Life Enthusiast Newsletter 103

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Erase Bad Memories that are Stored in Your Body…

Ying Yang TreeDear Reader,

Water has the ability to store memories – good and bad – in how it arranges itself into liquid crystals. This unique ability is serving as nature’s universal storage device. It is the memory card for your emotions, your fears and your joy, your hopes and your regrets.

Once you realize that your emotional memories are stored in the water in your soft tissues, a world of possibilities opens up. You can do so much more than just relieve your pain.

Pain is a signal, it is telling us that the natural flow of energy is blocked. When you restore good energy flow, your body can restore normal function. If you are experiencing pain, or even if you are feeling sluggish or tired, you are showing signs of blocked energy flow. We can help you with that!

Whatever the cause of your pain or fatigue, it can be harmonized away …

ADR-4ADR-4 Restores Harmony

And it only takes a couple minutes!

1. Apply Directly to Your Body
It will dissolve energy flow blockages to reduce pain and improve mobility.

2. Place it Under Food or Drinks
It will improve the taste and health-giving properties of all water-rich things. This effect will work with any beverage and food, and even personal care item, because they contain water (as does your body).

Made with proprietary internationally recognized technology, the ADR-4 harmonizes water-molecule relationships, balancing energy in your body and affecting the structure of all items containing water.

Positive impacts will show in your health.

Man at DeskADR-4 ~ Pain Relief

I have used the ADR-4 myself, to relieve muscle pain in several ways.

I keep in on my chair while working to relieve (actually prevent) hip pain and to release tense muscles in my back. It even helped heal a pulled muscle that I caused by shoveling too much snow.

One client in particular was astounded that this simple device eliminated his stiffness upon rising. All he did was sleep with it near his lower back, and woke up feeling decades younger – I kid you not. Called me to tell me how he did not need to take two minutes of stretching and loosening up when he first got out of bed.

The ADR-4 works to restore energy flow to areas that have been blocked, and supports restoration of normal function.

Better than pain killers – you stop hurting without putting toxins in your liver.

Re-organize Water Molecules to their Intended Patterns

The ADR-4 Consists of a magnetic disc embedded in a ceramic casing covered with protective plastic. Inside, the main elements create resonance effects that change the structural arrangement of water molecules. The resulting restructured and energized water molecules deliver pure energies that help build and support living organisms.

Food & Beverage Energizer & Harmonizer

Taste food like your never did before.

  • WineImprove the taste of your food and beverages (salads, soups, drinks and even meat).
  • Use the ADR 4 to turn cheap wine into top grade ambrosia.
  • First Aid for microwaved food – take it with you to eat out and travel.

Regular consumption of products Energized with the ADR-4 enhances proper nutrient absorption and toxin elimination, improving and increasing your vitality.

Energize and Harmonize Your Body, Food and Drinks

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela