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IF you pass this Fibromyalgia Test,

Fibro-Ease WILL WORK for You

Dear Reader,

If you or someone you care about has unexplained aches, that doctors and other healthcare professionals cannot help, you will be interested in the blog I just posted.

It highlights a newly released video by Earth Friend Herb Co, explaining how to test for true Fibromyalgia, and how to know if Fibro-Ease will work for you – or not.

How wonderful…
Test ahead of time to know if
Fibro-Ease will work for you!

I don’t need to explain how frustrating it can be when you’re going from a doctor to a naturopath, a physio to chiropractor, and while they all try their best to help you, you’re still in pain.

Do people wonder if it’s all in your head?

In this new video, Elijah shares a inspirational client stories, plus clear instructions for testing whether you do (or do not) have the fibrous problem that his Fibro-Ease will correct. I wish all products came with such clear pre-purchase instructions.

“I use Fibro-Ease to address my health condition fibromyalgia. It works and my muscles are more relaxed since taking it.” ~ Amy Kaun

“This is great!! I’ll buy it again. I only had to use it a few times to feel the effects. Excellent product.” ~ Christan Korangy


Bring Back Normal, Pain-free Functioning

End Chronic Soft Tissue Pain – Release the Hardening

100% Organic or Wild-Crafted Herbs

Fibro-Ease provides pain relief in as little as two to four weeks as fascia and muscles begin to soften and and the hardened fibrinous material is safely and re-absorbed.

Your body tissues are returned to their natural healthy state – flexible, free-flowing and pain-free.

A Bit About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyaligia is caused by a complicated nutritional deficiency. There is an essential nutrient in the rare potassium spectrum that is missing in the system. When this occurs, there is a domino or nutritional cascade effect causing an incorrect chemical signal to be released in the body. This causes fibrin, which is normally in a semi-solvent state to form into a non-solvent state, becoming hard and dense.

Simply put, fibromyalgia occurs when the chemistry of the body departs its natural harmonious state and normal semi-solvent fibrin is given an inappropriate chemical signal, becoming hardened over a period of time.

This results in dense, heavy and painful layers of hardened fibrin that are layered in and through regular tissue. This dense fibrinous tissue creates a continuous pulling effect towards the point of least resistance. This continual pulling leads to the painful condition of fibromyalgia.

You’ve suffered too long ~ end Fibromyalgia Pain NOW

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela