Life Enthusiast Newsletter 098

Your Body and Spirit Deserve the Best!

Dear Reader,

The truth about olive oil – like so much health information out there today – has changed. It’s always changing and you might find it difficult to keep up. That’s what we’re here for.

Life-Enthusiast always strives to bring you the most current truths on all matters to do with your health.

Today we bring you some incredible Olive Oil made from California olives. You’ve never tasted anything like it.

What’s so special about THIS Olive Oil?

Aleipho Elaia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Contributes to your good health and vitality in TWO ways…

Healthy for your Body ~ AND your Spirit too!

1. For Your Body ~ Organic, Extra Virgin

  • Healthy and delicious addition to food. Ideal for salads, dipping bread, smoothies and a finishing touch to soups and pasta – after cooking
  • Contains phytonutrients and enzymes are anti-inflammatory for pain relief
  • Wonderful nutrition for supple skin
  • Grassy-peppery taste.

2. For Your Spirit ~ High-vibration Oil

The Perfect Anointing Oil

Each bottle has been blessed for anointing by Dr. Jevari Oberon, D.D.

  • Adding to food will bless those who eat it.
  • Put a drop on someone’s forehead to bless/protect them.
  • Drop on a specific place to protect those who pass by (bedposts, doorways, cars and workplace).

We recommend you also bless – with a prayer of gratitude – your own bottle for use in your home for your family.

Aleipho Elaia Olive Oil is used to anoint Exsula Superfoods blends, and we use it for daily anointing of our family and home.

Aleipho is a term used for sacred and symbolic Christian anointing. Elaia is an olive tree or the fruit.

Proprietary blend Aleipho Elaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grown and Crafted with Love

  • Certified organic, estate grown on fertile soils in an ideal climate.
  • Fresh cold pressed and artfully blended in northern California from select trees of the Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Coratina and Leccio Del Corno varieties.
  • Unfiltered and chemical-free.

We add a trace of rose alba (white rose) essential oil as part of the blessing of this high-vibration anointing oil.

We’re all about the good health of your body and spirit.

One of the Best Essential Fats

Not all fats are created equal and this is one of the best essential fats.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (raw, first cold pressing, unfiltered) is a key component of the famous life-extending Mediterranean diet.

Aleipho Elaia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides beneficial fat calories that are:

  • Especially satisfying to your appetite and help block cravings (in moderation they will actually help you lose weight)
  • Helps rid your body of clogging-type cholesterol and obesity fats (primary stressors in half of all deaths)
  • Powerful contributors to good mood, memory and other brain functions
  • Beautiful hair and radiant complexion are not possible without them.

Essential Fatty Acids are vital for the performance of every cell, organ, system and function of your body, blood, bones, spine, joints and hormones.

According to USDA experts, most of Extra Virgin Olive Oil’s health benefits are related to its blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering polyphenols…

For your hearth health and vibrant longevity.

Aleipho Elaia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Because Your Body and Spirit Deserve the Best!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela