Life Enthusiast Newsletter 118

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Old Habits, New HabitsDear Reader,

With all our talk about supplements, Antioxidants and Enzymes, we feel a bit repetitive.

But… are you taking them yet?
If you take no other supplements, this will be the Newsletter to inspire you.

At Life Enthusiast, we go on and on about ways to improve your health – because that’s our mission in life!

Restoring Your Vitality…

Daily Antioxidant Enzyme

The basic, and yet the most important ingredients to regain and maintain your zest for life.

A simple yet effective formula that combines:


  1. Astaxanthin
  2. Ginko Biloba Extract
  3. Grape Seed Pitt Extract
  4. Resveratrol

Systemic Enzymes

  1. Prolease
  2. Amylase
  3. Lipase
  4. Catalase

Plus a trace mineral blend including Zeolite – natural detoxifier.

Impressive Benefits…

  • On Top of the WorldReduce Inflammation and Pain
    Greater ability to exercise and speed up recovery times, increases metabolism (burns fat).
  • Cardiovascular Health
    Enhance circulation to prevent and dissolve blood clots (stroke), improve cholesterol, reduce oxidative stress and blood pressure.
  • Anti-Aging for Your Eyes
    Improve vision and relieves eye fatigue (for heavy computer users).
  • Anti-Aging for Your Skin
    Reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, lighten age spots.
  • Physical Performance and Muscle Function
    Boost muscle output and endurance, reduces muscle soreness and damage.
  • Digestive Problems
    Relieve gas, bloating and heartburn.
  • Enhanced Immunity
    Fewer colds, flus, infections and allergies.
  • Blood Sugar Issues (diabetes).

Feel Your Optimal Health and Vitality!

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela