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Get through allergy season – Naturally!

Dear Reader,

Allergy Season AheadDo you have a seasonal head full of allergies?
Runny nose, sneezing, sniffling and itchy, red eyes?

When plants are trying to reproduce and the air is full of pollen, it should be a happy time of rebirth and rejuvenation. But does this keep you indoors, feeling snotty and sluggish?

Does spring mean misery, because of allergies?

I used to get unbelievable allergies – wanted to scratch my eyes out. My doctor offered Sudafed and I asked if that would cure me. “No.” he said, “You will be taking this for the rest of your life.” But he was wrong!

For many, seasonal allergies are as bad as the pharmaceuticals that can relieve them.

Conventional Drugs Only Mask Allergies

Man with Mask for AllergiesTaking over-the-counter or prescription drugs is merely a Band-aid for the immediate problem, and does nothing to address the underlying causes of your allergies.

These drugs worsen your long term health by increasing your toxic load and draining your immune system. They are costly and people often become dependent on them, suffering numerous side effects.

While it may be true that pharmaceutical drugs for allergies pack more punch, please remember that the safety of long-term use has not been studied.

We can’t reduce the allergens outside, but we can eliminate – or at least substantially limit – the drugs you need to survive your symptoms.

“The biggest trend we see in allergies isn’t technology and it isn’t medicine – it’s the tendency to go for a more natural treatment.” ~ Brunilda Nazario, MD, medical editor at WebMD


Reduce or Eliminate Allergic Reactions

And Become Less Reactive Too!

This combination of herbs is helpful for many types of air borne allergies, from pets (cat and dog dander) pollen and ragweed, to many kinds of environmental pollution (smog or highway emissions).

Use Allergy-Ease on a regular basis and you become less reactive to allergens. Its helped people tolerate everyday irritants.

Neutralize Acid Toxins that Cause Sensitivity

When airborne allergens send you into bouts of sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes, a common cause is the level of acids in your body. When they exceed a certain amount, you become over acidic and an allergenic response often results.

Allergy-Ease works by neutralizing these acid toxins in your system that cause a hyper-sensitivity to external allergens – that otherwise should not not cause you grief. Your body naturally ceases reacting to external agents, that are normally not an allergenic substance.

Other Tips for Eliminating Allergies

DandelionThe following tips may reduce your need for treatment when you’re exposed to allergens.

Use a daily saline nasal rinse, to wash away irritants. In one study, participants who rinsed their sinuses twice a day for three to six weeks reported less nasal congestion than those who didn’t.

Reduce your intake of meat and dairy products. A two-year study of 334 adults with hay fever, and 1,336 without hay fever, found those who ate the most meat and dairy products were nearly three times as likely to have hay fever as those who ate the least.

You probably already know to leave windows closed and avoid being outside, especially on windy, sunny, pollen-infested days. Remember to shower and change your clothes when you get home.

Allergic Runny Nose and Sneezing Fits Stop Here!

Earth Friend Herb Co.

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela