Life Enthusiast Newsletter 040

Soil and Sea Plants Contain Necessary Nutrients

Dear Reader,

When you hear the phrase “Health and Wellness”, what images come to mind?

Exercise, nutrition, fruits and vegetables, water, supplements?

Doctors and the hospital emergency room?
If that’s what comes to mind, then you’re really in need of some proper nutrition to build your health!


What does it have to do with nutrition?
Soil is the primary factor affecting nutrient content in our food, because all our food comes from the earth.

And what about sea plants…

Do they come to mind?
The sea has a multitude of nutrients that are vital to our health. All of us land-locked people rarely eat sea vegetables and they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients that are essential to your well being.

Did you know…

We’re starving for nutrients
that are lacking in our food chain!

These days, this is our unfortunate reality.

Minerals that are essential to how your body functions are connected directly to the state of our soil. If an element is missing from the soil, it will be missing from the foods you eat and hence, from your body.

Much of the Earth’s soil is depleted, and depleted soil doesn’t produce healthy, nutrient-rich and mineral-rich plants.

And those crops produced in depleted soil are more prone to invasion by insects, viruses, fungi, etc – these infectious organisms get rid of unhealthy vegetation and don’t typically attack healthy plants.

Now more than ever, supplementation is crucial for health, because nutrients have been depleted from our soils, and destroyed in the processing and cooking of almost all the foods we eat. This type of malnutrition can be the cause of pain and chronic degenerative diseases.

Soil and Sea Plants to Amp-up Your Nutritional Intake…

Body Biotics

Soil-based Organisms (SBOs) Probiotics

The Best Probiotics are from Soil-Based Organisms

For our ancestors, SBO Probiotics were naturally provided in their diet from the rich soil that coated their harvested vegetables. These microscopic probiotics are still present in soils that have not been commercially overused and tainted with pesticides. Since most of us eat commercially grown food, our diets are deficient in SBO Probiotics.

SBO Probiotic supplements are a new development for the health of your digestive system. When your digestive system functions properly, you efficiently absorb nutrients and eliminate toxic waste. This enables your immune system to easily ward off any disease presented to it.

SBO Probiotics are extremely aggressive against all disease-causing viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus and molds.

Sea Plant Minerals

Whole food concentrate provides important organic Iodine with many trace elements in a living food matrix.

Feed your thyroid gland to control and regulate your metabolism

Feeds Your Thyroid ~ Regulates Metabolism
Iodine (in Sea Plant Minerals) feeds your thyroid gland, which controls metabolism and promotes maturation of the nervous system.

Disinfects Your Blood
Iodine is also the main natural disinfecting agent in your body. Every 15 minutes, all of your blood goes through that small organ – your thyroid gland.

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease
Laminarin (in Sea Plant Minerals) is a polysaccharide that is helpful in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It helps to balance coagulation of blood.

Detoxifies From Heavy Metals
Alginate (in Sea Plant Minerals) is a natural absorbent of radioactive elements, heavy metals, and free radicals. Because Alginate cannot be broken down by bile or saliva and cannot be absorbed by your body, it is secreted from your body together with the heavy metals and radioactive substances.

Normalize Endocrine Functions (hormones)
Natural support for breasts, ovaries and prostate.

Amp-up YOUR Nutritional Intake with

Soil-based Probiotics and Sea Plants

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela