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Superfood Energy can Change Your Life

Dear Reader,

The other day I was visiting with a few middle-aged friends and the conversation was mostly about our dwindling energy.

I know most of them don’t eat very much fresh foods (fruit and veggies), and I wondered how they expect to feel energized with fuel like that!?

Most all of us would like more energy. I found the quick and easy answer and would love for you to know too.


Quick and Easy Energy!

The Most Nutrient-dense Nutrition Available
Vastly more nutritious than fresh juice or foods alone.

250+ Ingredients = Symphony of Nutritional Benefits

To get more energy, you need to eat nutrient-dense foods and they are time-consuming to prepare. You need to eat healthy meals about 80% of the time, and if you fall off that healthy wagon the other 20%, you’ll still be ahead of most everyone else.

What a healthy meal looks like… do you have time?

You can keep on eating however you like, that’s for sure. But if you eat lots of processed food (like the whole industrialized world does), we have a way for you to get the nutrients you’re missing, in a spoonful or two every day. But first, let’s talk about healthy food.

Do you eat healthy meals – 80% of the time?
By healthy meals, I’m talking about filling your plate with 2/3 to 3/4 plants and the remaining with good lean protein. Do you?

Don’t feel bad… most people don’t.

Eating mostly plants in a wide variety of colors will lower your risk of EVERY disease! Including chronic degenerative diseases, heart disease, diabetes and obesity (that’s responsible for most every other disease).
No kidding!

Sadly, there are still many mainstream health practitioners that believe nutritional supplements are not necessary. They believe that everything you need is already in your food, like on the plate shown here.

Even if you ate like this 80% of the time, you still cannot get all the nutrients required for health – and vitality – from the grocery store. We’ve said it before… all the plants we eat are grown in soils that are nutrient deficient, from modern farming practices that aim to grow the most food in the least amount of time, using un-natural chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

If you’re still trying to meet all your nutritional needs from a plate of food, I wonder how your health is? And I bet you would love to have more energy.

You CAN Achieve Abundant Health…


Lift your Health to New Highs!

The foundation of every healthy lifestyle should begin with natural live whole food nutritional supplements, good water (preferably Energized Water) and exercise.

This formula was designed to focus on creating optimal health, not to moderate specific disease symptoms. When there is abundant health, disease is simply crowded out and replaced with optimum performance and longevity.

  • Live longer in better health, liberated from discomforts and pain.
  • Wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease.
  • Increase your physical performance.
  • Enhance memory, creativity and intelligence.
  • Curb food cravings and moderate blood sugar (lower weight and risk of diabetes).
  • Naturally healthier hair and skin, from the inside out.

Super-concentrated formulation of fruits, herbs and plants renowned for their nutritional value. Iridesca contains thousands of synergistic nutrients from live whole foods (Vitamins, Minerals, Live Enzymes, Antioxidants, Amino Acids and Phytonutrients).

Ultimate Nutrition for Immune System Challenges

Iridesca Can Transform Your Life

In major brand mineral supplements, the key health elements, chromium, copper, germanium, molybdenum, selenium, vanadium and zinc, though proudly listed on these products and in their brochures, are in fact not present in amounts great enough to make a perceptible difference in your diet.

Compare Iridesca to a typical major brand mineral supplement and you’ll see that Iridesca provides 250+ ingredients with more…

3 times the Boron6 times the Nickel
2 times the Calcium & Magnesium8 times the Potassium
160 times the Chromium75 times the Selenium
100 times the Copper4 times the Silicon
2000 times the Germanium4 times the Tin
4 times the Manganese11 times the Vanadium
16 times the Molybdenum175 times the Zinc

And this is just the minerals!

We don’t even list most of these on Iridesca’s label because there simply isn’t room to list every vitamin, trace element, digestive enzyme, metabolic enzyme, antioxidant enzyme and phytonutrient on the label. The print is small enough already.

Off the shelf it would cost a fortune to take dozens of capsules of individual products, to try and match the quality, potency, balance and spectrum of just one daily supply of Iridesca.

Man-made versus Nature-made

There are many supplements produced (lots from petrochemicals) that were never part of a living plant. Human beings are not designed to ingest rocks – that’s what plants do.

Some companies claim that they can get the “all-in-one” solution to your nutritional needs into a single tablet. But that is just not true. When you reduce the volume down to that size, all the living ingredients are processed out.

Do you think there’s a scientist who can make an apple out of water, fiber, sugar and vitamins? Why do they think it is OK to offer the individual separated parts and pretend that it can work as a functioning system? That’s like bringing me a bag of the individual parts that make up a watch and expecting it to keep time!

Please take a look at all our Superfood formulas.
You will find one for your specific nutritional requirements.

Simply Put…
Iridesca is a natural whole food (organic and wild-grown), broad-spectrum supplement that covers all human nutritional needs.

the straight path to optimal health and longevity.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela