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Dose of Nature: Superior Nutrient Absorption

Superior absorption translates into big savings for you – you need less to achieve your wellness goals.

Dose of Nature supplements dramatically improve the amount of active ingredient that your body can absorb. It’s called bioavailability.

In the past, the delivery system used to get nutrients through your cell membranes and into your cells allowed only small amounts. This seriously limits the amount of a specific nutrient that your body can actually absorb.

Because of the efficiency of highly bioavailable nutrients from Dose of Nature, the amount you need to take to feel benefits is much less than traditional delivery systems allow.

For regulatory compliance reasons we have to sell hemp products at a separate website called Remarkable Recovery.

Hydrosome Technology

Dose of Nature uses a proprietary method called Hydrosome Technology that makes nutrients more bioavailable.

They start with tiny spheres of purified water that are 100 nanometers in diameter – this is only 1/10th the size of normal water clusters. These tiny water clusters are injected with even smaller particles of nutrients – only 3 nanometers in diameter. Once the particles are nano-sized, water clusters are formed around them – they are not suspended or dissolved in water.

At this tiny nano size, the nutrients are readily bioavailable to your cells, easily passing through your cell walls for quicker and better absorption. Water is absorbed first thing out of your stomach, so the nutrients will flow with it to your blood and into your cells, safely embedded in the water clusters.

As an added bonus, virtually all of the water will be absorbed into your cells too, super hydrating them. Proper hydration is one critical key to good health.

Hydrosome Technology is a unique, cutting-edge way of delivering nutrients directly into the cells of your body.

BioPulse Nano Technology

Our innovative proprietary technology embeds uniform nano-sized nutrients within stable ultra-purified micro-clusters of water. The result the most advanced cellular hydration and bioavailable nutrition.

BioPulse HydroPods vs Lipsomes

Many people are familiar with the liposome technology, which simply takes much larger nano particles and embeds them in spheres of fat with the goal of achieving better bioavailability of nutrients through low dose oral consumption.   For years, the liposomes were primarily used in skin care products, but if you search the internet now, you’ll find a liposome drug delivery the research topic for many pharmaceutical products.  Some of the issues with liposomes however relate to the fact that they are somewhat difficult to create, introduce fats into your system, the nano size particles vary in size greatly, and the liposomes are slow to be absorbed into the body, typically taking roughly 2 hours to be absorbed in the small intestine.  Also, people with compromised gastrointestinal tract issues may have problems digesting and absorbing these particles.  Dose of Nature agrees that liposome delivery is an enhancement over tablets, capsules, etc., but we also see the drawbacks of liposomes.

The BioPulse technology with the same theory in mind, creates true uniform nano particles less than 10 nm in diameter and embeds them within micro-clusters of ultra-pure water we call HydroPods. Because the nano nutrients are encased within clusters of water molecules, the body absorbs them rapidly through the stomach, and are easily absorbed and distributed out to the cells throughout the body within several minutes.

This BioPulse Nano Technology allows for rapid nutritional delivery of nutrients which can be utilized immediately within the body, advanced cellular hydration and detoxification.

The BioPulse Nano Technology’s ability to create true and uniform nano-sized particles, and embed these particles within the heart of these micro-clusters of water.  Our nutrients can go down as low as 3 nano meters in diameter with a particle size distribution of +/- 1 nano meter.  At this size, the nutrients are basically bioavailable at that size at the cellular level.  These particles are not suspended or dissolved in the water.  Once the particles are nano-sized, the water clusters are formed around the particles to insulate them from agglomeration.  They are neatly and snuggly embedded in the micro-clusters of water.

Water is absorbed first thing out of the stomach, and therefore, these nutrients flow into the blood safely embedded within the water clusters.  Not to mention that virtually all of the water will be absorbed in most cases.

While liposomes are interesting, most people don’t want small clusters of fat absorbed into their system, but the BioPulse HydroPod micro-clusters of water have their own significant benefit in terms of cellular hydration.  The nearly uniform size of the nano particles is stunning in comparison to the nano-sizing technologies employed by liposome manufacturers.  With the BioPulse technology, we can virtually put almost anything in these micro-clusters of water – minerals, vitamins, oils, etc.  It doesn’t matter if the ingredient is hydrophobic or hydrophilic, solid or liquid.  The BioPulse technology represents a cutting-edge unique way of delivering nutrients to the cells in the body.

Dose of Nature invites you to sample some of the BioPulse products, and try them for yourself.  It may seem strange to think that by drinking an ounce or two of water, that it won’t seem like enough to make a difference.  But the funny thing is that in 1 teaspoon of BioPulse, there are more HydroPods than you have cells in your body.  That is the miracle of the nano scale of things.

To further that point, if you take a nutrient which is 5,000 nano meters in diameter which is common for some nutrients, a little smaller than a red blood cell, for example.  We take that one particle, nano size it to 6 nanometers in diameter, you get 579 Million HydroPods from only 1 of the macro particles.  This is the key to nano amplified nutrition.  So the net benefit is better digesting and saturation coverage for better bioavailability and use within the body and cells.  By virtue of having that much more absorbed and bioavailable, Dose of Nature is able to get more effectiveness through much smaller dosing of many nutrients.

BioXTrax products are highly-concentrated glycerite extractions of natural ingredients


Natural ingredients are either used in their natural form, or else they are extracted through any number of processes – alcohol tinctures, weak glycerin tinctures, water tinctures, various CO2 extraction techniques, etc.  Regardless of the methods chosen, the ultimate goal is to get the maximum concentration from the plants in a bioavailable form.  Plants have water and fat soluble ingredients, waxes, resins, plant material and fiber, etc.  Being able to extract and concentrate the key constituents, while selectively filtering out the unwanted biomass can be tricky.  Let’s call it more of an art than a science.

BioXTrax Nectars

At Dose of Nature, one of the technologies we use is BioXTrax™, which is a slow, methodical, multi-stage process which allows us to extract from raw material (or from CO2 pastes) the active ingredients from plant materials into a seriously concentrated glycerite.  The benefits of glycerin or a glycerite extraction are interesting…

First the BioXTrax™ glycerite is a silky smooth sweet glycerin product that is water soluble.  Put a dropper full in water, stir gently, or take straight.  It is very easy to use for adults and especially children. BioXTrax™ glycerites taste great.  Not only are they slightly sweet, typically we are able to maintain the flavor and smell of the original material. The BioXTrax™ process is 100% alcohol and preservative free.

Many other glycerites often take alcohol tinctures, spin off the alcohol, and then put the remaining tincture in glycerin, sometimes with emulsifying chemicals.  The BioXTrax™ process we use 100% pure vegetable glycerin, ultra-pure water, and a number of processes over several weeks to extract the natural goodness of the natural plant.

From start to finish, the BioXTrax™ products are 100% alcohol free, sugar free, nut-free, wheat-free, and gluten-free.  In fact, we are Kosher and Halal certified. The BioXTrax™ products are bioavailable.  Glycerin is similar in structure to an alcohol, and therefore is easily digested and absorbed quickly after entering the stomach.  Since the plant’s active ingredients are bound and integrated into the glycerite, these ingredients are quickly digested and absorbed into the blood. The BioXTrax™ products are concentrated and potent. We are able to rerun the process several times with increasing amounts of raw material to make sure that we reach optimal saturation of the glycerite products.

You’ll see that a little bit goes a long way in effectiveness. The BioXTrax™ products don’t need to be refrigerated.  Glycerin at our concentrations are a natural preservative, and therefore no additional preservatives are needed in our products.  In fact, because our products are pure glycerin and ultra-pure water, if you were to refrigerate the product, you’d find that the glycerites quickly freeze.  They have a very high freezing point.  So many times in glycerin products, manufacturers have to add anti-freeze to their products.  In our case, freezing doesn’t affect the quality or effectiveness of the product, but in order to use it, it must be kept at room temperature.

BioXTrax™ Process

While we can’t reveal the details of our process, the natural herbs and plant material is run through a slow, methodical, multi-stage process that can take several weeks to complete with the objective to end up with a full-spectrum, robust concentrated glycerite extraction. Don’t be confused with some that do a simple, weak glycerin tincture that leaves much of the active ingredients still in the plant.  Others extract with alcohol, and then make a glycerin product, but the issue with that is that alcohol can denature many of the active ingredients, thus rendering them ineffective.

Each type of plant material, requires a slightly different modification of process: all seem to be slightly different in nature, and through some trial and error we have created processes for working with various herbs.  But the result is a standardized concentration in every product we sell. Because all of the glycerites are water soluble, we provide some single plant glycerites, or they can easily be combined into multi-herb products for specific needs.

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