Introduction to Alive Water

  • Create Instantly-Absorbing, Great-Tasting Water
  • Eliminate the Need to “Digest” Water
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen in Water
  • Prevent Slimy Bacteria Buildup

Using powerful, natural principles, you can transform your water, making it alive and energized. We bring a wonderful rediscovery of ancient water treatment to our modern world. Our systems are simple, requiring only a one-time installation and no maintenance or extra costs.

The Many Names for Living, Energized Water

Living waterRevitalized waterAlive waterHoly waterHealing water
Crystal waterOxygenated waterVortex waterStructured waterFiltered water
Hexagonal waterPi-watereWaterGrander waterLaser water

Such a multitude of names for the one simple thing – water. Clearly, there must be more to water than the dry chemical description H20 would indicate…

According to Japanese Research:

Just sending a “Thank You” to water will affect its crystal structure when frozen.
Water will also respond to different kinds of music. They love many classical music pieces and folk songs as well. Rock and heavy metal do not reflect well in the water.

Author: Life Enthusiast