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Safe and Non-Addicting Energy Boost

Dear Reader,

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a fun little chemical that’s great for everyone from a couch potato, extreme athletes and senior citizens too.

After using our ATP Plus Energy on himself, one of our users gave it to his 95 year old mom – and here’s what he reports…

“Mom has been dragging herself around for quite some time now, and understandably so. The other day I gave her the same 6 drops of ATP Plus Energy that I take. She normally walks slowly holding my arm or rail. Not this time! She is back to walking right down the center of the hallway and I might add, rather vigorously. She’s happy to have her energy restored.” ~ Darren

Over the last few years ATP has come to the attention of gym-going body builders, for good reason. It’s a major player in your body’s energy. It uses energy from the breakdown of food and releases it to fuel other cellular processes.

  • Increase overall energy
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Support cardiovascular health
  • Benefits healthier aging.

Overcome Low Energy and Fatigue

ATP is an energy-bearing molecule in all living cells.
When energy is needed by a cell, it’s converted from storage molecules into ATP which then deliver energy to places within the cell where its needed for:

  • Muscle contractions
  • Transmission of nerve impulses
  • Formation of nucleic acids
  • Energy-consuming reactions of metabolism.

ATP Plus Energy

Feed Your Cells a Power-Boost

Powerful formula for physical performance and endurance.
Great for everyone from sedentary to extreme athletes.

  • Performance
  • Endurance

Are You Deficient in ATP?

Yes, most likely – especially if you have chronic pain and fatigue, or exercise regularly.

In order to use nutrients and function properly, the mitochondria in your cells need ATP – the most widely delivered, high-energy compound in your body. Pure energy of life as we know it.

ATP Plus Energy has added Fulvic Acid, telling your mitochondria to make even MORE ATP.
Amazing internal and external benefits too…

  • Powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Transports nutrients into cells
  • Powerful natural electrolyte
  • Increases bioavailability of nutrients and minerals
  • Alkalizes and detoxifies blood
  • Regenerates and hydrates cells
  • Acts as a wide-spectrum antimicrobial and fungicide
  • Neutralizes poison ivy and poison oak
  • Removes discoloration from skin bruises
  • Helps treat open wounds, cuts and abrasions
  • Kills pathogens responsible for athletes foot
  • Soothes rashes, skin irritations, insect and spider bites
  • Speeds healing of burns and reduces pain or scarring
  • Proprietary Bio-energetic frequencies have been added to stimulate testosterone production and increase energy.


Being a significantly small molecule, Fulvic Acid has the ability to penetrate cells and even the mitochondria of the cell, attracting to itself 3 times its weight in heavy metals – very efficient for removing toxins from all your cells.

Makes Even MORE ATP

Fulvic Acid enters the cell and tells the mitochondria to make more ATP, the universal currency of energy. With greater ATP levels, your energy increases and your life force returns.

Enhanced Immune Functions

One of the most amazing talents of Fulvic Acid is the powerful and diverse spectrum of immune system responses it stimulates. It not only boosts your immunity, it regulates your immune system. Fulvic Acid is unparalleled in its ability to act as a natural immuno-modulator.

ATP Plus Energy
Regain and Maintain Youthful Energy and Stamina