Life Enthusiast Newsletter 077

Healing and Rejuvenating rest with Laminar Crystals

Dear Reader,

Your body needs to recharge with sleep, and if you do not feel sufficiently rested, your energy depletes and all systems will deteriorate, leading to one of many degenerative diseases.

For centuries, people have used the amazing healing and rejuvenation properties of Crystals. They act like capacitors, meaning they accumulate and discharge the subtle energy that powers your cells.

Take a look at this Crystal Pillow…

It’s filled with Laminar Crystals that replenish your Life-force.

Sleep with it, or place on any body part that concerns you.

It will recharge your battery and improve your well being!

Intuitives tell us that Laminar Crystals have the power to reduce pain and significantly reverse aging, restoring function to many parts of the body.

  • Raise your energy
  • Release energy blockages to restore flow
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Enhance detoxification
  • Support metabolism.

Read what people are saying about this Crystal Pillow…

Users say they experienced increased energy levels, less pain and better moods!

“This is the best pillow I ever bought myself. It takes all pain away and even relaxes tight muscles (too many long hours on a computer and this takes the strain away). Really a good buy. I am thinking of getting a second one.” ~ Myra

“I do not remember feeling so rested upon awakening as since I’ve been using the Crystal Pillow. I must admit I was skeptical at first. I decided to purchase the pillow because I purchased the Star Chamber Receiver a few months ago and felt more positive influences when placing it near my computer. Since the pillow is said to have diffusing properties, I thought I would give it a try. What I didn’t anticipate was how deeply I’ve been sleeping and how refreshed I feel upon awakening. Another added benefit is the recollection of my dreams. I don’t think I’m finished experimenting with this item as the benefits seem to be growing with its use.” ~ Taye

“I feel like the pillow has been a more reliable solution for post therapeutic neuralgia pain than ice or heat or any combination thereof. Thanks are being given to you for being there!” ~ Jan

Create your own Laminar Crystal Device…

Laminar Crystals in Bulk

They Last Forever!

Place these crystals inside your own pillows or mattress covers, and other orgonite devices.

Create devices that energize your water and food.

Make your own energy charger like a pillow, sleeping mat or pet’s bed.

The Story of Laminar Crystals

The story of Laminar Crystals starts in the 1960s, with several ancient artifacts being discovered in a cave, and later finding their way into the hands of Jim Carter, founder of Twilight America. The artifacts have an amazing ability to improve the taste of liquids in which they are submerged, and to relieve energy blockages, congestion and pain.

Jim Carter spent over 25 years experimenting with materials found in nature, in his quest to reverse-engineer the ancient technology. He discovered that natural mica crystals effectively duplicate the power and potency of the ancient artifacts. Jim called the crystals “Laminar Crystals” because of their layered structure.

“A Laminar Crystal has a specific energy handling characteristic; it is a specific accumulator of the primary raw materials of the universe, i.e. Love. It accumulates the primary matter of creation. It forms in flat plates and when two of these plates are stacked, they do not accumulate twice as much of this matter, they accumulate many times what one would because the resonate of the first feeds the intake of the second.” ~ Jim Carter

Find healing and rejuvenation on a Crystal Pillow.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela