Life Enthusiast Newsletter 110

Energized Water Hydrates like No Other

Dear Reader,

Whatever water quality you’re drinking right now, we have two inexpensive and easy-to-use Energy Devices to change the water in your cup (or jug) to its original mountain-fresh state that can hydrate you better than no other water!

And it Tastes Delicious!

No kidding!
We call it Energized Water and it has the ability to pass easily into your cells, taking nutrients in and pushing toxins out.

We know how important that is – absolutely essential to regain and maintain your good health.

Superior Hydration… straight from your cup!

For most of us, before water gets into our cup, it’s processed to be safe for drinking. But these processes kill the life-enhancing, highly moisturizing properties the water had when it was still in a high mountain stream.

Tap water has a difficult time getting inside your cells, so you need to drink more of it, to get the same hydration. And if your water is treated with chemicals to kill bacteria, that water will also kill the healthy bacteria in your gut. Please consider taking a Probiotic Supplement to bring your gut’s healthy bacteria back into balance. Your immune system will thank you by fighting off flu season!

Dr Masaru Emoto has taken photos of water molecules, before and after exposing them to positive words (prayer) and music. Take a look at his website and you might be amazed at the intelligence of water!

Mountain-fresh spring water molecules look like pretty snow flakes – they still have their original super-moisturizing properties, to easily get right into the cells of your body, pets and plants.

For Superior Hydration…

Our Energy Devices have the ability to change water molecules back to their original pure form, just as Dr. Emoto’s images illustrate.

Prill Beads and Crystal Pearls

Together, this is the

Precious Prills Special

Re-create Mountain-fresh Spring Water
In a jug or straight in your cup!

Swish it around your mouth – it feels full-bodied, smooth, round and pure.

You will Love the Taste!

Put Energized Water in your pets’ bowl and see the difference in their health and happy behavior.

Use Energized Water in a vase of cut flowers and watch them stay beautiful for weeks.

I use Energized Water on my plants and never use fertilizer. All my friends are amazed at my “green thumb”.

Simply Delicious, Inexpensive AND Very Simple

It’s easy to make your own Energized Water. All you do is place the Energy Devices in your jug or cup. Crystal Pearls act instantly and Precious Prills will take up to 24 hours to Energize your water.

At home, I put both Prills and Pearls into my glass water jug, pour off the Energized Water into my cup as needed, and re-fill the jug from our filtered water. When I travel, I use the Crystal Pearls in my water bottle. That way I can stay properly hydrated – where ever I go.

For your convenience, we also have many Pre-Energized Water Products you to choose from.

In Summary…
Energized Water has its molecules returned to their original pure, super-moisturizing state. This allows maximum moisture absorption into your cells, your pets and plants.

You need never buy bottled water again…

Prills Special

Precious Prills Special

Make Water that Hydrates and Tastes
like Fresh Mountain Spring Water

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela