Holistic Approach To Health

We, the holistic & functional medicine practitioners focus on empowering consumers through education.  We provide information about health, rejuvenation and longevity which we can attain through non-invasive and health supporting methods. Our focus is on strategic long term solutions, searching for cause of symptoms and offering means to replace illness with wellness is the goal.

Modern Industry Is Failing Us

There is a large scale social experiment unfolding (and failing) in front of our eyes.  They repeat the same thing over and over again and for some reason they expect different results. Industrial food production and distribution systems together with allopathic nutritionists and dietitians are feeding people “nutritious” food with disastrous results.

Rising levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer should be strong enough evidence to confirm that the industrialized society is not serving people well. The pharmaceutical and medical industry as been promising to deliver a cure for these ailments, and failing.  It is providing much more profitable “treatment” instead, which relies on suppressing symptoms instead of fixing the problem which caused the symptoms.

The War On Disease

Many billions of dollars are raised for the war on cancer. By appealing to the caring friends and family of the victims of these illnesses, they can raise even more money. There has been a war on cancer and autoimmune conditions for decades with very little to show for it. War on anything is the wrong way to go about it.

The scientific method defines a theory as proven when specific results can be attained by repeating certain specific steps. People are not going to be healthy by doing the same thing which made them unhealthy in the first place.  Doing what is failing over and over again and expecting it will somehow miraculously work is defining insane.

How Healthy Are You?

Many people believe they eat healthy, when in reality they don’t.  People are not being taught accurate information on health.  Some people believe commercial canned soup is healthy.  Some think that drinking homogenized and pasteurized milk is healthy, or that fortified sugary breakfast cereal is healthy.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many doctors tell their patients that food has nothing to do with their health.  Countless people who are diabetic are eating candy bars and drinking soda.  People with autoimmune issues are eating foods that cause inflammation because they are being told by their dietitian to eat things high in sugar, which contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

The average person get 3-4 colds per year (that doesn’t even include the flu) and we think this is normal.  It is not normal.  A healthy body and healthy immune system hardly ever gets sick, and if they do get sick the symptoms are usually quite mild.

What would you do to go through an entire year without having a cold or flu?

Holistic Options Don’t Profit The Industry

Natural healing methods work and are well-known.  Modern medicine demonizes these well-known and effective treatments because they aren’t as profitable.  This means they receive little funding, and little recognition.

The good news is there are now many mainstream health practitioners waking up to the fact that emergency room medicine is completely unsuitable to cure or prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and hormonal disorders.

We at Life Enthusiast Co-op gather and present information and provide effective products that bypass the financial interests of large corporations which profit from people being ill.  Instead of just looking at profit, we focus on viable, long term results.

We offer the tools that empower the one and only person that will look after your best health interests, which is you.

Author: Martin Pytela