Life Enthusiast Newsletter 082

One Tool ~ Two Functions

Improve the Energy in Your Space, and Your Water Too!

Dear Reader,

Because this Newsletter is about something a little off-the-wall, I’m going to ignore all the rules of marketing, and dive right into what this little object is…

Star Chamber Receiver

This energy device is like an antenna, pulling Life-Force energy in, then transmitting the same energy to all water filled bodies nearby – that includes you, your pets and your plants.

Two Functions:

1. When placed into water, it creates Energized Water, improving the hydrating ability and taste of all liquids and food too (just place it nearby). Water tastes like a fresh mountain spring. Energized Water is super-hydrating for the all cells – essential for good health.

2. When placed onto a body, it relieves energy blockages, congestion and pain.

Stands about 4″ tall and is made from:

  • One Crystal Cupcake (bottom)
  • Two large Crystal Pearls (middle)
  • Two medium Crystal Pearls (top).

Each part is made of Laminar Crystals and they work together to accumulate orgone, otherwise known as the Life Force, Divine Love, Chi, Prana, ECK and Holy Spirit (to name just a few).

What is Energized Water?

The molecules have been restructured, returning them to their original life-giving and super-hydrating state, that is smaller and beautifully hexagonal in appearance. They resemble the water of fresh morning dew or a pristine mountain spring.

Cells absorb Energized Water more efficiently because the restructured size is very small – smaller than cells so it can pass through cell walls easily for maximum hydration.

Energized Water has lower surface tension and increased oxidation reduction potential (ORP) – both very beneficial for your health and vitality.

What are Laminar Crystals?

The story of Laminar Crystals starts in the 1960s, with several ancient artifacts being discovered in a cave, later finding their way into the hands of Jim Carter, founder of Twilight America. The artifacts have the capacity to improve the hydrating ability and taste of liquids in which they are submerged, and to relieve energy blockages, congestion and pain.

In his quest to reverse-engineer the artifacts and their abilities, Jim discovered that natural mica crystals effectively duplicate the power and potency of the ancient artifacts. He started calling the crystals “Laminar Crystals” because of their layered structure.

Laminar Crystals are natural capacitors.
They accumulate energy, release it and repeat the process. They do not dissolve and will last forever.

If you would like to make your own energy device, we sell Laminar Crystals too.

Best Ways to Use your Star Chamber Receiver

Fill Your Space with Harmonized Energy
Placed in your home, the Star Chamber Receiver will pull in Life-Force and fill your space, turning it into an island of Love and Peace that envelops your living environment and perhaps that of your neighbors. It will also protect you and your family from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Energize Your Air
In your humidifier, or on a supply air vent.

Energize Your Bath
Into your bath or hot tub for supreme hydration.

Energize Your Drinking Water
In a jug of filtered water – tastes like a mountain spring!

One Simple Tool for Feeling Better ~ Body, Mind and Spirit

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela