Life Enthusiast Newsletter 005

Easy Upgrade Your Nutrition AND Health

Higher Performance from Superfood Blends

Dear Reader,

I truly hope this message finds you well, and I have a few questions to determine how you’re doing…

  • Are you energetic, vibrant and pain-free?
  • Do you have unexplained aches?
  • Constipated? Bloated? Heartburn?
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol?
  • Do you feel overweight?
  • How’s your immune system working? Do you sometimes/often get colds and flus? They can be quite a nuisance
  • Are you fighting cancer? Or have a family history of cancer?

Why am I asking?
Because your body naturally strives to be healthy, when fed adequate nutrients.

What’s Missing in Your Diet? ~ Whole Foods ~

Many Americans – even those whose diets are more varied than burgers and shakes – don’t eat well enough. Do you think that if you eat “healthy” foods you can get all the nutrients you need?

“It’s highly unlikely. Less than 3% of the population have the potential to have that happen. Even if your diet is packed with fruits, vegetables and whole grains – all good things – you can’t count on them providing all the micronutrients you need to be your healthiest. Ravaging of the soil and most modern farming practices don’t support the best nutrient value in food.” ~ Dr. David Haase, doctor of integrative medicine at Clarksville’s MaxWell Clinic.

Food that has traveled in the back of a truck for several days or has been stored in a warehouse for months loses its flavor and nutritional value. In the United States, most food travels between 1,500 and 2,500 miles from farm to table, according to the Worldwatch Institute, an international think tank for environmental and social trends.

Because it’s so very difficult in our fast-paced world to eat only whole foods (or sometimes any at all), Superfood Blends are a great natural choice to offset the processed foods you probably eat.

Please know that when you feed yourself absorbable, life-giving nutrition from plant-grown nutrients, your immune system can work efficiently to heal and maintain health.

No kidding! Your body becomes an environment in which disease cannot thrive.

Superfoods provide the building blocks that are missing from a typical diet – an excellent way to provide natural, living energy for your body.

Only Whole Foods go into Exsula Superfoods

Humans in nature would eat only whole foods, from the earth. Nothing processed. And we would be nearly free from disease.

In our fast-paced, unnatural world, we eat many processed foods that contain only parts of the original food. Your body sees processed foods as unknown, foreign substances, and you’re not able to use processed foods in a healthy manner. Your body doesn’t naturally know what to do with unnatural processed foods.

When you eat processed foods, free radicals form and toxins build up. Sickness results. Processed food parts act as poison in your body. All types of discomforts and disease can result from processed foods, and refined supplements are obviously not as ideal as a natural whole food supplements.

The ingredients in Exsula Superfoods are:

  • Wild-grown, organic and not genetically modified
  • Carefully handled at low temperatures to save enzyme and phytonutrient vitality
  • Natural qualities are protected by antioxidant components we integrate with other nutrients during processing
  • The superfine particle size promotes high absorption levels.

Try seeing Superfoods this way…

If you want to play football, you need a whole team of players to win a game.
Just as a few players can’t win a game, a few ingredients can’t make you healthy.
Unless you have a whole team of players on the field, can you win the game?
You need a whole team of ingredients to look young and feel healthy!

Your Body is an Amazing, Self-healing Machine

… when properly fed.
Whole food nutrition is necessary for health, and the standard American diet gets:

  • 51% of calories from processed food (no whole food nutrition)
  • 40% of calories are from animal products (no whole food nutrition).

Startlingly true – is this your diet? If you eat this way, I’m sorry to say that you’re so nutrient deficient that you are destined to break down!

My Personal Experience with Superfoods

by Ann-Louise, Editor at Life-Enthusiast

I started taking Exsula Superfood AuraSil every day (about 5 years ago) and was truly amazed at the difference in how I felt. Superfood Blends have given me my health back. This is a powerful supplement that I just can’t live without!

It’s simple… the powerful nutrients and Silica in AuraSil made my joints feel better. Silica is essential for maintaining the strength and elasticity of the soft tissues in your joints (tendons, cartilage), your arteries, skin, hair (slows hair loss) and nails, gums and teeth. And it lubricates dry, wrinkled skin too.

After only one bottle of AuraSil, (took about a month to drink), my joints felt better, my nails were not flaking anymore, and my hair is thicker – can’t wait to see how great my hair will look after a whole year of taking AuraSil. What a great “side-effect” that is, hey?

More Great Benefits from Exsula Superfoods

When you take Superfood Blends regularly, you’ll have just that… regularity!
Hope this isn’t too personal to share, but my bowels move so comfortably and regularly, that I know my insides are clean and healthy! Unless and until you clean out your insides, diseases can only be in remission, prepared to resurface. That’s why I rarely get sick anymore. And when I do, it’s quite mild and short-lived.

Normal Weight, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
I’ll never have those issues, because I get awesome nutrition from regularly taking Superfoods. They give me concentrated nutrition and keep my gut clean, so my body can function normally.

Seriously Reduce Your Risks for Cancer
Free radicals get eliminated so your chances for developing cancer are dramatically minimized.

Get Healthier As You Age!

You can’t expect to feel better overnight… but expect to feel better as you age!

Discomforts and disease do not have to be associated with aging. And prescription drugs do not have to be taken for symptoms of aging.

Nutrients from Superfood Blends are a very effective way to age in comfort, avoiding prescription drugs and their nasty side effects.

When you feed your body ideal nutrients from Superfood Blends, you can watch your own miraculous self-healing powers.

Try a Superfood Blend ~ Look Younger and Feel Healthier

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela