Life Enthusiast Newsletter 126

Poor digestion can manifest as fatigue or pain.

Dear Reader,

Woman and SaladWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…

You are what you eat ~ NO!

You are what you digest!

You can have a stellar diet with crazy amounts of nutrients, but if you’re not digesting and absorbing them, they’re doing you no good at all. You MUST digest and absorb the food you eat. And this is far more difficult with age, because we produce fewer enzymes.

Many people will not feel the effects of poor digestion as you might expect, with heartburn, gas and bloating. Surprisingly, many people with impaired digestion will feel it as fatigue and pain. It all depends on your own personal weakness.

Picture this…Wetlands
Over time, the water level in an old pond will slowly drain away, just like the reserves of youth in your body. When the level of water in the old pond drops, random things will poke-up from the bottom, just like discomforts or disease will surface in your aging body. Which particular discomfort or disease comes to the surface all depends on your individual weak tendencies.

The Truth…
IF your digestive system is compromised, it won’t be long before your general health fails.

The Solution…

Digest-Ease LGDigest-Ease LG

Get ALL the benefits from the nutrients you eat.

Improve your nutrient digestion and absorption.

Tune-up and strengthen your entire digestive tract with this herbal tincture – including your liver, gall bladder (including gall stones) and spleen.

Good for stomach aches, heartburn, gas, bloating and overall digestive health – both chronic and acute.

This can ultimately be the difference between living well, and barely hanging on.

Digest-Ease LG contains a combination of herbs that have been used for ages for the entire digestive tract. It also helps liver and gall bladder problems where there is general metabolic or tissue weakness and where there is scanty or congested bile.

Tips for Good Digestion

Vegetable BasketEnsure your digestive system stays in top shape!

  1. Eat plenty of raw vegetables (some fruit too)
  2. Stay hydrated – drink lots of Energized Water
  3. Supplement with Probiotics.

About Earth Friend Herb Co.

Established in 1977 as an exclusive line by Master Medical Herbalist Elijah Free for his own private natural healing practice. It consists of dozens of herbal products, all designed and manufactured for therapeutic clinic use – not just over the counter sales. Many Earth Friend products are not available anywhere else, including Fibro-Ease, which received a patent from the US Government.

Earth Friend Herb Co.

Age Long and Live Well

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela