Life Enthusiast Newsletter 052

De-stress and ENJOY life MORE!

Dear Reader,

Are you feeling the need to be this person relaxing relaxing on a beach?

  • Do you sometimes – or often – feel your mind running away with worry?
  • Afraid of someone’s reaction… or your own?
  • Do you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you something is wrong?
  • Have you ever had a panic attack?

All these feelings make your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) kick in. And here’s what happens next…

Stress Wreaks Havoc with Your Health!

When you’re stressed regularly, your sympathetic nervous systems calls for the fight or flight response all too often, causing all sorts of health troubles…

  • High blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Brain shifts that raise likelihood of anxiety, depression and addiction
  • Obesity – directly (eating more) or indirectly (poor sleep and lack of exercise).

We have a shortcut for most every type of stress. Get out of your head and instantly shift your mood!

Instantly Change Your Mind

With just one spray ~ directly access your brain…

Nine Ways to Feel More Alive!

Each Aura Infusion is carefully harmonized to trigger a profound shift in your state of being. Formulated with pure plant, gem and botanical oil extracts that saturate your energy field – your aura.

When you inhale the molecules of these essential oils, they affect the limbic system of your brain directly, triggering the creation of a “holographic inner reality” – an integrated state of enhanced mood and cognition.


Effortlessly Shift Your Reality ~ Change Your Emotional State

You can expect:

  • reduced stress
  • feeling centered
  • opening your heart to joy
  • expanding your consciousness

Results will impact your whole existence, your ability to attract peace, love, harmony, joy, abundance, safety and wealth into your reality.

Do not underestimate the effects… they are profound!

1. Dream Catcher

Feel peaceful.
Bring your racing mind down to a calm state. Experience restful, drug-free sleeps.

2. Focus

Get centered.
Instant mood shift to clear your mind, learn faster, solve problems effortlessly. Become purposeful.

3. Guardian Angel

Feel protected from attacks.
Feel fearless safe in your own skin. Become more assertive and block out influences from toxic people.

4. Initiative

Get motivated. 
Banish procrastination. Set your brain to help you get clarity, take action and complete projects.

5. Into the Light

Feel enlightened – a direct connection to your higher self.
Feel uplifted, stable, confidant and open, filled with light. Drop heaviness, weariness, tension and overwhelming feelings.

6. Intuition

Expand Your Awareness
For those working with lucid dreaming, meditation, prayer, angels and guides. Support energy flow between your physical and higher spiritual self, aligning intellect with intuition.

7. Now

Feel present – step into the moment. 
Use for planning, meditation and body work to stay grounded, centered, and focused in the moment.

8. Spirit of Love

Feel loved.
This is your direct access to love and kindness, compassion and self esteem. Feel confident in your relationships.

9. Temperance

Balance your temper.
Prevent emotional outbursts. Transform anger, impatience, frustration and irritation into constructive energy.

Check out what people are saying about Aura Infusions…

“Before I started using the Enlightened Infusion (Into The Light), I had experienced fear, anxiety, panic, and depression all my life. Sometimes I struggled to get out of bed and would shake with fear. On the fourth day I woke up and my usual anxiety and apprehension were gone. My obsessive thinking patterns had disappeared and I was no longer paralyzed with fear. I have continued to remain emotionally stable for the past year. New possibilities are opening up for me, which is a vast improvement in my life.”
~ Richard from Oakland, CA

“Thanks for your creations – I don’t understand how they work, but the products ‘Into the Light’ and ‘Temperance’ have really helped me with my temper. I feel like I am in a better mood and more calm” ~ L.P. Danvers, MA

“My experience of using the Focus Infusion was a feeling of alertness and vitality. I experienced a stronger sense of aliveness and ability to accomplish my task more easily. I also like the aroma. I will continually use this product and also will be trying others to complement the focus. Regards.” ~ Jeff DeLone

After you try one of these wonderful sprays, please write to us and share your experience… we love to hear how it works for you!

Here you can read more “About Aura Infusions“.

Infuse your Aura –

Change your Life!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela