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You CAN Prevent “The Big One”

Dear Reader,

Because I’ve had so many serious health issues affect my life, I’m truly inspired to find the most up-to-date information and bring it to you, my readers. I strive to provide the latest and truest news for your well being.

How many times have you heard…
“The first sign of trouble was a massive, fatal heart attack”?

It happened to these celebrities… do you know them?
James GandolfiniJohn Ritter and Tim Russert. They all had the best medical care – and still – they died of their heart trouble prematurely.

Sadly, they thought they were fine – until it was too late!

Heart and circulatory disease are silent killers, stalking every person you know and love. Every year it seems to be reaching down into younger and younger ages, and more frequently, it takes women as well as men (nearly half are women).

Heart disease is killing Americans faster than any other cause!

Most of this year’s 1 million victims swore they were “healthy and feeling fine” right up to the last minute. Many were young and trim, and some were athletes in their prime.
Far too often – the first indicator of heart disease is sudden death.

“But I’m Feeling Fine”…

Last words of a best friend of mine to his little girl, as he sat at the breakfast table with his wife and their 3 children. Then he laid his head onto his arms on the table and his heart just stopped beating.

Medics arrived only a few minutes later and were unable to revive him. He wasn’t quite 40 years old. We were buddies since the 6th grade. He was not overweight. He watched his diet and only rarely drank alcohol. He enjoyed camping and the outdoors and was active as much as he could take the time. Our families camped together and we watched his children when he and his wife vacationed in Hawaii. They were planning other trips.

Several people in his family were medical professionals of the “old school,” so he grew up with certain skepticism about supplements. Over a span of many years, I was only able to get him to take 2 or 3 bottles of supplements – and I gave him one of those as a gift.

Months later when I asked if he wanted to order some more, he said he “liked how they made him feel but he still had some left…” These supplements should have been entirely used up within one month (not half-full after several months). He did not ask for a refill. About 3 years later, his heart gave up waiting for the nutrients it so desperately needed.

Do you get regular checkups?

An examination by a health professional will often reveal clear early indicators of heart disease – like high blood pressure and elevated homocysteine – years before they become life threatening. This advance warning can grant you time to prevent a sudden death, or costly surgery with a long recovery.

Cholesterol Myths and Truth… Not What You Think!

For many years, cholesterol and calcium deposits on your artery walls were thought to be the cause of heart disease, and low-fat, low-cholesterol diets were recommended.

After more than ten years of these diets, heart and cardiovascular problems have increased in epidemic proportions. Either there’s a lot of diet cheaters, or the diets are ineffective.

40% of heart attacks occur to people with perfectly healthy cholesterol levels.

We believe that with specific, potent supplementation as in Heart Studies Formula, you can remove the underlying conditions that create high cholesterol, and return to a vibrant state of health.

No medical breakthrough in history has ever held the potential to extend so many lives or to so profoundly affect quality of life at its very roots.

It’s a whole lot less expensive to change your diet and add Heart Studies Formula, than missing months of work to recover from heart surgery… IF you survive the heart attack.

Heart Studies Formula

There’s Never Been Anything Like It

Highly nutritious alternative to helplessly wondering when cardiovascular disease will get you. Now you have the power – take the initiative and responsibility for your own health.

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Chronic Inflammation is the Enemy

Recent scientific research shows that the underlying reason for a person to have high cholesterol is a chronic inflammatory condition. This inflammation causes free radical damage to your artery walls. Your body then calls up a natural response for cholesterol and/or calcium patchwork to repair the free radical damage. Thus you may have atherosclerosis (fat deposits), arteriosclerosis (calcium deposits), or both – often called arterial plaque.

This plaque builds up on the inside of arterial vessels, reducing the inner diameter and dangerously decreasing or stopping blood flow. Every cell of the body is impacted, but heart muscle and brain tissue suffer the most injury the soonest.

Controlling free radical damage (that causes high cholesterol, then plaque) with our specific, potent superfood powder is a very successful strategy for preventing and curing poor cardiovascular health and heart disease. Much more successful than restrictive fat and cholesterol diets, that are failing in dramatic proportions!

I repeat this to make sure you get it…
Underlying inflammation causes high cholesterol, that can cause poor cardiovascular health, related heart diseases, and many other serious illnesses.

High blood cholesterol levels may have no visible symptoms, but are generally very responsive to higher nutrient foods, correct supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

Please Know…

Medical intervention with cholesterol-lowering drugs carries a very high risk of causing other serious health problems.

You cannot ignore the value of prevention with specific, potent supplements that will enable your body’s natural inner healing powers to restore your health and vitality.

Five Less Known Causes of
Heart and Cardiovascular Diseases

Numerous published articles show that some specific blood tests can be strong predictive factors for determining who will develop poor cardiovascular health and heart diseases. Conventional physicians often overlook these risk factors, to the detriment of their patients.

Many physicians require a higher standard of proof before ordering blood tests, for what they consider to be “newly identified” cardiac risk factors. Insurance may not pay for the tests, and sadly, physicians may not be aware of how to properly correct the conditions that create these risk factors.

The good news is that along with diet and lifestyle changes, we have specific, potent supplements that enable your body to overcome these dangerous risks that show up in your blood.

If you have concerns, ask your doctor to order blood tests for the following risk factors.

1. Elevated Blood Levels of Fibrinogen

One dangerous risk factor that will show up in blood work is a coagulation protein called fibrinogen. In plain words, high fibrinogen levels can induce a heart attack in two ways:

  1. Fibrinogen coats your blood corpuscles, making them too thick and sticky.
  2. Fibrinogen coats your blood vessels, reducing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your heart.

Published scientific studies show that persons with high levels of fibrinogen are more than twice as likely to die of a heart attack. Fortunately, fibrin can be cleaned off artery walls with enzyme supplementation – Naticor.

2. Elevated Blood Levels of C-reactive Protein

Another dangerous risk factor for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease is C-reactive protein. This indicates an increased risk for abnormal blood clotting in your arteries. Also an increased risk for atherosclerotic plaque to break free, blocking blood flow through a coronary artery, resulting in an acute heart attack. Some studies show that people with high levels of C-reactive protein are almost three times as likely to die from a heart attack.

3. Elevated Blood Levels of Homocysteine

Now widely recognized by scientists as the greatest biochemical risk factor for poor cardiovascular health and heart disease. Its accumulation may be a participant in 90% of all cardiovascular problems. Excessive homocysteine in your blood will cause you harm in a multitude of ways:

  • If homocysteine accumulates, it triggers atherosclerosis: plaque build-up in arteries.
  • High homocysteine can trigger a heart attack because it blocks the natural breakdown of fibrinogen, making your blood too thick and sticky. This reduces blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to your heart. Elevated homocysteine promotes coagulation factors, increasing the incidence of blood clots that can be fatal.
  • Homocysteine significantly impairs vascular circulation by decreasing dilation functions: vessels lose their expansion capacities. They become less pliable and even more susceptible to plaque buildup.

Supplements can protect you from the lethal effects of elevated homocysteine, but the amount of supplementation required varies from person to person. You may have dangerously high levels of homocysteine, despite taking the recommended (and higher) doses of supplements. You need to have blood tests to determine the amount of supplementation that will bring your homocysteine levels down.

Also, new scientific research shows that there is no safe normal range for homocysteine blood levels. Commercial laboratories state that normal is from 5-15 micromoles per liter (umol/L) of blood. But an American Heart Association’s journal states that homocysteine levels above 6.3 cause a steep progressive risk of heart attack. The only way to really know if your level of supplementation is effective, is to have your blood tested to make certain your homocysteine levels are under 7.

4. Excess Insulin, or Hyperinsulinemia

Many surveys show that most of our western society is overweight or obese. And all this extra fat is clearly associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and excess insulin.

All these overweight, obese and diabetic people usually have seriously high levels of insulin in their blood. If your blood is saturated with insulin, your body does not release significant fat stores, even with restricted calories and exercise.

Additionally, excess weight corresponds with a very high risk for developing diabetes. And having diabetes sharply increases your risk of heart attack. Therefore, to prevent cardiovascular disease, you must lose excess body fat, normalize insulin levels, and reverse the diabetic process.

So, which came first? The extra fat? Or the excess insulin? Either way, the results are the same: poor cardiovascular health and heart disease.

Once again, I repeat to stress…
Underlying conditions (listed above) can cause poor cardiovascular health, related heart diseases, and many other serious illnesses.
Diet, lifestyle changes, and our Heart-Circulation Supplements can enable your body’s natural, inner healing powers to restore your health and vitality.

5. Too Little Free Testosterone in Men

Testosterone is a muscle-building hormone, responsible for maintaining heart muscle protein synthesis, helps to maintain healthy cholesterol, and promotes coronary artery dilation. Your heart has many testosterone-receptor sites, and weakening of the heart muscle can sometimes be attributed to testosterone deficiency. More and more studies (in men) show a link between high testosterone, and low rates of cardiovascular disease.

When low testosterone levels were corrected, most men show improvements in symptoms and EKG measurements. When testosterone therapy was administered to elderly male coronary heart disease patients, one study showed over 68% more blood flow to the heart. In China, physicians successfully treat angina with testosterone therapy.

Dietary Cholesterol Intake
Does NOT Cause High Blood Cholesterol!

The universally accepted idea that dietary intake of cholesterol correlates with high blood cholesterol levels – and therefore with heart attacks – is bogus. Really NOT true!

The reasoning – though based upon scientifically verifiable facts – is not provable. It’s an extrapolation of facts. It jumps to conclusions. It makes assumptions. And all these things can be inaccurate.

There is a statistically significant correlation between high cholesterol and heart attacks. From this irrefutable fact, it has been accepted that dietary cholesterol intake leads to elevated cholesterol, and thence to heart attack. But it is as good as saying that there is a correlation between house fires and fire trucks.

No where has a cause and effect relationship been established between dietary cholesterol intake and either cholesterolemia or atherosclerosis. And yet, the drug Lipitor and its cousins are a billion dollar business.

So Where Does High Blood Cholesterol Come From?

If high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease do not result from eating cholesterol, then where do they come from?

Numerous studies have shown that cholesterol problems are caused by abnormal lipid metabolism – not by eating too much cholesterol-rich food.

We can skip the stupid advice to “quit eating cholesterol”.

The problem is with too many calories, low nutrient density food, and food allergies or intolerances. This is not about the anaphylactic-shock-style outright allergies people have to peanuts or shellfish – we are talking about foods that irritate.

Quit eating foods that your body cannot handle! The most common culprits: gluten (wheat, rye, barley), casein (dairy from cows, not goats or sheep), nightshades (potato, tomato, pepper and egg plant), and more rarely corn, eggs, and sometimes nuts or seeds. Please feel free to contact us, to learn how to determine your food sensitivities/allergies.

High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, heart attack, and heart disease are not inevitable – they can be avoided and here’s how…

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If your health is not that great, and you suspect high cholesterol…

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More information is available about this product. Please read the details…

Heart Formula: Directions for Use

Heart Formula: Circulation Nutrition

Heart Formula: How It Works and Heart Formula: Bonus Benefits

Get your heart back in shape…

Heart Studies Formula to Prevent “The Big One”

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela