Little-known ORMUS Nano Minerals

The term ORMUS comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs), an attempt to describe the nature of this unusual phenomenon. ORMUS is the material alchemists have sought the magic elixir of longevity. ORMUS Nano Minerals are one of the coolest, most powerful ingredients we offer at Life Enthusiast. The purpose of ingesting ORMUS Nano Minerals is to nourish your body, mind and soul for healing and enlightenment. By increasing the subtle, natural energy of life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, you can increase your physical and spiritual health.

Believed to help cell to cell communication, ORMUS Nano Minerals can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, slow or halt aging, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body. ORMUS Nano Minerals allow the expression of more spiritual intelligence through your body and mind, enabling a more integrated, holistic state of functioning. In ancient times this Food of the Gods was the key to growing in body, mind and spirit, with compassion, love and light. ORMUS and Nano Mineral materials are a link between our material world and the non-material worlds, and are easily imprinted with the energy of thought forms.

Before ingesting, you should use meditation, prayer, or other loving methods to encode your intentions into the medium. You may also use radionic programming techniques, including writing words on paper that you set your product upon. Life Enthusiast brings you selected ORMUS or Nano Mineral products of finest quality. Each one of them varies slightly from the others. It is recommend you try several, in order to decide which works best for you. These products have provided many people with general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement. Also known as manna or white gold, these trace minerals have incredibly powerful health benefits that can change the way it feels to be inside your body.

I need to mention David Hudson, a pioneer of the ORMUS movement, who spent a great deal of time and money investigating these compounds, spawning a whole movement and community that is growing bigger every year. This year there was even a conference about it! ORMUS Nano Minerals are essentially sub-atomic minerals in a class unto themselves. Certain elements from the trans-platinum group of elements can exist both as a metal, and in a state that is non-metallic and closer to crystalline or ceramic. In this form, elements like gold, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, rhodium and palladium are not detectable by standard chemical analysis, are inert and superconductive at room temperature.

Carbon is the example I give to everyone when I explain this new concept. Carbon in pure form can exist as either charcoal or diamonds the difference being its physical structure. In each of these forms carbon looks and behaves very differently. Gold can also exist in a form other than its gold-colored metallic form. It can also exist in a crystalline form, looking like clear glass. If you saw gold in this form you probably would not differentiate it from beach sand. ORMUS Nano Minerals are normally extracted from sea water or volcanic spring water. In this form they appear to standard chemical analysis to be calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate.

Yet if you perform a few alchemical steps, these minerals will yield precious metals. ORMUS material is present in corals, oyster shells and pearls. People attribute the healthy properties of coral calcium to the mineral. We have a different theory that you just might be able to guess by now ORMUS conducts life force. When you have more ORMUS, your cellular terrain is in better shape. When Kevin Trudeau and Robert Barefoot promoted coral calcium they did not know anything about nano minerals. They thought it was the alkalizing power of calcium, but I think it it is the ORMUS minerals that give it healing power.

Author: Life Enthusiast