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Great for ANYone including Bodybuilders and Athletes

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The amino acid L-Glutamine is one of the most important amino acids your body needs, when under great physical stress from any source.

If your physical, stressful challenge is from too much fun playing hard, or from being injured, sick or had surgery, then L-Glutamine becomes a conditional amino acid, meaning your body does not produce enough and you must supplement.

It’s very important to ensure adequate intake of L-Glutamine, to meet the increased demands created by these physically demanding situations.

Under normal circumstances your body DOES make enough
L-Glutamine for normal health. However, there are many stressful times in life when you cannot.

Do you exercise quite hard?

Are you recovering from an injury? Or surgery?

Are you in PAIN or are you sick?

How to Recover Faster…

When you’re under a great physical stressful challenges from work, injury, illness, surgery, or even toxicity…

Pure Glutamine PeptidesPure Glutamine Peptides

Speedy Recovery

  • Enhances muscle growth (burns more fat)
  • Lessens the Effects of Overtraining
  • Reduces Occurrence of Illness
  • Helps prevent painful muscle leg cramps

Bodybuilders and athletes spend hours working to grow strong, lean muscles, constantly breaking down tissues. This continual strain depletes L-Glutamine reserves.

L-Glutamine makes up about 50% to 60% of amino acids in muscle tissue.

And since muscle isn’t the only tissue needing L-Glutamine, strenuous exercise causes muscles to take this amino acid from other areas like your brain, liver, blood, and lungs.

Additionally many believe L-Glutamine balances pH, diminishing lactic acid that causes stiff muscles after exercise.

  • Promotes growth hormone levels (important if working to get big)
  • Helps muscle cells to retain water (increases size)
  • Preserves muscles during the catabolic (breaking down) state
  • Improves quality of workout by cutting down on fatigue.

Many studies on athletes (regular runners, marathoners, rowers, cyclists and others) show that L-Glutamine reduces the occurrence of illness AND reduces the effects of overtraining – both frequently experienced by extreme exercisers.

These people tend to use all the L-Glutamine their body makes, and benefit from supplementation because it helps absorb protein that bodybuilders burn so much of.

Studies show that heavy training depletes L-Glutamine levels by up to 50%

This leaves tissues and organs (like your brain, liver, blood, and lungs) open to infection and illness because they’re not able to function optimally. Unless replaced, your immune system becomes compromised, leaving you vulnerable to any degenerative disease.

Speedy Recovery from Surgery
Especially abdominal surgery patients – they tend to recover more quickly and comfortably when taking L-Glutamine supplements. In fact some hospitals in Europe give L-Glutamine to all trauma patients.

Enhances Digestion and Immune System Protection

Most of the L-Glutamine you eat and your body makes works in your intestines.
It’s abundant for digestive health, which is critical for immune system functions.

L-Glutamine supplements can dramatically help athletes avoid getting sick.

One important discovery showed that L-Glutamine helped prevent Leaky Gut, a serious degenerative condition with porous intestinal lining that allows toxins into the body, instead of being eliminated.

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

L-Glutamine becomes glutamic acid in your brain – a substance needed for mental processes.

It also helps control nitrogen levels – too much creates ammonia toxicity. When glutamine bonds with nitrogen, it makes glutamic acid that allows ammonia to be excreted.

Degenerative Disease and for the Elderly

With age, our natural stores of amino acids deplete, muscles and bones dry out and become brittle, and we become more prone to injury.

L-Glutamine in Food

L-Glutamine exists in certain high protein foods such as fish, poultry, red meat, beans and dairy products. Because so many of our food sources are polluted by pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and other substances harmful to our health, use Glutamine Peptides to help restore your natural balance.

Pure Glutamine Peptides Alleviate Physical Stresses

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela