Letter About Codex

Peaceful and Healthy World Is Possible!

Dear Fellow Citizens, Dear Friends!

For the second time in its history, the human race finds itself at the crossroads over an issue that affects the life of every single human being of this generation and of all future generations. 500 years ago the human race had the opportunity to free itself from spiritual darkness. Our forefathers grasped this opportunity, and in so doing brought the Middle Ages to an end. Our generation, us, the people living in the here and now, have the chance to liberate the second great sphere of human existence – our bodies – from dependency on interest groups which have built up an entire industry on the maintenance of endemic diseases. We now have the opportunity to free mankind for all time from these endemic public health scourges, which currently claim the lives of millions of people. By so doing our generation can bring to an end the ‘middle ages of medicine’.

500 years ago, millions of peasants and simple folk could be distinguished from their domestic animals only by their upright gait. They could not read or write, and as a result they were debarred from participating in life as we know it today. But suddenly millions of ordinary people were given the opportunity to learn to read and write: the translation of the bible from incomprehensible Latin into vernacular languages, in the aftermath of the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg, had made this possible. And they seized their opportunity. It was no coincidence that the human race fell into the darkness of the Middle Ages after the fall of the flourishing cultures of Greece and Rome 2,000 years ago. It was in the interests of the ruling princes and despots of the day. They knew that knowledge is power, and so they went to great lengths to keep their underlings in the spiritual darkness of the Middle Ages.

They knew that once people learned to read and write they would demand their right to a life worthy of human beings. It comes as no surprise, then, that the first printers who dared to print books in the vernacular had their presses destroyed by their despotic rulers. But nothing could suppress the human urge to read and write and so free themselves from the darkness of the Middle Ages. With the help of bibles translated into the vernacular and other books, they learnt to read and write by candlelight in their hovels. By the end of the 16th century, the rate of illiteracy in Europe had fallen from 80% to 20%. And all this was without any form of state program to educate the people. Quite to the contrary, it happened in the teeth of bitter opposition from the powers of the day. Today, 500 years later, the human race is on the brink of a second great liberation. This time it is not the liberation of the mind that is at stake but the liberation of knowledge about our own bodies.

Today it has become clear that people worldwide are being subjected to an artificial ‘medical middle ages’ by the pharmaceutical industry, and with just a single goal: to exploit our ignorance of our bodies to make billions from these endemic public health scourges. The fight to liberate the human race from the worldwide yoke of these interest groups rests on three main pillars: Firstly, understanding how our bodies work. Secondly, the awareness that disease comes about not in bodily organs but at the level of the billions of cells making up our bodies. And finally, the realization that, with the help of certain natural substances, above all vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, the cell’s functions can be optimized, thus providing effective prevention against disease. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, it is clear that the public health scourges of today, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic circulatory disorders, cardiac arrhythmia and many other endemic diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and so on, will be largely unknown to future generations.

The medical and scientific knowledge needed to eradicate these diseases is now available. The natural substances that millions of people could use to prevent and eradicate these diseases are also available today all over the world, and can be of immediate benefit to millions of people. The force fighting to prevent the liberation of humanity from these endemic diseases is the pharmaceutical industry, an investment industry, which was artificially created at the start of the 20th century. The development of this industry was founded on a tooth-and-nail struggle to suppress vitamins and other effective natural remedies. In contrast to the artificially developed pharmaceutical molecules, these natural substances cannot be patented, are not profitable, and as such are not suitable for speculation. The pharmaceutical industry’s market place is the human body, but only as long as it is sick.

For this industry, the prevention of endemic diseases and treatment of their causes is bad for business. And worst of all for it are scientific findings leading to the eradication of whole diseases. And it is precisely this that the scientific foundations laid by Cellular Medicine make possible: the understanding that endemic diseases can be prevented by providing the body’s cells with the biological fuel they need in the form of vitamins and other vital cellular nutrients. Millions of people are waking up and realizing that the business goal of the pharmaceutical industry is not to provide optimum health care for the population but to increase the share price for a handful of drug company shareholders. Only when we stare this reality in the face can we understand why there is no evidence for any curative effect at all for 80% of the pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed today, which are purely designed to alleviate symptoms.

This marketing strategy is no coincidence. It is the precondition for the continued existence of these endemic diseases, and the basis for the expansion of markets in furtherance of the billion-pound () trade in disease. The pillar of patentability on which the pharmaceutical industry is based has direct and devastating consequences for millions of people. As a rule the only molecules that can be patented are new ones, ones that our bodies cannot recognize because they did not previously exist. Thus it is hardly surprising that pharmaceutical drugs are treated by our bodies as toxins that have to be detoxified by the liver. This detoxification function often places an excessive strain on the body, and this explains why the lethal side effects of pharmaceutical drugs have become the fourth-most common cause of death in the industrialized world, only exceeded by heart attack, stroke and cancer.

This startling figure was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on 15th April 1998. Nothing has changed since then. Quite the opposite, in fact… We, the people of this Earth, must realize that the pharmaceutical sector, which is the largest and most profitable industry on the planet, is founded on fraud and deception. Billions of people are promised the ‘commodity’ good health, but are then delivered pharmaceutical drugs, which seldom have any curative effect at all but do almost always bring about new disease, thus creating new markets for further pharmaceutical drugs. People worldwide are waking up and realizing that, although we have conquered space and invented the Internet, we put up with a situation where our health is put at risk by an industry that is happy to accept the avoidable deaths of millions of people as the cost of its drive for ever-greater profits.

Still more disturbing is the fact that this industry is given a helping hand at every turn by the media and politics. This is the only way to explain the fact that worldwide efforts are currently under way to artificially maintain this market in largely useless and mostly hazardous pharmaceutical drugs by force of law. To this end, effective natural remedies, which can prevent diseases effectively and without side effects, are to be banned. Under pressure from the pharmaceutical lobby, the corruption- and scandal-ridden European Commission has to date put forward three directives with a single common goal: to ban at the last minute the dissemination of knowledge about the possibility of eradicating endemic diseases through natural remedies. Parallel efforts are being made on a worldwide scale: the globally active pharmaceutical cartel is even abusing the United Nations to this end, along with its member organizations the WHO and the FAO (World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization).

From 4th to 8th November 2002 the joint WHO/FAO Codex Commission, which has been elected by nobody, is meeting in Berlin, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, with the aim of forcing through a worldwide ban on claims about natural remedies which would apply to all UN member states, thus being truly global in extent. The pharmaceutical cartel’s unscrupulous Codex plans are far from being a sign of strength on the part of the pharmaceutical Goliath. Quite the opposite, they are a direct reaction to the breakthrough achieved by Cellular Medicine. The pharmaceutical cartel is pitting itself against the interests of the entire human race. Either the pharmaceutical industry’s political lackeys will succeed over the next two years, through legalized violence, intimidation, emergency legislation, the intentional fomenting of international crises and worldwide psycho-terror, in subduing people’s resistance and further cementing the pharmaceutical cartel’s dominion, or the human race will succeed throughout the world in freeing itself from the grip of these barbarous machinations and thus from these endemic diseases, building for itself a new people-oriented healthcare system.

Furthermore, this year the pharmaceutical cartel is under extreme time pressure. Up until 2002 cancer was a certain death sentence. But now we know that this is another endemic disease, which is both preventable and curable through the use of vital cellular nutrients. Thousands of cancer patients are currently finding out for themselves not only that they do not have to die from this disease but that they can make a full recovery from it! Thus the human race is awakening from yet another nightmare: for decades the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in maintaining the status of whole diseases as a certain death sentence by concealing their true causes and boycotting targeted research into side-effect free natural therapies. Millions of cancer patients had to die for one reason and one reason alone: to ensure that the pharmaceutical industry’s billion-pound () trade in cancer would flourish. Millions of fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts and children could still be alive if this trade in disease, the spreading of diseases for business purposes by the pharmaceutical industry, had long since been made a criminal offense.

The sheer dimension of the fraudulent machinations plied by the pharmaceutical industry has only a single parallel in history. 500 years ago millions of people who lived their time on Earth in poverty and misery were promised that they would go to Heaven when they died. However, according to the Medieval Church, to get to Heaven you would have to buy a key that only they possessed. This infamous selling of indulgences on pretenses of providing the key to Heaven was a billion-pound () industry. Millions of simple folk faced an appalling choice: either they could provide their children and families with bread or they could buy their souls a ticket to Heaven. But finally this fraudulent system collapsed. When, in October 1517, a simple monk called Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Schlosskirche in Wittenberg, he brought this entire house of cards, compounded of inhumanity, lust for power and arrogant contempt for humanity, crashing to the ground. Wars followed which left all Europe in ruins.

Both the crushing of the Peasants’ Revolt in 1525 and the Thirty-Year’s War from 1618 to 1648 were attempts by the powers of the time to restore the Middle Ages by force of arms and hurl the human race back into the spiritual night. As we know, this was one clock that could not be put back. Today we are facing fraud of similar dimensions. The sooner we grasp this, the more human lives can be saved, and the quicker new structures can be brought into being that will lead the human race towards a healthcare system that will secure a future fit for people to live in. We must grasp the fact that the groups of investors behind the pharmaceutical industry are the same as those behind the chemical and petrochemical/oil industries. We must understand that, in President Bush, a direct representative of these interest groups has acceded to the world’s political control center, the White House in Washington DC.

It comes as no surprise that in the aftermath of the appalling events of 11th September and the Iraq crisis, political steps are being taken with one principal goal: to prevent the collapse of this trillion-pound house of cards for as long as possible, and if necessary to suppress the burgeoning fury of millions of victims through legislation or by force of arms. Once before in history an event took place that was exploited by the powers of the time to establish a reign of terror. In 1933 the Reichstag burnt down, and the very next day ready-made emergency legislation was taken off the shelf and became law. The foreign press of the time openly claimed that the Reichstag fire was a long-planned part of this seizure of power. The emergency legislation passed in its wake was the foundation of a 12-year reign of terror that left the entire world in ruins. Today we are not facing Nazi terror but terror imposed by global capitalism in order to force through its trillion-pound economic interests. This is the only way to understand the aggressive policies and preparations for war of the oil and pharmaceuticals figurehead George Bush Junior.

The eradication of endemic public health scourges, which is now possible, threatens the existence not only of multi-billion pound pharmaceutical markets, which would be destroyed forever, but also the political survival of the pharmaceutical cartel’s stooges. That is why it is no surprise that the political leaders Bush and Blair are the most aggressive promulgators of war in two of the world’s most important pharmaceutical exporter countries. And now the US Congress committee investigating the attacks of 11th September has also established that the US authorities had been informed about it in advance. “The FBI did not follow the leads”, it laconically states. Accident or conspiracy? That is why, for the 2002 Health Conference on the eve of the pharmaceutical cartel’s Codex Alimentarius meeting, we have chosen the slogan “Make Health – Not War.” We must realize that public health can only be a reality in a world at peace. We must also realize that preventing war and liberating the human race from endemic diseases are intimately and directly related.

However, most important of all is for us to start building a new healthcare system right now, and to ensure that the patients affected and the people themselves participate in its genesis. Every man and every woman, whatever their origin or age, can understand the basic principles of Cellular Medicine and contribute to spreading the word. You, the people in the towns and villages of Germany, Europe and the world, must take over responsibility for building this new healthcare system, one which will, once and for all, be oriented to the health interests of billions of people rather than to the profit motives of a handful of pharmaceutical company shareholders. Just as the despots of the time were unable to turn back the clock 500 years ago, it will not be possible to do so today. We have to assume that the powers that be today will not shrink from plunging the world into crisis and war, or from trampling on human rights and exploiting the situation to check the spread of this knowledge about the possibility of liberating mankind from endemic diseases and bringing about the collapse of the pharmaceutical house of cards.

It is up to all of us now to make sure this does not happen. Our forefathers’ successful struggle against spiritual darkness signaled the end of the Middle Ages and the dawn of the modern era. The message today is equally clear. Every conversation you have with friends and acquaintances in order to pass on the information that these endemic diseases can now be eradicated will save human lives, shorten the dominion of the pharmaceutical cartels and provide the best and most constructive response to the worldwide psycho-terror of its political stooges. I am taking this opportunity to invite you to our Health Conference in Berlin. However, above all I want to appeal to all of you to take responsibility, wherever you live, for contributing to the building of a new healthcare system. The first step on this road is to pass on the information that, with the help of vital cellular nutrients and other natural remedies, the endemic public health scourges of today will be virtually unknown to generations to come.

Do it for yourself, for your children and for your children’s’ children!

Do it now!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Matthias Rath

Author: Life Enthusiast