Life Enthusiast Newsletter 064

Prolonged stress and Traumatic stress
affects not just soldiers, but ANYONE.

Dear Reader,

Every time you pick up a magazine or newspaper, you see an article about the high-stress lives most all of us have, from too much activity and not enough down-time. It seems to be the “root of all evil” – from road rage to anxiety and even depression.

When you feel stress – both chronic and immediate – cortisol is the first hormone to rise in your blood stream. When the source of the reaction is gone, stress hormones are supposed to be re-absorbed.

But if your stress or anxiety are relentless, your body fails to reabsorb these hormones and you suffer the effects of CHRONIC stress.

Most Common Causes of Anxiety, Stress and High Cortisol

Lack of sleepBeing a victim of crime or abuse
Conflict at work, a demanding bossDeath or illness in your family
Threat of losing your incomeCaring for a sick person
Relationship trouble, divorceMilitary deployment
Conflicts with neighborsPolice work
Living in a hostile neighborhoodDieting, moving, caught in traffic jam, etc.

If your stress remains high for too long…

With prolonged, excessive stress and anxiety, high cortisol level persists and it blocks the healing and restoration of damaged tissues.

Under extended stress, your immune system becomes suppressed, digestion and assimilation are impaired, your stomach lining becomes thin and ulcerated, your thymus gland shrinks and your lymphatic system fills with toxins.

The biggest cause of Stress is your Urban Lifestyle!

The good news…
Cortisol-Ease has the ability to Restore Calm

Cortisol-Ease will bring your cortisol level back to normal, by accelerating the reabsorption of excess cortisol, when your body is failing to do it on its own.

Stress Stage One
The Reaction to a Threat

Irritation, danger, heat, cold, infection, violence, insecurity (financial, emotional, physical) – whether it is real or imagined… your endocrine system kicks in and cortisol level goes up. Your heart beats faster, your blood pressure rises and your pupils dilate.

Stress Stage Two
Adaptation to Living with Chronic,
Repeated and Unrelieved Stress
Regardless of the source, the stress is relentless.
The common nightmare scenario has you growing up in a dysfunctional family with no sense of safety, feeling vulnerable, with continuously high cortisol levels in your bloodstream. Your adrenal glands have enlarged in response, releasing large quantities of cortisol.
You’re able to function, but eventually your chronic stress catches up with you and you crash into the last stage.

Stress Stage Three
Exhaustion with a Cascade-effect of Symptoms
Your reserves are depleted, your resilience is down and chronic stress has now depleted your mineral reserves. You can expect a physical collapse, an emotional breakdown, physical dysfunction and eventual organ or body system failure, including heart attack or stroke.

Does any of this sound familiar… you or someone you care about?

Cortisol-Ease Can Help

Many people trapped in the emotional nightmare of high cortisol seek mood altering or controlling drugs to get some peace, ending up addicted to either street drugs or to pharmaceuticals.

You can dramatically escalate this problem for people who were sexually abused, raped, robbed, beaten, or went on patrols in enemy territory. Stress can linger with you from a childhood trauma, from witnessing violent acts or just watching gory movies. Events from the past can resurface and send your cortisol levels through the roof.

The ongoing effects of trauma creates a nightmare existence for you, an emotional haze that is “not just in your head” – permeating your entire emotional structure.

“Stop the ride… I want to get OFF!”

… you NEED to get off.

Symptoms of Constant Stress AND High Cortisol:
Anxiety, Nervousness, FearFood Intolerances
Belly FatInflammation
Bone DecalcificationIntestinal Problems
Brain FogIrritability
Chemical SensitivitiesNoise Intolerance
Drug AddictionsOdor Intolerance
Energy CrashSleep Disturbances
Exercise AddictionSlow Healing

Cortisol-Ease results are often felt in 2 to 3 weeks of use.

Every human responds to stress differently.
Either chronic stress or sudden trauma can trigger high cortisol levels.
Your reaction depends on your ability to cope with the situation.

With Cortisol-Ease, you can be calm during the day and sleep well at night.
By removing the excess of cortisol out of your body, Cortisol-Ease will calm you down.

Try Cortisol-Ease… relax and know that you’re OK.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela