Hypoglycemia is a condition of low blood sugar that is the forerunner of many of the degenerative and infectious diseases that plague our longer-living population. There are commonalties that begin with this condition and proceed like the branching of a tree into different named conditions such as lupus, bursitis, degenerative spinal disks, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, arthritis, TMJ, interstitial cystitis, osteoporosis, hepatitis A,B,C, and cancer.

Without exception these persons demonstrate protein first and sulfur second as their primary deficiencies. Very often there are secondary deficiencies that occurs primarily as the result of these because the body then has a lack of protein to complex as carriers to the cells. The result is a population that has finally been turned on to the necessity of proper nutrition and supplementation that is getting perhaps 40% of what they take and never, until now, had a chance to identify the primary cause which is a lack of protein digestion.

Many attempts at solving this problem fail: taking protein powders, enzymes, algae, gelatin, amino acids singly or in the wrong proportions. Yet it is easy to treat at this stage. Despite the available diagnosis of hypoglycemia many people do not get the protein that they need because blood tests do not tell the proper story. This nutrient package addresses the protein/sulfur deficiency identified in the US patent for Platinum Plus, and the methyl donor factor identified by Dr. Carlos Mason.

Hypoglycemia Intensive Care Protocol

  • Platinum Plus Amino Acids (120 caps)
  • Platinum Plus Flax Borage (120 caps)
  • Vickery Sea Plant Minerals
  • Exsula XtraPure Lecithin
  • BioLabs B Complex
Author: Life Enthusiast