Lecithin is a vital nutrient and essential fatty acid complex found in every living cell, and scant in processed food diets. Body production of lecithin declines with age.

Freshness and purity are paramount to lecithin performing according to expectation. We use the purest and freshest available, shipped directly from the facility that produces this unique lecithin. It is higher in the nutrient phosphatidyl ethanolamine than egg lecithin. Highest concentrations of lecithin are found in the brain and nervous system (controlling every organ and function), the blood (to keep cholesterol liquefied), the liver (the center of your body’s enzyme system), your reproductive system, your immune system and your digestive system.

Lecithin is valuable for

  • Optimum assimilation of enzymes and the fat-soluble nutrients like A, E, D & K plus Coenzyme Q10
  • Absorption of enzymatic pigments like carotene, chlorophyll
  • Transport anthocyanidins (dark purple/blue pycnogenol-like phytonutrients contributory to visual purple, the chemical of night vision).
  • Primary role in the lymphatic system, intestinal and colon health and cleansing.
  • Dissolves cholesterol.
  • Enhances I.Q., memory and creativity.
  • Highly regarded sexual tonic for men and women. Enhances drive, semen volume, lubrication, control, pleasure, vividness and recovery.
  • For skin, complexion and sometimes restores hair growth and thickens hair with less falling out.
  • Assists mobilization of undesirable body fat (including cellulite) to be consumed as energy.
  • Benefits for all cells, organs and systems. Lecithin helps muscles rid themselves of the metabolic toxin lactic acid which builds-up during strenuous exercise, causing muscle pain.
  • Lecithin is the body’s super-lubricant, helping everything to work smoother, especially notable for the larger joints, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
  • Dissolves away the cholesterol shield that hides viruses from the immune system, allowing recognition, targeting and destruction of the invader.
  • Immune system essential for cell membrane fluidization (allowing the cell membrane to stay flexible and youthful) helping each cell resist viral invaders. The more flexible the membrane, the tougher it is for viruses to invade the cell.
  • An ion transporter integral for immune system communication and intercellular communication in all organs (helps coordinate cellular teamwork within organs).
Author: Life Enthusiast