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Message from Don Nance

Message from Don Nance

Message from Don Nance

Message from Don Nance

Hi Friends 🙂

I have had no less than a thousand people complain about someone else telling them what “they” could or could not handle so far as ingesting the Stone is concerned. If you were “ready” for the Stone then you would already have it. In fact, you already do but you just don’t seem to know it.

I am a star burning close to you. Why don’t you think about having some trust and some patience. I am a loner too. I am only here because I choose to stay here and try to help. Sometimes, many times, I am not allowed to and this frustrates me but I walk away, like I did with the computer, car, TV, phone, and realign my Intent so that staying is workable within the paradigm of this insane civilization. A civilization which depends upon technology instead of sanity. All of the above described items failed… anything made by Man will fail you at some point… unless you make it yourself.

On the Soul level, we are all Masters. Some do not realize that when they have decided to leave that the body will fail. These are many. They come to me and may come to you for help. So help them. But realize that it is the soul which makes each decision. They may consciously think that they want to stay but if unconsciously they have already gone then nothing that you will do will change anything here. You may wish, at this point, to reread the Tablets and the Keys. Something may have changed.

Long ago, the realization came that what I wished was only but a spark in the Ego that manifests Me. I am still but a child. After 47 years of hardship, cancer and many perils I choose to stay and with nothing. I live in a horse trailer. The electricity is a fire trap. The water is not flowing because the drain pipe needs to be excavated because it is broken and is inletting mud, I have no heat save a kerosene, which poisons the air that I breathe, but it keeps the pipes from bursting in winter… I just wear a lot layers of clothing… there is no air conditioning, so in summer this little tin trailer is 105 F when it is 95 F outside.

Most of the equipment I use is homemade. I have very little in the way of actual laboratory equipment. The chlorine fumes from the H2O2 dissolutions last winter nearly killed me. That stuff does major lung damage. I could use a fume hood, some retorts, etc. I still manage to make some of the best Manna on the planet. How? This is what I know how to do. It is my gift. A gift to give back to Humanity. It is what I can do to help.

Given a consciousness from that Humanity which will allow the Possibilities that this all represents, perhaps there is something going on? I don’t waste my time (a gift) trying to transmute metal for profit. I spend my time making and learning to make those elixirs which will heal and enlighten.

Best I can do, Bubba 🙂 Love ~ Don

Author: Don Nance

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