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Begin Healing Your Red, Inflamed Skin from the Inside

That’s where skin problems begin – in your gut.

Dear Reader,

If you have pretty good skin, and your loved ones do too, then you can probably skip this newsletter and wait for the next one that’s full of helpful, interesting info.

But if you (or someone you care about) has itchy, red skin on a regular basis, then we have solutions for you!

Do you have…

  • Pimples on your face and/or back?
  • Skin that Itches or burns for days on end?
  • Painful swelled skin with oozing or bleeding cracks or scales?
  • Have you damaged your skin with incessant scratching?

If so, you’ve likely experienced the miseries of eczema, psoriasis or other types of dermatitis (inflammation of the dermis – a layer of your skin).

Some sufferers have described eczema as “the itch that rashes”.

Others say when they sweat, it feels as though acid is being poured on them.

Scratching that breaks your skin will increase the risk of infection. Long-term scratching can cause your skin to become thick and leathery… not very attractive nor healthy.

It’s often said you wear your heart on your sleeve.
You also wear your emotions on your skin… make it healthy – it’s your largest organ!

In order to fully heal your skin condition, you MUST get rid of the underlying cause and it is multi-faceted. Just as it takes a whole football team to win a game, you will need at least these three players to get rid of your skin condition:

  1. Probiotics – Body Biotics
  2. Essential Fats – Golden Flax Seed Oil
  3. Silica – AuraSil Superfood Supplement

1. Body Biotics

Balance Your Gut

When the inside of you – your digestive system – is in good order, skin issues diminish.

Healthy Gut = True Healing of Most All Diseases

If your normally present intestinal flora balance is disturbed or becomes depleted, potentially harmful bacteria can overgrow and become established, causing digestive and system-wide chronic health problems… serious ones like arthritis and cancer, and all sorts of skin troubles too.

The right balance = health.
The wrong balance = trouble.

Just as “bad” bacteria can make us sick, good bacteria can protect us from degeneration and disease, and put a healthy glow upon your skin too.

2. Flax Oil

Reduce Inflammation

EFAs (essential fatty acids), both internally and topically are real skin care powerhouses, seriously diminishing skin inflammation, especially that associated with acne.

Studies found that psoriasis treatment that included medication and EFA supplementation was more successful than treatment with medication alone.

EFAs are building blocks of healthy cell membranes, helping to produce your skin’s natural oil barrier – critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking.

If you’re not getting enough EFAs in your diet, your skin may be dry, inflamed and/or prone to pimples.

Panaseeda Golden Flax Seed Oil is nature’s most affordable healthy source of EFAs – fresh, protected from oxidation, extracted using Instant Press Technology – no heat, no friction, no oxidation.

Ingesting this oil in its cold-pressed state allows one to maximize the effectiveness of the beneficial properties found in the seeds, without the potential digestive issues sometimes associated with eating the seeds themselves. It is also very liver-friendly and quickly integrate into the body.

Golden Flax Seed Oil…

  • Anti-aging, healthy heart, joints, cell membranes and an excellent energy generator.
  • It is considered to be a complete amino acid which assists the body with adequately absorbing nutrients.
  • Flax Seed Oil contains natural soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Flax Seed Oil contains lignans, which are naturally antibacterial, are currently being studied for their ability to bind to estrogen receptors and interfere with potentially cancer causing affects on tissue, especially breast tissue.

3. AuraSil

Feed Your Skin

Silica is responsible for skin (and your whole body’s) flexibility and elasticity and plays an important role in cellular growth and regeneration.

Silica supports the health of your:

  • skin, hair, and nails
  • teeth and bones
  • muscles
  • heart and blood vessels
  • connective tissues.

Rebuild tissue elasticity, flexibility and mobility.
Soothe inflamed joints and other tissues.
Support your connective tissues, which in turn support your structure for an active lifestyle with minimized joint discomfort.

Your body does not store silica… you must replenish it daily. At birth, you have a limited quantity of silica that is depleted with age, in an irreversible manner. By the time you are fully grown, you will have used up to 80% of your silica store.

Two more Silica products for specific needs:

Silica Skin Serum Duo for your Face
Rebuild your skin from deep layers, up to the surface.
For healthy, luminous skin with fewer expression lines and wrinkles.
Increase elasticity to more like what you had as a young person.

Hemosil Gel for Hemorrhoids and Fissures
Relieve pain and soothe irritation by reducing inflammation – shrink swollen tissues.
Can be used on any irritated part of your body.

Finally… Eat More Nutritious Food!

The concept is quite simple…
Eat a wide variety of different colored vegetables, and lean protein. Eliminate (or avoid as best you can) sugar, baked goods, starch/carbohydrates, alcohol, and even fruit until you notice some improvement.

Other natural treatments for your skin troubles begin with detoxification, especially for psoriasis. Saunas, exercise that makes you sweat, bowel, liver and kidney cleansing and removal of mercury amalgams in your teeth are all important considerations. Stress reduction is also an essential part of dealing with skin conditions.

We have many great research articles about “Eczema and Psoriasis“.

We can help Restore Your Skin’s Health

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela