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Enzymes Are the Difference Between Alive and Dead

Dear Reader,

For the last decade or more, most of us have been taking vitamin and mineral supplements, and we may feel somewhat better… or not? There’s always new information about some nutrient and its benefits to your health.

But I’ve got questions!

  • If these nutrients did as they say, then why don’t they work for everyone?
  • What’s missing for these nutrients to perform their actions?
  • Are these nutrients all I need for wellness, or do they need an extra something before they really work?

Here’s the Truth…

If you’re not feeling noticeable benefits from your supplements,
you’re likely deficient in the enzymes required to make them work!

Vitamins and minerals are activated only in the presence of enzymes.

Enzymes are the critical energy that powers your entire body. Without enzymes all your cellular functioning stops. Without them, you can’t digest or absorb food.

Enzymes are the catalysts working with co-enzymes (vitamins and minerals) in every metabolic exchange – essential to activate all reactions that are continually taking place in your body.

Enzymes… The Spark of Life and Youth

An enzyme is a huge protein that speeds up chemical reactions. Without enzymes, chemical reactions would happen so slowly that life would not be able to exist at all. The human body uses some 3000+ enzymes in over 7000 enzymatic reactions.

Most folks think of enzymes as being involved only in digestion, but they do so much more…

Enzymes have 6 primary actions:

  1. Digest Food
  2. Reduce inflammation
  3. Balance the repair mechanism and prevent fibrosis (the buildup of scar tissue)
  4. Clean your blood
  5. Modulate your immune system
  6. Fight Viruses.

Adequate levels of enzymes are required to maintain health.

When you cook food to temperatures above 118 degrees F., you destroy and deactivate the naturally occurring enzymes – they will no longer work.

A predominantly raw food diet would provide you with adequate amounts of enzymes for health. If you eat processed and cooked foods in every meal, you are left short of enzymes.

At birth, you have enzyme reserves that decrease throughout your life. As your enzyme reserves dwindle, you age more quickly. From the age of 27 on, your enzyme production begins to decrease. This begins the cycle of aging – so physiologically, old age begins at 27!

The more you replenish your enzyme reserves, the longer you’ll enjoy youthful performance.

You are what you eat?
Actually – No… You Are What You Digest!

You cannot expect to remain healthy if your digestive system isn’t functioning properly. Enzymes are essential to a healthy digestive process and a healthy body is built with the help of enzymes that transform undigested food into nourishment.

Digestive Enzymes…

Help convert food into its most usable form and promote a healthy digestive system. Proper digestion and elimination of what you eat are fundamental mechanisms for health. Consuming cooked, processed, nutrient-depleted foods, and inadequately chewing your food will negatively affect these life-sustaining processes, leading to a variety of potential disorders.


Supports Complete Digestion and Food Assimilation

  • Relieve Gas and Bloating to Feel Better
  • Fully Break Down Food and Assimilate All Nutrients
  • Helps Digest Problematic Foods (wheat, dairy)

Digestive Enzymes HP

If You Eat Cooked or Processed Foods,
You Need Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes help ensure the proper digestion of your foods and supplements. Partial digestion can cause harmful imbalances in your body, slowly leading to degenerative disease.

Symptoms of Digestive Enzyme Deficiency:

  • Constipation, Bloating, Acid Reflux/Heartburn
  • Food Allergies
  • Weight Problems
  • Chronic Illness
  • Low Energy

Systemic Enzymes…

Enable proper functioning of your natural inflammatory response that works to heal injuries and fight disease. If not working properly, the resulting excess inflammatory conditions can cause swelling, fluid retention, arthritis, heart disease and other painful diseases.


Systemic Enzymes to Train Harder and Recover Faster
Increase Your Flexibility and Mobility

Restore function to your body: joints, back, lungs, injuries, sports over-training, surgical recovery and more.

  • Enhance Athletic Performance – Train Without Pain
  • Pain Management – Control Your Inflammatory Response
  • Soften Hardened Tissues – Eliminate Fibroids and Scars

Enzymes and the Progression of Aging

“Essential of Life and Wellness” by Dr. William Wong

About age 27, enzyme production drops. Age 27 to 35 marks the time when most of our aches, pains and arthritic changes begin to set in. Fibrosis begins building in the organs, blood vessels and muscles. Immune function begins to lag which is further complicated by high stress lifestyles. Blood begins to become thicker and harder to circulate.

From age 35 to 45 the drop in enzymes and lifestyle stresses causes a reduction in the all-important sexual hormones of testosterone and progesterone. Sex drive, mental drive, zest for life, bone density, muscle mass and overall energy go down significantly.

At 45 we begin to have trouble absorbing the nutrients we need to maintain the 4 types of tissue we have in our bodies (connective, epithelial, muscular and nervous), and these tissues begin to break down and malfunction. Here also, from lack of proper eating and exercise, complicated by smoking or air pollution, our blood is as thick as ketchup. We don’t have great circulation and oxygen is not getting everywhere we need to get it to! Especially up to our brains.

From 50 through 60 we lose an estimated 10% muscle mass a year so that by age 60, we’re at bare bones minimal muscle mass to move us around – getting out of bed, off the toilet or out of a deep chair becomes a chore. If your thighs and pelvic muscles – the strongest in your body – are weak and you have trouble getting up, then how are your other muscles doing?

From 60 onward our internal organs begin to shrink and malfunction. That also goes as for the brain. Your brain is 60 to 70% cholesterol. Everything we think with is based on a fat linked to a protein. If we are lacking the good fats needed to produce neurotransmitters that the brain needs to maintain itself, then it begins to shrink and malfunction. If you’ve ever seen the MRI picture of an Alzheimer patient’s brain, it looks like a dried, shrunken, cracked jello mold someone left out on the kitchen table under a ceiling fan for a week! The last 30 years of the low cholesterol craze has done nothing to lower the rate of heart disease and everything to increase the rate of the formerly rare Alzheimer’s! Look in any Alzheimer’s ward, are there any fat people there?

Replenish Your Enzyme Reserves

Postpone or Reverse Aging ~ Feel Youthful Again

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela