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Inside and Out ~ Look and Feel Younger and Healthier

Dear Reader,

SuperGirlRemember when you were young and felt like you could do anything?

Take on the world just like the little girl pictured here?

Want to feel like that again?

You can!
When you balance your calcium and magnesium, all sorts of discomforts will disappear – everything from aches and pains (increase your athletic performance!) to balancing your blood sugar, and increasing the performance of your brain.

Magnesium soothes your nervous system, allowing deeper rest.

You will sleep better, and all your stresses will melt away.

Are You Deficient in Magnesium?

Sadly, most everyone is.

Hardly anyone gets enough magnesium anymore, because it’s practically impossible to obtain from food sources. Our soils have been seriously depleted of magnesium (and most other nutrients!) by the use of chemical fertilizers and modern farming practices. Our food today contains only about 30% of the minerals it did 100 years ago.

In our fast-paced society, perhaps the most noticeable benefit of Magnesium supplementation is that it fires up the “rest and digest” side of your nervous system, allowing lower blood pressure, better digestion and sleep too. You feel calm and centered.

THE solution to restore a more youthful YOU…

Sea ReliefSea Relief

By providing fast relief from magnesium deficiency, you can expect:

  • Improve sleep – decrease fatigue
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain discomfort
  • Enhanced performance with physical activity
  • Relax nerves, overcome stress and improve bad moods
  • Improve heart function
  • Increase kidney health
  • Support healthy blood pressure
  • Improve bone health
  • Decreased facial wrinkles
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Enhanced concentration and short term memory
  • Reduction in headaches and migraines
  • Relief from clinical signs of diseases such as asthma, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and some autoimmune diseases (see more below).

Magnesium is the most important mineral your body requires for cellular health.

And remember, most of us are deficient.

It’s essential for every major process in your body, such as digestion, protein synthesis, cellular energy production and glucose metabolism.

Also essential for the production of several amino acids that are critical for nearly every chemical reaction in your body. Without these chemical reactions and processes taking place efficiently, your body would be in big trouble.

What Depletes Your Magnesium?

Our modern lifestyle stresses (emotional and environmental) deplete magnesium reserves far more rapidly than was previously realized.

No SmokingNo AlcoholThe following is a list of magnesium depletors – the more dominant they are in your life, the more magnesium you need to supplement.

AlcoholHigh sodium diet
Pain killersLow thyroid
CoffeeMedical drugs (wide range)
Cola-type sodasMental stress
DiureticsPhysical stress
High calcium dietSugar
High carbohydrate dietTobacco
High perspirationEnvironment (air, soil, water)
  • Aluminum (in food & drink containers, baking powder, antiperspirants) blocks many normal magnesium functions.
  • Unfortunately, a staple of our society’s diet is white flour, and 85% of its magnesium has been removed.

Calcium & Magnesium ~ Must be Balanced

Since calcium and magnesium depend on each other to be assimilated into your body, they should be taken together. Take them alone only to correct an imbalance.

Too much calcium will block magnesium absorption, resulting in many severe health conditions (see them further down).

Calcium excites nerves – magnesium calms them down.

Calcium makes muscles contract – magnesium enables them to relax.

You experience this with every heart beat and breath.

Deadly MilkA Problem for Milk Drinkers…

Milk (cow’s milk – intended for cows) has the ratio of 8 calcium to 1 magnesium, causing a problem for milk drinkers.

America has the highest rate of milk consumption and calcium supplementation, yet the highest occurrence of osteoporosis (calcium loss) in the Western world.

Quite evident from the statistics,
here’s a few facts about high-calcium intake:

  • Taking more calcium will not fix a calcium deficiency
  • Taking more calcium can cause a magnesium deficiency
  • Taking more magnesium will fix a calcium deficiency, and fix a magnesium deficiency too.

When your dietary intake of calcium is too high and magnesium is too low (this is everyone eating the Standard American Diet), calcium is not properly used by your body. Over 10-30 years, the constant supply of un-used calcium ends up deposited in your soft tissues (joints) and hardens, or in urine causing kidney stones.

This calcification can cause serious degenerative diseases.

Calcium deposits…

  • In your joints = arthritis
  • In your blood vessels = hardening of the arteries
  • In your heart = heart disease
  • In your brain = senility.

Almost all of the soft tissues in your body are subject to calcification, including your glands.

Sea Relief = Calcification Removal

The principal intention of Sea-Relief is to remove accumulated calcium (calcification) from your tissues. This also restores your cellular pH to optimum..

Results usually occur in six weeks to six months, showing up as less discomfort and greater flexibility of your joints and muscles. It’s most important to stay properly hydrated, to speed the disposal of excess calcium. Take a look at all our Energized Water products for the best hydration.

Sea Relief = Superior Bioavailability

Sea-Relief is a unique, high magnesium bicarbonate supplement, providing much greater potency (about 50% bioavailable) than most other forms of magnesium (less than 10%).

Magnesium bicarbonate exists naturally in a few pristine, mountain water sources at about 500 ppm. Sea Relief has a concentration of about 50,000 ppm – more than 100 times the amount of Magnesium Bicarbonate as any other natural source or magnesium bicarbonate water.

Effects of Magnesium Deficiency

There is a documented epidemic of magnesium deficiency in America that is causing a wide range of health problems.

Symptoms and Conditions that Benefit from Magnesium Supplementation:

Anorexia and BulimiaHypoglycemia
AsthmaKidney Disease
Attention Deficit DisorderMigraine Headaches
Blood ClotsMoodiness
Bowel DiseasesMuscle Aches, Pains & Cramps
CancerNerve Problems
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeOsteoporosis
CystitisPanic Attacks
Depression, AnxietyPremenstrual Syndrome
DetoxificationRaynaud’s Syndrome
DiabetesRestless Leg Syndrome
FibromyalgiaSleep Disorders
Gynecological ProblemsStroke
Heart DiseaseTooth Decay (Whitens Too)
High Blood Pressure

This isn’t even the complete list!
Eighty percent (or more) of our population is deficient in magnesium, and 60% are experiencing illness caused by this deficit.

Restore your Calcium and Magnesium balance and feel relief from muscle and joint pain, and restore normal pH balance. Promote healing.

Sea Relief LabelSea Relief

Promote Healing

Look and Feel
Younger and Healthier

Author: Ann-Louise Evanoff with Martin Pytela