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Wi-fi can Drain Your Energy

Do you that Electrosmog is EVERYwhere?!

Dear Friend,

If you’re losing energy and don’t know why, please keep reading because we are all affected by electrosmog, from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

The EMFs in your world may not be enough to make you sick directly, but they drain your energy – sort of like walking uphill, on a very windy day. You can do it, but it wears you out sooner than a calm walk on flat land.

Only a hundred years ago there weren’t any EMFs, yet now these negative energies can really sap your strength, health and vitality. Here’s where they come from:

  •  Wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, e-readers, mp3 players, wi-fi transmitters)
  • Overhead power lines, transformers
  • Laptop computers and monitors
  • Electric motors and appliances
  • Even the electric wires inside your walls!

I remember years ago, reading an article about a young boy who lived right beside a huge transformer station. He got leukemia. The article went on to cite statistics about the greater risk of being diagnosed with leukemia, if living near high-voltage overhead power lines.

Around that time, I read another article about a woman that always felt ill when she sat in a certain place in her home – only in that certain place. Turns out that right where she liked to sit, the floor had electric heating hidden inside. And that’s what made her feel ill while sitting there.

Two proven facts:

  1. Sensitivity to EMFs is on the rise.
  2. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered.

SEE the Dangers of Exposure to EMFs…

The health-disturbing effects of cell phones are very controversial and have been all over the news. There are so many things in our world that science cannot measure, yet there IS a way to see how a cell phone affects your strength – indicating its adverse effects.

Some ninth grade girls in Denmark noticed that if they slept with their mobile phones near their heads at night, they often had difficulty concentrating at school the next day. So to test the effect of their phone’s radiation, the girls designed this experiment to show what it would do to sprouting seeds.

Take a look at the image below.
The left image shows seeds that sprouted quite nicely. They were taken away from all EMFs. And the seeds on the right? They were exposed to EMFs similar to an ordinary cell phone. (Photo courtesy of Kim Horsevad, teacher at Hjallerup Skole in Denmark)

Just imagine what a cell phone does to your body!

Neutralize and Harmonize EMFs

To Renew Your Energy Flow

  • Enables restful sleep – reduces fatigue
  • Helps maintain alertness increases energy levels
  • Promotes emotional stability

Blushield advanced EMF protection, uses a proprietary microprocessor to generate a multi-wave output of natural wide-spectrum, bio-compatible frequencies that your body uses to maintain health, emotional balance and mental clarity.

I know that’s a proverbial mouthful, but this technology can really put the spring back into your step.

It’s very simple. When you plug-in or switch on a Blushield device, it emits a symphony of frequencies in the range of human responses. Your body then responds positively to the Blushield frequencies, rather than negatively to EMFs (phone, smart meter or Wi-Fi). This is called a sympathetic resonance.

As a tuning fork resonates with another close to it,
Blushield frequencies resonate with your body.

Blushield technology works at the cellular level, reducing biological and psychological stress of EMF exposure. It supports your health and vitality (your pets and plants too), amidst vast wireless radiation.

The development of this gentle and highly effective technology took almost 25 years and over 2 million dollars to refine into its present form and function.

Life Enthusiast brings you 3 types of Blushield protection to suit your needs:

Tesla Portable

Slip this portable EMF protection device into your pocket or purse to surround yourself with a healthy, intelligent field of coherent information, that helps you maintain your physical health and emotional balance when living, working or traveling in high EMF environments.

Especially recommended for:

  • Users of Wi-Fi (cell phones, gamers and computer users)
  • Great for travel (cars, boats, planes and trains)
  • Reduces travel sickness and fatigue
  • Enables restful sleep while traveling.

For exposure to smart meters, we recommend either the Tesla Plug-in or Tesla Large Area (see them below).

Tesla Plug-in

For Your Home or Work Place

Especially recommended for:

  • Homes, apartments, offices, spas, restaurants, yoga and meditation studios, and school classrooms
  • Enables restful sleep
  • Helps maintain alertness increases energy.

Tesla Large Area

Most Powerful EMF Protection

Especially recommended for:

  • High strength field effect for protection from cell towers, smart meters and 4G signals
  • Large homes, apartment buildings, offices, spas, restaurants, yoga and meditation studios and school classrooms where EMFs are high
  • Covers approximately 590’/180m diameter area
  • Enables restful sleep – reduces fatigue
  • Helps maintain alertness increases energy levels
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Very little or no detox effect at all.

Please be aware that Blushield technology is subtle and gentle. Although many people claim they feel better immediately, the benefits are more often cumulative and felt over time.

User Review ~ WOW.

“Being electro-sensitive I have tried various products and for me, these just don’t work. After trying out the Blushield Portable I am sending another device back from where I purchased it from.

With the Blushield Portable I feel the frequency bundles produced every 30 seconds. Unfortunately I am one of these people that have physical concerns from EMF pollution. What I feel is a much stronger sense of connectedness to myself, others and surroundings. I am more relaxed and function much better. Another description includes more at peace.

The bottom line for me is that if a device is not producing a natural frequency bundle, including various Schumann resonances, then there is no point for me to buy the product. Blushield devices appear much more beneficial than most anything I have tried.

My suggestion is to not waste time and money, and go with the Blushield product line. EMF pollution and health effects are one of the most under reported health issues in America today. Many people are effected by EMF smog and have no idea.”

~ Lyn Ingham (615)939-2591 [email protected]

Stop Losing Your Energy and Health to Electrosmog with Blushield EMF Protection

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela