Life Enthusiast Newsletter 055

STOP the Process that Leads to Painful, Swollen, Stiff Joints

Dear Reader,

I think most of us feel some degradation in our joints as we age.
Any joint that’s been used extensively can suffer over time.

It’s been called the “weakest link” theory:
a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

If your lifestyle and your nutrition are not quite right,
your “weakest link”is certain to show up as you age.

Ann-Louise, our editor says:
“For me, my weakest link is my computer mouse hand, all the way up to my neck, and it recently let me down while playing golf. So many things can go wrong with a complicated thing like a golf swing, and for me it was my forearm, right between my mouse hand and neck.”

What’s your “weakest link”?

Poor Diet?
Most of us have not eaten as well as we should and this WILL affect your joints.

Repetitive Task?
Many people have sedentary desk jobs, doing repetitive motions that wear a specific joint (like our editor Ann-Louise). Maybe your lower back is sore from sitting too much.

Over Exercising?
Do you love running, and it’s wearing down your knees?

Whatever the cause of your “weakest link” you can feel improvement in just a few weeks.

Restore Youthful Flexibility to Your Joints


Get Rid of Joint Pain ~ Restore Movement and Range

Dissolve Unwanted Calcified Deposits, Bone Spurs Too

Cure Arthritis by Restoring Your
Natural Metabolism and Chemistry

Arthritis is simply inflammation of a joint.
The most common cause of Arthritis is a complicated nutritional imbalance that allows the buildup of calculi, leading to inflammation and pain.

When a nutritional imbalance causes your body chemistry to be out of balance, the resulting metabolic condition creates a substance that is similar in nature to calcium carbonate or limestone that builds up over time. pH imbalance is one of the main underlying factors in building this metabolic condition.

Arthritis-Ease literally neutralizes acid toxins globally throughout your body that would end up depositing minerals in your joints (making them stiff, swollen and painful).

You do not have to have been diagnosed with “arthritis” to use this formula effectively as an acidic neutralizer that will improve your mobility.

Your body can begin to reabsorb the hardened calculi buildup.

Try Arthritis-Ease and the calculi – over a period of time – literally vanish as your body returns to its normal state – flexible, free flowing and pain-free.

Simply put…
With the necessary metabolic chemistry corrected, your body literally disallows the condition that created the environment for the mineral buildup to exist.
Also effective for bone spurs, which are not really bone at all, but a buildup of calculi anchored to a specific site on a bone or bones.

How soon could one expect to see results?

Results can be quite rapid.
Within the first two to four weeks, there will be a change in the amount of calculi buildup in your body as the offensive material is reabsorbed.
This indicates that the process has begun and will continue.

Pain relief will begin to occur after the formula has been properly taken on a regular basis for a long enough time to create the metabolic change. You can use Arthritis-Ease for as long as necessary.

The length of time of daily use will differ depending on the severity of the condition.

After all the calculi buildup has been eliminated, and pain and inflammation is gone, it is suggested that one continues with the standard dosage for another month.

Important to Know about Your Individual Metabolic Type

You may need to change your eating habits, to insure that the arthritic condition does not reoccur. Please read about your Metabolic Type.

Mismatching your diet to your Biological Individuality (too much OR not enough animal products, excess dairy, alcohol, highly processed foods, high sodium diets) can seriously contribute to this condition.

The biggest challenge: GLUTEN.
The Western World’s modern wheat has been hurting many people.

Read what people have to say about Arthritis-Ease…

“I have used Arthritis-Ease from Earth Friend Herb Co. for almost 2 months. After two weeks I felt improvement and am reordering now to keep reaping the benefits.” ~ Vera

“My husband suffered from painful joints in his fingers and wrists. The swelling and pain were unrelenting despite the numerous interventions he tried. He began to use Arthritis-Ease and noticed dramatic decreases in swelling and pain within the first 24 hours. By 48 hours he was pain free! There was no visible swelling and he was able to use his hands without any difficulty! He is a painting contractor and must do a lot of prolonged squeezing during spray painting. At last, a product that provides quick, effective long lasting relief when all other interventions have failed! I am happy to fully endorse these wonderfully effective products and am grateful to be able to offer them in my practice.” Thank you! ~ Liliana F.

Please Note…
Be sure that you understand the right application – the difference between simple joint inflammation and pain, and an auto-immune disorder. One is localized in a specific joint, while the other is systemic (autoimmune). This formula does not address autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Get Rid of Joint Pain ~ Restore Movement and Range

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela