Launching Our New Website

Getting from here to there always involves some effort, and keeping things in balance can be a challenge. Getting to the other side feels good. Today we launched the Life Enthusiast website upgrade that is bringing us into the mobile-device friendly world. Our data shows that about a third of our visitors are using a smartphone or a tablet. From this day forward it will be a lot easier. It started out quite innocently 18 months ago by me asking the programming team about making the website mobile-friendly. It turned into a full restructuring of the site and how we present ourselves to you.

There is a lot more video, with the Products and Brands well under way, and individual product instructions on the way. Our pricing policy has changed as well. We now offer free shipping on US orders (flat rate below the cut-off of $150) and discounts on multiple item orders. And we offer special discounts to health professionals. Most of all, our new site is much more interactive. Ask your questions, and add your comments here in the blog lets engage in a conversation so that other visitors can benefit. If you have a question or a comment that you think may be too silly, there probably are several thousand people having that very same thought.

I want to acknowledge the contribution of our design team from LoudNoises and programming team from Web4Pro. They contributed their time and talent to make it what it is. If you have any praise, direct it at them. If you have any complaints, direct them at me. We are in the process of updating our e-mail messages, so please don’t be surprised if some links are not working as they should. Please point out any problems as you find them it will be immensely helpful to have your feedback. And if there is something you like, please do let us know.

Author: Martin Pytela