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Focus and Sharpen Your Mind ~ Feel “Normal”

Dear Reader,

What are Brain Enhancers?
If it makes you remember better, think faster (react without delay), feel balanced (contented) – it’s a brain enhancer.

We used to believe you were born with a set number of brain cells and when they died, that was it – you’re on that slippery downhill slope – things only got worse. Now we know that’s not true!

Throughout your life, if you feed your brain what it needs (we’ll get into that further down), your brain has the ability to grow new brain cells and form new neural connections. This ability is called neuroplasticity.

Simply put, your brain can change for the better… at any age!

Whether you’re a student struggling to learn, a working professional needing to stay mentally sharp, or a senior looking to preserve and enhance your mind, there are ways.

Boost Your Brain’s Performance…

Regain and Maintain a Healthy State of Mind

  1. Lecithin for overall brain health
  2. EMPowerplus Q96 for depression, anxiety and learning difficulties
  3. ALZ-Ease for dementia

1. XtraPure Lecithin

Support Healthy Longevity and Anti-Aging

From Lecithin, your brain creates the chemical stuff thoughts are made of. The more Lecithin you have, the sharper your mind becomes.

  • Improve Brain Function, Memory, Nerves
  • Faster Learning and Higher IQ
  • More Creativity and Heightened Senses
  • Beautiful Hair and Complexion
  • Improve Physical Performance
  • Build and Maintain a Strong Heart
  • Lower Cholesterol and Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Optimize Athletic Speed and Endurance
  • Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain, Relieve Tiredness
  • Liver Health and Protection
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Improve Your Moods – More Joyful Days

Most people do not eat enough Lecithin. Rich sources of Lecithin are high-fat foods (beef liver & eggs), and with concerns of disease, many people eat less of these. As a result, Lecithin consumption also decreases. Seeds and legumes can be just as rich in Lecithin – but again, many people don’t eat them.

Food processing routinely removes natural Lecithin. Calorie for calorie, people now get far lower amounts of Lecithin in their diet – and much higher amounts of bad fats – than 70 years ago.

With age, your liver is less efficient in producing and using Lecithin. The signs of Lecithin deprivation then grow more and more obvious.

2. EMPowerplus Q96

Optimal Nutrition for Your Brain and Nerves

Contains Life-changing Essential Nutrients

Get the ability to cope with all that life throws at you.
In as little as one week, you can feel a difference, for an all around better you.

New hope for those who suffer with serious mental and mood disorders. Results are encouragingly significant.

A well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids specially formulated to support your brain and central nervous system.

  • Improves memory and concentration
  • Optimal mood stability
  • Greater calm, coping and clarity
  • Replace psychoactive drugs
  • Eliminate violent or suicidal urges
  • Or to feel “just right”.

For children and adults, this proprietary formula is carefully designed and tested to deliver results in a safe and effective dose.

EMPowerplus Q96 is the most-researched micronutrient formula in the world, with over $25 million in independent research (no funding from Q Sciences) conducted at 16 universities in four countries, including Harvard University. It is also the subject of 22 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, and has been shown to positively impact mood, brain health and behavior in a variety of conditions.

Reading the research will astound you. You may not need to read all of it, but here’s it is “Clinical Studies for EMPowerplus Q96“.

2. ALZ-Ease

Simple combination of herbs used throughout history to prevent memory loss, improve and keep your memory sharp and your brain working at its best.

Relatives of people using ALZ-Ease report that daily users exhibit better memory and brain functions in a short amount of time. Users of ALZ-Ease who use the product for themselves, report overall better memory.

Please click on the product to read what people are saying about ALZ-Ease.

To sum it all up, you CAN…

Increase your cognitive abilities

Enhance your ability to learn new information

Improve your memory at any age!

Regain and Maintain
a Healthy State of Mind

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela