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Is your pH slightly alkaline, for good health and disease prevention?

Dear Reader,

For your good health, it’s important to know your pH.
If you have discomforts or a more serious degenerative disease, when you balance your pH, your health will improve dramatically. You can even cure cancer by balancing your pH.

Your body is an organism of integrated systems – not a collection of various unrelated parts. Your various components work together, TRYING to maintain proper pH balance – that’s really essential to regain or maintain your good health.

Up until quite recently, health care practitioners believed most all of us were overly acidic. Now we realize that’s not always true. Some people are, in fact overly alkaline – not many though. It’s simple to determine for yourself, if you’re alkaline or acidic.

All Diseases Thrive in an Acidic Environment

It’s true… if you balance your pH, you create an environment in which disease cannot live.

Am I Overly Acidic… or Alkaline?

In the comfort of your own home, you can easily determine your pH.
You’ll need some pH Paper and a bit of instruction.

On a full piece of paper, make four columns like this:

TimeWhat I ate/drankSaliva pHHow I feel

When you wake up, first thing in the morning, before putting anything in your mouth, clear your mouth by swallowing, then wet a piece of pH Paper under your tongue.

Do this again one hour before, and two hours after every time you eat – daily for a couple weeks, long enough to see the causes and effects of your food and circumstances. You might even test your pH after a stressful event to see the difference.

Normal saliva pH = 6.5 to 7.0
Consistently below 6.5 = too acidic.
Consistently above 7.0 = too alkaline.

Tracking what you eat, how it affects your pH, and how you feel, is an invaluable tool to make corrections to how different foods and circumstances affect your health.

You’re on the road to Taking Real Charge of your health.

About Your Metabolic Type

Metabolic Typing is a scientific approach to your health that carefully looks at your unique digestive system – what alkalizes you and what will acidify you – then recommends specific foods and supplements to support your unique body structure. It can help you stabilize your weight at optimum levels, and improve your overall health and energy.

When you discover your Metabolic Type, a whole new world opens up to you as you become aware of the effects different foods have on your body and emotions.

Causes of an Imbalanced pH

  • Not eating for your Metabolic Type
  • Most diets (high in processed foods, low in raw foods)
  • Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs (prescription, over-the-counter and recreational)
  • Accumulation of environmental toxins and toxic metals
  • Stress
  • Sedentary lifestyle.

To name just a few.

Good health cannot thrive in this state. An imbalanced pH continuously corrodes all body tissues. If left uncorrected, you will get very sick, and eventually… you will die.

Bottom Line… an imbalanced pH creates an environment that disease loves.

Symptoms of Acidic pH

Most people who suffer from imbalanced pH are acidic, and this has been linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and osteoporosis.

To regain pH balance, your body takes minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium) from your bones and vital organs. This places great strain on your body and can be the cause of many conditions…

  • All forms of Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease (arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure)
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and tooth loss
  • Diabetes, insulin sensitivity, obesity
  • Neurological disease, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, ALS, Parkinson’s disease
  • Liver and Kidney disease
  • Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Male prostate problems
  • Premature aging.

Symptoms of Overly Alkaline pH

Although uncommon, high alkalinity can cause many of the same problems as acidity.
So please be sure to test your pH and take action…

How to Balance Your pH ~ Acidic OR Alkaline…

For Internal pH Balancing…

Miracle II Neutralizer

If you’re acid OR alkaline,
this formula will return your pH to balanced and healthy, slightly alkaline.

Maintaining pH balance may be a constant challenge, because of the overabundance of acid-forming foods most of us eat.

This formula helps your body as it constantly works to provide a slightly alkaline environment.

A slightly alkaline pH helps your healthy intestinal flora to thrive and that’s crucial for proper digestion – for adequate nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. We know this enables your immune system to function at optimum efficiency, keeping you healthy and happy.

The idea that various foods influence the pH of the body isn’t new. In fact, as far back as the early 1900s, numerous doctors began studying the pH-altering effects of different foods. They found that while a few foods were “neutral” in their effects, most foods were either “alkaline-producing” or “acid-producing.” They also found that simply changing the diet could change the pH of the body. Not surprisingly, bringing the body’s pH closer to the normal range helped patients get rid of many of their health complaints.

If you would like to read more about pH Balancing, Life-Enthusiast has a large section of research articles for you to educate yourself to better health.

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

For External pH Balancing, and…

Accelerate the Healing and Repair of Skin Tissue

It has the uncanny ability to miraculously neutralize so skin irritations – from bites and stings, to wind and sun burns. From red zits to hemorrhoids – it it is red, swollen, itchy or painful, you want to have a bottle on hand right now. It also conditions dry hair (from swimming and sunshine) and fades sun-damaged age spots!

There’s nothing like personal experience to make one a true believer, and the next best thing is to learn from others:

Better than aloe on cuts, scrapes, burns
“As stated this stuff is better than aloe which I have used on cuts, scrapes, burns etc. I use the Gel on my old scars and have started to notice a difference. The only thing that I didn’t expect was the Gel’s ability to pull impurities out of my skin so fast. This product also eliminates toxins within your skin. The Miracle II products continue to amaze me.” ~ Devin Darcy

Skin cancer resolved
“I had a couple of skin cancer spots on my forehead that would scab over, and never heal, until I started applying the Neutralizer Gel, Miracle II Soap, and Magnesium Oil. The lesions have disappeared, and the skin is looking good. I am really happy about that.” ~ Randy Lindsey

Helps sun tan without burning
“My husband and I used this product for sun protection for a month in Palm Springs. Neither of us burned and he is a fair haired Scott and actually tanned for the first time.” ~ Jutta Sinclair

Works great on muscle aches
“This is an amazing product. I apply the gel all over my body to keep mosquitoes from biting me. Works great on muscle aches also.” ~ Suzanne Grunwald

Soothe itching sores
“I have had Morgellons since 2002 – horrible skin lesions, itching, crawling under the skin sensations. I am impressed with the Neutralizer Gel – it has stopped the itching (!!) and the sores are healing to my great relief.” ~ Elan Namath

Skin tags are falling off
I find the Neutralizer to be a super product! Skin tags are falling off, a mole I had for years is slowly shrinking in size, brown spots on my hands are slowly diminishing. I have been using it a short time only and still experimenting but I am sure I will see further results with continued usage. Thank you, what a great innovation.” ~ Bianca Recht

Works great as a toothpaste
“The Neutralizer Gel works great as a toothpaste, it gives a very clean feeling.” ~ Dusty Rice

“I use it every day after a shower on my hair as a styling gel and on my face as a moisturizer. It’s a great product and I wouldn’t be without it.” ~ Jutta Sinclair

Healing my skin
“This gel is amazing! I use it on my entire body and am seeing a difference in the healing of my skin. My face is showing less wrinkles also. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to have their body and skin healthier.” ~ Nancy Kroner

Men love it for soothing red bumps caused by shaving.

Painful Joints or Restless Legs Anyone?

And when you’ve over-exercised, massage the Neutralizer Gel into your muscles and joints for almost immediate relief. It also works amazingly well on leg cramps (Restless Leg Syndrome), headaches and arthritis too.

Works really fast on leg cramps and headaches
“I am plagued with nightly leg cramps and a bad knee. I use the Neutralizer Gel on my knee for instant relief. Also, it works really fast on leg cramps. When I feel a headache coming on, I apply it on my neck. It’s truly a Miracle!” ~ Doris Bowers

Summertime and bare feet… – IF you don’t have a nail fungus!

We know of a 50 year old woman that had a bad case of nail fungus for the last 20 years and had been on numerous medications – some very dangerous.

After applying the Neutralizer Gel, she saw her toenails turn white and then started to loosen so she cut off the loose part.

Then she began to grow new nails that were healthy and pink.

Free of toxic chemicals, just gel and minerals!

Miracle II Neutralizer Gel

Invaluable First-aid Tool

Since 1980, thousands of satisfied users have discovered a multitude of uses for Miracle II products. With no synthetic oils, animal fat nor preservatives, we offer these biodegradable and highly concentrated products to help you deal with degenerative disease and environmental sensitivity. Miracle II provides naturally ideal cleaners, antibacterial products, deodorizers, insecticides, and fertilizers.

By using Miracle II products you will eliminate toxic and caustic chemicals from our environment, while saving hundreds of dollars every year. After using these natural products, they go down the drain, continuing to clean up our environment.

Or you might like to try…

Neutralizer Gel 7X

Super-concentrated for faster action.

Balance Your pH ~ Return to Good Health and Maintain It

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela