolic Typing test analyzes 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls to determine and define your Metabolic Type. The control systems include Autonomic Nervous System (NeuroEndocrine), CarboOxidative, Hormonal (Steroidal), Neurotransmitter, LipoOxidative, Electrolyte, pH Balance, Glandular Type, Blood Type, Constitutional Type, Prostaglandin Balance. It is much more than the free test offered online by Dr Mercola, or talked about by Dr Oz.

Let me know what you think of the video. Please excuse the lack of a tripod …

Author: Martin Pytela