Iridesca for Your Peak Performance

Iridesca from Exsula Superfoods is arguably the worlds most complete, most balanced, and most effective blend of natural high-grade plant life components brought together to create nutrition for peak performance. I feel a special connection to Exsula Superfoods. When Life Enthusiast Co-op 1.0 first launched on July 4, 1989 with Jevari Oberon releasing his revolutionary product, a Superfood called Excela, he was creating a new concept that has now evolved into a movement, a class of products that hold the hope that we can overcome the failing experiment with industrial food processing.

Over the years, the Exsula product line evolved to include Quantium, Premium, Advancium, Gold (among others), and the topic of this post, Iridesca. These products were released over the span of about seven years between 1989 and 1996, and have been updated and upgraded many times since. Jevari has invested over 20,000 hours in research, customer feedback, testing, and incremental improvements. Today, the products are still made with the same commitment to excellence, meticulous selection of ingredients, careful processing, and innovative design.

Many copies and knock-offs have come to the market as a result of his original innovative idea. The most complex of the blends, Iridesca is the gateway to optimum physical performance that so many wish for. It can ensure your body will be operating at its highest possible level and will give you great longevity. Iridesca is designed to deliver a combination of strength and long-lasting stamina. It grants a greater quality of life, freeing you from any discomfort or pain. This Superfood will wake up your body’s immune system allowing it to fight infections and potential disease.

It increases sexual performance along with physical performance, it will fix all aspects of your physiology including healthier, more natural hair and skin. Taking Iridesca will also improve your metabolism, as it moderates blood sugar levels. It is more nutritious than fresh juice or fruits and vegetables alone its rich in pigments and has an exotic taste that really grows on you. If you tried to put together a combination of all its components by shopping for them individually, you would spend 20 times its price. See the details for yourself to understand why this product is one of our best sellers.

Iridesca a complete Superfood nutrition for the new millennium!

Author: Life Enthusiast