Life Enthusiast Newsletter 053

Never Buy Bottled Water Again

Purified, Alkalized, Structured ~ ENERGIZED Water… On Tap!

Dear Reader,

Are you enjoying the taste of tap water?
Is the smell a bit off?

Or maybe you’re so used to smelling and tasting bad drinking water that you don’t notice anymore.

You’re not alone.

Most all municipal tap water has been treated with chemicals, to keep your water safe. Safe and healthy are two very different things.

Municipal tap water has proven to be unfit for a healthy lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to ingest chlorine, fluoride, thallium, and legionella it commonly contains.

Ordinary filtration systems such as the Brita cannot remove these substances, and produce – at best – only relatively clean water.

  • You need to remove chlorine, to protect your intestinal flora balance.
  • You need to remove turbidity. Who wants to drink mud?
  • And get rid of chemicals that just do not belong in your drinking water.

The chemicals used to make your water “healthy” are actually quite toxic for you. They kill your healthy gut bacteria, and that can begin a downward spiral to early aging with degenerative diseases.

A very basic aspect affecting your longevity and quality of life is staying well-hydrated with pure water. And there’s a big difference between cellular hydration and irrigation.

Think you’re well hydrated?
Read this article to find out… “Chronic Symptoms of Dehydration

Why Alkalized, Energized Water is The Best

Energized Water has had its molecules returned to their original life-giving, super moisturizing state. Here you can see before and after pictures of this.

Energized Water easily enters cells with dissolved nutrients, and carries away toxic waste.

Reverse osmosis filtered water is acidic and demineralized! So is distilled water. It’s pure, but not as good as water should be.
And what about the pH? Should I drink acidic (no!) or highly alkalized water zapped by electric water ionizers? Maybe… but at more than $2,000?

When you drink Energized Water, you will need less volume.

The quality of water you consume plays a critical role in your health and well-being.

When you hydrate, cleanse and energize the water in your cells, you will feel rejuvenated. And so will your pets and plants.

Different Names for Energized Water:
Living water, Structured or Destructured water, Hexagonal water, Reduced-Cluster-Size water, Organized water and many other names.

The best water you can consume is pure, small-cluster, pH balanced water – Energized!

Blood: 82% water
Brain Tissue: 85% water
Whole Body Average: 75% water (only 25% solids)

Optimal water intake = 32oz (1 qt) per 50 lbs of body weight

Statistics from “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude” by Dr. Darren R. Weissman

Two Options to Improve Your Tap Water…

Portable Water Structuring Unit

Easiest way to enjoy the benefits of structured water at home, work, restaurants and traveling. Also great for apartment living, where permanent installation is not possible.

Simply pour your water through the large, top end and let it flow out the bottom into your drinking container. Dishwasher safe. Great for both hot and cold beverages.

  • Structured Water On Demand
  • Fresh-tasting and Invigorating
  • No Moving Parts – Nothing to Replace
  • Lasts Forever

Avesa Water System

This must be the best deal on a water filter that produces clean, pH balanced, energetically corrected water on demand.

Restore proper hydration, for health and vitality.

Easy to install…
Under your Sink, or On the Counter

The Avesa Water System will cleanse your water of pollutants with the 5-stage filter system. Then it will alkalize and Energize your water, enhancing your cellular hydration… AND your long-term vitality!

Avesa Wellness Water System with Crystal Boost Technology

  • Superior hydration of all cells
  • Body-wide, safe detoxification
  • Promotes weight loss/normalization
  • Improves flavor of cooked veggies
  • Buffers the acidity of coffee and tea
  • Reduces potential of infections
  • Slows bone and muscle-mass loss
  • Minimizes oxygen deprivation and fatigue
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • And finally, it just tastes great!

We make it our mission to provide products that help our customers build a sustainable healthy lifestyle. One of the foundational pieces is access to pure, pH balanced water.

We’re excited to bring you this surprisingly affordable and effective water filtration system.

Pure, pH Balanced water for 5 cents/gallon.

What People are Saying about the Avesa Water System

“Love this water system. Have used these for the past 10 years and couldn’t be without one.” ~ Bashir-Muhammad Onyango

“Works well! Love the taste and that it removes several things.” ~ Rhys Powell

“Avesa Water System is a great product. I love the way it makes the water quality tastes and feel better.” ~ Geri Bang

“The water tastes so smooth and I feel hydrated with each glass I drink. Truly satisfying; I actually enjoy drinking water again! Regular filtered tap water tastes flat and ‘canned” compared to the Avesa Water and I know that this system is bringing purity and health into my body. I highly recommend it!” ~ Shakira Larson

To Summarize…

Chronic dehydration has been shown to be the cause of a wide range of serious health conditions. Proper hydration with pure, dew-like Energized Water has been documented to reverse a variety illnesses, at very little cost.

Life Enthusiast has other Water/Food Energy Devices for you, to easily and affordably create the best water to hydrate the cells in your body, pets and plants.

  • Swimming pool water can be sparkling clean with energized water tools.
  • Greenhouse and field crops are ready for harvest weeks earlier.
  • Dairy cows drink more water than before, and produce more milk.

We also have Pre-Energized Water that may be more convenient for you.

Bottled water, touted for its purity, has been reported by the EPA to be polluted by caffeine and pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and minerals including arsenic and radioactive isotopes, fertilizer residue (nitrate and ammonia) and a broad spectrum of other industrial carcinogenic chemicals including solvents, plasticizers, and propellants.

Never Buy Bottled Water Again

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela