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There’s SO much more to bone health beyond Calcium…

Dear Reader,

You hear it everywhere, that we need more calcium to support our bones. The government-supported dairy boards and food guides tell us that we need milk products every day, because they’re full of calcium to “keep your bones strong”.

But the truth is that your body’s need for calcium is closely related to magnesium. They’re so dependent on each other that we really need to talk about them together.
And take them BOTH, too!

The Truth About Calcium… it NEEDS Magnesium!

Calcium depends on magnesium to get into your cells.
Magnesium regulates the entrance and utilization of calcium in your cells.

Without Magnesium,
Calcium remains unused in your body.

This will result in calcium deposits in your joints (aggravating arthritis), gallstones, kidney stones, and in extreme cases calcification of the brain and other body organs. This, in turn, results in loss of memory and eventually death. All of these conditions often disappear after taking extra magnesium (except death, of course).

Magnesium Deficiency Is Common

Hardly anyone gets enough magnesium anymore, because it’s practically impossible to obtain from food sources. Our soils have been seriously depleted of magnesium (and most other nutrients!) by the use of chemical fertilizers and modern farming practices in general. Our food today contains only about 30% of the minerals it did 100 years ago.

Minerals Are Essential for Your Health

In our fast-paced society, perhaps the most noticeable benefit of Magnesium supplementation is that it fires up the “rest and digest” side of your nervous system, allowing lower blood pressure, better digestion and sleep too. You feel calm and centered.

Magnesium soothes your nervous system, allowing deeper rest.

Taken without calcium, magnesium will benefit you in many ways, including all symptoms of aging – from arthritis to wrinkles, and more…

  • Improve Sleep (activates parasympathetic, providing deeper rest)
  • Relieve Muscle and Joint Pain and Discomfort
  • Relax Nerves, Overcome Stress and Improve Bad Moods
  • Improve Heart Function
  • Increase Kidney Health
  • Support Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Essential for every major process in your body, such as digestion, protein synthesis, cellular energy production and glucose metabolism.
  • Essential for the production of several amino acids that are critical for nearly every chemical reaction in your body. Without these chemical reactions and processes taking place efficiently, your body would be in big trouble.

Magnesium is the most important mineral your body requires for cellular health.

But Please Know…

Oral Magnesium Supplements Are Ineffective

Advertisements about oral magnesium supplements lead you to believe that regular oral supplementation will fix a magnesium deficiency. Unfortunately this isn’t quite true. Taking oral magnesium supplements at doses required to overcome the deficit causes a bowel flush (diarrhea) – your body cannot absorb it, nor pass it into your cells.

The Solution is Simple…

The Best Way to Absorb Magnesium… Through Your Skin!

Magnesium Crystals are an affordable, easy and pleasurable way to get magnesium into your body, through your skin. Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ?

~ Only 1/4 cup in your Bath Every Day ~

Magnesium Crystals

“Fountain of Youth”

Bathing in Magnesium Crystals is a relaxing, rejuvenating and cost-effective way to restore your magnesium. A foot bath works just as well.

Prove it to yourself – use Magnesium Crystals daily for just two weeks, time enough to feel how much this simple mineral can improve your life.

And if you’d like more concentrated effects, try…

Magnesium Gel or Magnesium Oil

Both use Energized Water to deliver magnesium through your skin and into your cells. Energized water has its molecules returned to a pure, super-hydrating state so that it easily gets into your cells, taking magnesium with it for immediate absorption!

Just rub onto any area of concern, as often as desired, to relieve pain and enhance your well-being.

An excellent means for your body to absorb critically needed magnesium and essential moisture, for cellular regeneration.

Magnesium Oil is also a magnificent dental aid. It can whiten your smile by rebuilding the mineral levels in your teeth.

Enable cellular REgeneration to exceed DEgeneration… that’s Anti-Aging!

The Problem for Milk Drinkers…

America has the highest rate of milk consumption and calcium supplementation, yet the highest occurrence of osteoporosis (calcium loss) in the Western world.

Quite evident from the statistics,
here’s a few facts about high-calcium intake:

  • Taking more calcium will not fix a calcium deficiency
  • Taking more calcium can cause a magnesium deficiency
  • Taking more magnesium will fix a calcium deficiency (and fix a magnesium deficiency too – read more lower down about Magnesium Deficiency).

The Correct Calcium to Magnesium Ratio

Since calcium and magnesium depend on each other to be assimilated into your body, they should be taken together. Take them alone only to correct an imbalance.

Milk (cow’s milk, intended for cows) has the ratio of 8 calcium to 1 magnesium, causing a problem with milk drinkers.

The ideal ratio for most people’s needs is equal amounts of calcium and magnesium. If calcium consumption is high, then magnesium intake also needs to be high.

Yet the ideal ratio varies:

  • High-protein diets need about equal amounts of calcium and magnesium.
  • Low fat and low protein diets need to make their magnesium intake higher.

Based on their Metabolic Type, some people need more calcium than others. We can help you learn about your type, and about your specific nutritional requirements.

Magnesium and calcium need to be ingested in the correct proportions, otherwise the excess calcium becomes a burden to your body. The rule is “never take calcium without magnesium”. Coral Calcium (as made in nature) is the ideal mix.


The absolute best of Calcium supplement available.

CoralPure Powder

Perfect Balance of Calcium and Magnesium

Effects of Magnesium Deficiency

There is a documented epidemic of magnesium deficiency in America that is causing a wide range of health problems.

Symptoms and Conditions that Benefit from Magnesium Supplementation

Anorexia and BulimiaHypoglycemia
AsthmaKidney Disease
Attention Deficit DisorderMigraine Headaches
Blood ClotsMoodiness
Bowel DiseasesMuscle Aches, Pains & Cramps
CancerNerve Problems
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeOsteoporosis
CystitisPanic Attacks
Depression, AnxietyPremenstrual Syndrome
DetoxificationRaynaud’s Syndrome
DiabetesRestless Leg Syndrome
FibromyalgiaSleep Disorders
Gynecological ProblemsStroke
Heart DiseaseTooth Decay (Whitens Too)
High Blood Pressure

This isn’t even the complete list! Eighty percent (or more) of our population is deficient in magnesium, and 60% are experiencing illness caused by this deficit.

Magnesium, the Most Under-appreciated Mineral

“It’s definitely my little miracle in a bottle!” ~ Joy

“suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and Lyme for years… my shoulders ached often… within seconds of applying the oil to my back, neck, and shoulders I felt relief, the achiness and pain subsided” ~ Manuela

What Depletes Your Magnesium?

We all need constant magnesium replenishment.
The following is a list of magnesium depletors. The more dominant they are in your life, the more magnesium you need to supplement.

AlcoholHigh sodium diet
Pain killersLow thyroid
CoffeeMedical drugs (wide range)
Cola-type sodasMental stress
DiureticsPhysical stress
High calcium dietSugar
High carbohydrate dietTobacco
High perspiration

Aluminum (in food & drink containers, baking powder, antiperspirants) blocks many normal magnesium functions. Unfortunately, a staple of our society’s diet is white flour, and 85% of its magnesium has been removed. Environmental pollutants (air, soil & water), emotional stresses and many prescription drugs all aggravate magnesium depletion.

Our modern lifestyle stresses (emotional and environmental) deplete magnesium reserves far more rapidly than was previously realized.

Magnesium and Drinking Water

Drinking water can significantly contribute to your magnesium intake, with 9 to 29% of your daily intake coming from hard water.

  • In a survey of 25 cities in the US, the lowest death rates from heart disease were found in areas where the drinking water supplied above average levels of magnesium.
  • Part of Texas has the highest levels of magnesium in drinking water, and also the lowest cardiovascular mortality rates in the US.
  • Australia has some of the lowest drinking water magnesium levels, and also the highest cardiovascular death rate in the world.

Make a Difference In Your Life!

Many people suffer for months and years with chronic, degenerative conditions and medical doctors can find no cause. Often people simply mask their symptoms with “Band-aid” prescription drugs – not curing by eliminating the cause. They suffer in other ways from the drug side effects.

A slight magnesium deficiency can begin as tension, inability to relax.

Then you start getting headaches, pain in the low back, stiff, tight muscles – particularly in the back. The body is telling you, I’m in trouble, help me! Now!

But you ignore these messages. You haven’t learned to read and decipher them. You seek professional advice and… well, you get a prescription for the symptoms, not a solution for the cause.

Time goes by and now you start getting muscle cramps, then calcium deposits, muscle twitches and high blood pressure.

You start to get nervous. You jump at sudden sounds. You are told that you are getting old, that you can expect this sort of thing. You now have trouble sleeping and continually wake up feeling tired. Your body goes into spasms (involuntary and abnormal muscular contractions) and jerks.

Don’t Ignore Warning Signals

You may find yourself with a chest pain, called angina. No one seems to know what is causing it. In school you did not learn how to take care of your own body and have always left it to the experts. These experts don’t know either, because they are trained in drugs, not nutrition.

If you have grown hopeless about improving your condition and this may sound too good to be true:
TransDerma Minerals Magnesium Crystals, Oil and Gel are a very convenient way to give you all the benefits of magnesium supplementation.
Wonderful – nearly magical – magnesium supplements.

The Life-saving Mechanism of Magnesium

Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D. who I consider to be the “voice of reason” when it comes to magnesium, has this to say about the life saving mechanism of magnesium.

“The coronary blood vessels especially need to be elastic and relax properly: if they cannot, athermanous plaque builds up more readily. Evidence is presented to show how very much our coronary arteries are at extra risk. Magnesium relieves angina and, when things have gotten really bad, may save our life when infarction occurs. We are introduced to the LIMIT studies – which showed that fatalities were reduced by 55 percent if magnesium was given immediately and before any other drugs.”

How important is magnesium? It is so important that your body won’t function well with even a slight deficiency and with a severe deficiency you could end up with a heart attack or worse.

To Summarize

Because it’s such a long Newsletter…

Calcium needs magnesium to be assimilated, and excess calcium will naturally deplete magnesium stores.

Magnesium does not deplete calcium – it’s FAR more important than calcium.

Sufficient magnesium will allow calcium to assimilate, as well as dissolve and discharge calcium deposits in the body (think bone spurs, kidney stones, joint stiffness).

Excess calcium in your body is one of the major causes of disease, especially heart difficulties, kidney malfunction, fatigue, sleep difficulties, muscle cramps, weakening of bone structure, accelerated aging and moodiness.

Most magnesium/calcium supplements on the market are not balanced and only make things worse. Final calcium to magnesium ratio should be no more than 2:1 so to balance a calcium-dominant, magnesium-deficient diet you may need a 1:1 ratio or even 1:2 instead.

Magnesium taken orally in larger doses causes a bowel flush (a potentially welcome relief to constipation) and should be taken in through the skin (transdermally) in a bath, foot soak, massage or skin mask.

Strong bones do NOT come from more milk in your diet!

Check out all our wonderful Magnesium products…

and remember to your Calcium too!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela