The Power of Intravenous Therapy in Oral Delivery

The QuickSilver Delivery System on Liposomal products sets them apart from other companies and ensures a superior product – superior to other basic Liposomal technology, with smaller and more stable, single-layer spheres, made from the highest quality ingredients available.

These Liposomes are made of phospholipids (the basic building blocks of cell membranes) and encapsulate a healthy, beneficial nutrient that begins absorbing immediately in your mouth for high absorption, bypassing digestion that normally will degrade or limit the nutrient’s properties.

Liposomes are small enough to pass between cells and enter your bloodstream directly, guaranteeing optimal bioavailability. The deposited nutrients enhance circulation of the therapeutic compounds.

The phospholipids fuse with, and feed your cell membranes. This ensures proper cellular membrane function, for efficient nutrient absorption and toxic waste elimination.

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Phospholipid therapy (both inject able and oral) has a long and solid clinical history for repair and maintenance of liver functions, circulatory and neurological health.

All Liposomes are not created equal – most use a low grade phospholipid, instead of high-phosphatidylcholine phospholipid mixes necessary for a good liposome.

QuickSilver Scientific uses the same high-tech equipment, rigorous processes, and tight particle size controls used by pharmaceutical companies.

Look for the clear difference of QuickSilver Delivery Systems®.

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