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Instant Solution for Surreal Energy with Calm Focus

Dear Reader,

Sounds like some recreational drug, right? Well it’s not.

It’s completely natural and safe to take every day. So why not give it a try?

When you look around at the people in your life (and yourself)…

Do you see smiling, energetic people that love what they’re doing?

Or do you see bad mood, stressed-out people on the brink of exhaustion?

These days, so many of us are high-strung, lacking the focus and energy to get everything done. And it’s getting worse – why?

Coffee, energy drinks, over-the-counter and prescription drugs – all temporary fixes at best – are selling like crazy! Making stress levels rise, and energy levels drop.

Daily high stress can be fatal, so please do NOT ignore it!

It has a profound negative effect on everyone, especially those closest to you.

What suffers?

  • Your social life
  • Your love life
  • Your ability to see anything positive
  • Your ability to focus
  • Your health (obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and more).

Eventually, one or all of these will affect your career and your income.

So many people these days are living with poor health and unfulfilled potential in their social and love lives.

Want to feel amazing.. IN LOVE with life?


Safely and naturally release your body’s own feel-good hormone (oxytocin)… “The Juice” you need for balance – both physically and mentally.

Just a few drops of this liquid… and you’ll feel LIMITLESS!

An Instant Zen-like Experience of Health and Vitality.

  1. Start each day refreshed and focused.
  2. Fill your day with energy and accomplishments.
  3. End each day feeling satisfied and relaxed.

You can finally let go of caffeine and energy drinks,
and still be fully focused throughout your day.

More youthful energy and stamina, so you age gracefully.

Let go of stress, anxiety, and worrying too!

Because you feel so much better, you’ll find deeper connections, more love and more empathy with the people around you. Without effort, you’ll feel joyful.

Feel balanced, not overstimulated, not under stimulated.

Not hyper active, not falling asleep.

You just feel balanced.

100% natural herbal ingredient – the result of over 10 years of research.

Here’s how it works…

Meridium contains the naturally occurring micronutrient Xanthohumol, a molecule in the hops plant – the same plant used to make beer, although hops does not contain nearly enough Xanthohumol to be effective. In its natural state, Xanthohumol cannot be absorbed in significant amounts by your body.

Our special proprietary process purifies and concentrates Xanthohumol’s benefits to be easily used by your body.

In more than 60 research studies Xanthohumol has been linked to a wide range of benefits…

  • Promotes general health to ward off illness
  • Modulates the hormone responsible for a sense of well-being
  • Protects against free radicals better than green tea and red wine, with 6 times the power of antioxidant-rich citrus fruits and 4 times the strength of soy foods
  • Supports cell health to fight oxidative stress
  • Regulates fat metabolism and storage
  • Modulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Supports eye cornea and retina health
  • Maintains glucose and insulin levels
  • Eliminates toxins from the body.

Meridium is unlike ANYTHING else out there!

Read about what people are saying about Meridium…

“So to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about what Meridium claimed to do, but after 3 weeks of consistent use, I am a HUGE fan! This stuff is a game-changer to say the least. It’s allowed me to consistently perform at a top level without being over-stressed. I have more consistent energy throughout the day and my workouts have been off the charts! Really glad I gave this a try. Thanks for another hit product!” ~ Michael Kim, La Jolla CA

“My boyfriend sent me a bottle to try out and I was completely blown away. I felt so balanced and energetic, but not edgy or anxious like coffee. It helped me feel more relaxed and calm throughout the day. I’ve never really been a big fan of supplements, but this one has really made a difference. Love this stuff!” ~ Rachael Callaway, Exeter UK

“When I first tried it, I just became more alert, more awake and more focused. And I noticed I was just feeling really good, like I was in a really good mood all of a sudden. It also improves my productivity because I’m more in the zone now. And when I go out on the town or if I’m at some social event, it’s really cool to see how social interactions go. It usually ends up being a really good night”! ~ Shiraz Khan, Austin TX

Imagine it all right now…

no – order some right now.

Experience life…
like never before!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela