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“Secret Sauce” ~ Add Healthy Years to Your Life

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You may think that this is over the top…
but you really CAN revolutionize your health and increase your life-span!

Women Old and YoungCombat All Major Degenerative Diseases

Add Years to Your Life

Dramatically Improve Your Appearance

“Love this product. It’s doing wonders for my skin. Usually have extremely dry and itchy even in the summer. This is really helping. Will be buying more.” ~ Margaret wrote on Wednesday August 27th, 2014

Sounds great, right? ~ Here’s How It Works…

The main cause of cancer – and all diseases including early aging – is now known to be impaired cellular function, due to oxygen deficiency at the cellular level.

Yes you DO need anti-oxidants that protect you from too much oxidation, but to live well you must first have richly oxygenated cells, to help ensure efficient nutrient absorption and toxic waste elimination. And this is the biggest key to restoring and maintaining your health.

We know that when oxygen is deficient, cells deteriorate and diseases thrive. Low oxygen level is tied to early decline.

Sick people are sent to forest or seaside resorts – why?

To get away from it all and find seclusion.
But the other reason is to find a fresh oxygen supply found in these areas!

People instinctively know it makes them feel better, even though they might not know why… more oxygen (and the negative ions in the air).

Squalene ~
Miracle Ingredient in Amaranth Seed Oil

It’s the greatest anti-inflammatory oil in the world, and the ultimate skin rejuvenator. Who would not like to have great looking skin?

Amaranth Seed Oil contains more Squalene than any other source in the world… ten times more than shark liver oil.

Squalene ~ Main Benefit is Cellular Oxygenation

Oxygen-rich cells help ensure efficient nutrient absorption and toxic waste elimination – from better bowel movements, urination and efficient disposal through the respiratory system – one major key to health.

Squalene ~ More Remarkable Abilities

While remaining completely safe for all the healthy cells in your body, squalene can improve your health in a number of ways:

Squalene Protects Your Cells
Prevents cells from mutating, from being altered or turned into tumors.

Squalene Sterilizes Your Cells
Fish that are high in Squalene (a unique antibacterial and antifungal) have amazingly healthy bodies and no internal parasites.

Squalene Enhances Your Cells
The protective inner layer of a cell is made up of cholesterol, and cholesterol requires Squalene as part of its make-up. When you supplement with Squalene from Amaranth Seed Oil, you protect your cells inner environment, enhancing the cells life with anti-aging effects. Squalene also greatly strengthens your ability to fight off infections and disease.

There are studies that show that Squalene works for following situations:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease and Cholesterol
  • Digestive Health
  • Immune Health
  • Skin Health
  • Hormonal Balance and Sexual Vitality

The History of Squalene in Japanese Legend

The Japanese are known for their healthy longevity. They also have very low rates of cancer and coronary heart disease.

Japanese legends talk about fishermen and warriors that were extraordinarily strong and infused with vitality, from eating dogfish shark liver oil.

In 1906, an ingredient (an unsaturated-hydrocarbon) was discovered in shark liver oil, and deemed responsible for all the folklore. And in 1916, it was publicly announced by its given name – Squalene.

Now we can get it from the seeds of amaranth – and not from the fins and livers of sharks.

Time to Get Your “Longevity-in-a-Bottle”

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela