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Allergic Runny Nose and Sneezing Fits Stop Here!

Dear Reader,

What happens to you in the spring when flowers begin to bloom and trees turn green?

When plants are trying to reproduce, and the air is full of pollen, it should be a happy time of rebirth and rejuvenation, and you are keeping indoors, feeling miserable?

Do you hate spring because of allergies?

I used to get unbelievable allergies – wanted to scratch my eyes out. My doctor offered Sudafed and I asked if that would cure me. “No.” he said, “You will be taking this for the rest of your life.” But he was wrong!

Today (years later) I am allergy-free and I take no medications.

It turned out that it was my liver not coping with its load. And the reason it was not coping was my leaky gut. Whatever the cause of your seasonal allergies, the solution is the same. Let me explain:

Even though allergies tend to be worse in the Spring and Summer, any time is a good time for allergy prevention and treatment. It does not have to be difficult, painful or even uncomfortable. The changes you need to make can be quite subtle: simple diet changes, with liver and bowel detoxification, and some nutritional rebuilding.

If I did it, you can too – gradually reduce and then eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Your rebuilding program will depend on how severe your symptoms are.

Conventional Drugs Only Mask Allergies

Taking over-the-counter or prescription drugs only masks your symptoms. It is merely a Band-Aid for the immediate problem, and does nothing to address the underlying causes of your allergies.

People often become dependent on their medications – suffering numerous side effects that worsen their long term health by increasing their toxic load. This further drains your immune system. A self-amplifying loop.

To Cure Allergies, You Must Address the Underlying Cause

First Let’s Understand Why You Have Allergies

It’s really quite simple… 
You feel symptoms of allergies when your immune system over-reacts to something foreign in or on your body, like

  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Food
  • Plastics, latex
  • Fragrances and toxic skincare
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drugs
  • Fake-sugar and too much sugar
  • Herbicides and pesticides on food and in drinking water
  • Polluted air
  • Mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Your immune system becomes confused by dealing with irritants leaking through the permeable barrier – it starts producing antigens that attack not only the invaders, but also you. Your joints, your eyes, your sinuses.

As we age – unless you live and eat very clean – your body accumulates toxins and that increases the load on your immune system. This is why people often develop allergies when they are older. Or their childhood problems re-appear.

When the accumulated toxic load overwhelms your immune system, you experience allergy symptoms like sneezing and nasal/lung congestion, itchy red eyes and fatigue (and many other symptoms too).

Four Simple Steps to Banish Allergies

Prevent them, and dare I say… Cure? YES.

  1. Clear out toxins that are already IN your body.
  2. STOP putting toxins ON and AROUND you.
  3. Eat Better Food!
  4. Support Your Immune System

One Thing Is For Sure …

Your digestive health is linked to seasonal allergy issues – and most every other health problem, too! To be healthy and free from irritation, you MUST…

  1. Absorb adequate nutrition (eat more right food and less wrong food)
  2. Efficiently eliminate toxic waste (your bowels MUST move regularly).

1. Clean-out toxins that are already IN your body.

Choose the steps that you feel need more attention for YOUR body. Remember that the worse your symptoms, the more changes you will need to make.

Picture it like this:
When you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you must do is stop digging – stop whatever activities brought you here.
The next thing is to look up and get out – understand the causes of your symptoms and take steps towards reducing and eliminating them.

Consider that perhaps you’ll have better success if you start with the easier things to change, then move on to the more complex steps.

One highly effective tactic for combating allergies is to start one (or all) of the steps below, BEFORE the allergy season begins. And if you “missed that boat” don’t worry – it’s never too late to reduce your symptoms. Any time is a good time to start your allergy-free life.

We are constantly exposed to potentially dangerous toxins through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink. All chronic diseases – and allergies – are the direct result of accumulated toxins in your body.

One easy and very simple way to help cleanse your body is…

Drink more – and better, wetter – water!

Energized Water

… has its molecular relationships restored to their dynamic, pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells – a major key to cleansing, healing and maintaining your health, and effective toxin removal out of your cells.

We offer simple and inexpensive devices to
Energize the Water in your Drinks and Food

For your convenience, we also have Pre-Energized Water.

The next simple thing you need is to …

Get – and keep – your bowels moving regularly!

The critical importance of this cannot be stated strongly enough.

Apple Fiber

Great at binding toxins and enhancing waste elimination.

  • Improves your digestion
  • Levels your blood glucose and weight
  • Energizes your immune system.

Detoxification that can increase your energy, help you lose weight and improve your sleep.

Improve your bowel movements, break down toxic waste and flush it out. Calm your digestion and relieve bloating.

2. STOP putting toxins IN, ON and AROUND you.

Cosmetics and cleaning products are not regulated as tightly as food and nutritional supplements. Regulators ignore the fact that your skin is permeable. Whatever you put on your skin – your body’s largest organ – does in fact get absorbed into your body – increasing your accumulated toxic load!

We focus on products for chemically sensitive people, and on anti-aging skin-repairing effectiveness. Not easy to find, but we have them…

Toxin-free Skin care for Bath, Body, Face and Laundry products too.

Some even deliver critical minerals!

Miracle Soap

Natural plant-based, non-toxic soap.

Detoxifier, Degreaser, Antibacterial Agent, Insecticide and Fertilizer

By adjusting the concentration, this is the only product in the world that can do everything from wash a newborn baby, to clean up an oil spill, and everything in between.

Add this soap to your bathing routine to cleanse, detoxify, relieve muscle and joint pain, and eliminate body odor.

Cleans and heals the human and animal body both internally and externally (makes a great bubble bath).

Household, industrial and institutional cleaning and deodorizing – without toxins. Gets rid of parasites too.

3. Better Nourishment

Take small steps if you need to – just start somewhere.

A simple and highly effective way to reduce and eliminate allergies is to eat right for a few weeks before the seasons arrives. And if you start a little late, take heart that any time is a good time to start making healthy choices.

No one wants to feel restricted, so it’s easier to focus on what you SHOULD eat, instead of what you should NOT < – that can feel more restrictive, and less fun. More fun is always better!

However, there are four very common allergy-causing foods sources that can be avoided – and possibly eliminated – depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Four Food Types to Avoid or Eliminate

  1. Wheat (gluten)
  2. Dairy (casein)
  3. Sugar
  4. Fried foods (peroxidized and hydrogenated fats).

Artificial sweeteners are pure evil, that must be eliminated completely.

You Need More Veggies – The Most Important Food Group

The good news is that vegetables are the only “free” group of foods that you can eat as much as you want. Eat them raw and lightly cooked, with some healthy fat (like Flax, Olive or Coconut Oil) to increase your nutrient absorption.

Fruit comes in second place because it has more sugar – that should be minimized, and eliminated completely when from artificial sources.

Choose organic whenever possible. It is better for your body, and our planet!

Always – the more green (and brightly colored) foods the better!

And the superfood blends by Exsula are awesome!


For Serious Immune System Challenges and Peak Performance

This is the Superfood powder that people RAVE about.

Live longer with more quality, liberated from aches and pain.

Wake up your immune system to fight infections and disease.

Increase your physical and sexual performance.

See naturally healthier hair and skin, from the inside out.

Moderate your blood sugar to curb cravings.

4. Extra Support for Your Immune System

Immune 7

Serious Immune Support

A robust immune system is instrumental in keeping your body in the best health possible.

This is a very high quality formulation with components that are proven to significantly strengthen your immune system.

You CAN Be Rid of Your Allergies!

Try this: cut back on junk food, eliminate toxic chemicals, cleanse your bowel and your liver, and let’s hear from you. I believe you’ll say “It was amazing – my allergies just disappeared. I sailed through with barely a sniffle!”

You are your own best advisor – use your intuition to choose what you need.
But if you feel a bit lost, please give us a call. We can help.

Listen closely to your body, and you’ll be rewarded with health and vitality… and NO ALLERGIES!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela