Misleading Headline Proclamations

There are so many extracted or poorly formulated supplements in health food stores now most of them trying to find the one special ingredient to fix everything. They proclaim headlines like these:

  • Vitamin B1 may reduce risk of kidney disease
  • Selenium may protect against bladder cancer
  • Eating nuts may combat metabolic syndrome
  • Hot drinks ease cold symptoms
  • Vitamin D essential for optimal health says American Academy of Dermatology.

This is how I see it, and you probably will too. It really doesn’t matter if Vitamin B1 reduces the risk of kidney disease, because we’ve all known since forever that whole foods are the best nutrition for the body. Nature knows how to feed the body. Bodies instinctively know how to use whole food nutrients, to regain and maintain healthy, youthful performance. Eating whole foods gives you every possible chance at benefiting from the entire array of the naturally synergized parts. I’ve been at this issue for years and I’ve discovered this one sure-fire solution: Whole-foods are the best. Nature knows how to feed the body.

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters because being there for you, demands that I keep in touch with the alternative health scene, so I can provide the cutting-edge answers and insights to your questions when you call for help. Mainstream medical professionals seem to chase after symptoms, or just aspects of the whole problem. The truth is Nature’s intelligent design contains the balance we need to follow. However much we want to eat healthy, its often inconvenient. Let me tell you about a couple whole food products from Exsula Superfoods that can fit easily into your day.?

This is the Superfood people RAVE about. Ultimate nutrition for serious immune challenges and peak performance. THE most complete nutritional dupplement! Exsula Superfoods all begin with high-grade plants grown in well mineralized fields, harvested at the peak of growth. The primary ingredients are isolated, then carefully dehydrated at low-temperatures to preserve most of the life-force potential, keeping enzymes dormant as long as the moisture level remains low. To deliver biologically active products to your body, all Exsula Superfoods ingredients start in season, fresh from the garden or field, or perhaps refrigerated or frozen. Just in case you didnt know, canning and pasteurization kills enzymes, the very life-force of every living food. I have finally come to calling Exsula Superfoods products therapeutic grade to distinguish them from the common variety blends that are readily available.

Tip on Digestion
The smaller the particle, the greater the surface area, which gives your digestive organs a greater chance to extract the nutrients contained within. It is not easy to micronize plant material. Some are light and fluffy, some are oily and sticky. It takes a lot of manufacturing know-how to make a blend that goes together well without overheating it in the milling process. Heat kills the enzymatic activity. So now you have the masterpiece intelligent and inspired design, select ingredients, skillful processing. That’s how a teaspoon of our blends can give you more energy than two tablespoons of another.

Many formulators have cobbled together products that resemble the real thing, but because they never understood the concepts that make a great superfood blend in the first place, these products are consistently one brick short of a load they’re just not quite right. Sort of like Elvis imitators who try to look and sound like the real thing; they have some of the moves, and even the voice inflection, but they cannot deliver the substance. My relationship with Exsula Superfoods goes back a long, long way. Back in 1988 when Jevari Oberon created the concept, he was the first one out of the gate. His first product Excela was the pioneer, the one from which so many other product formulators learned how to combine living components to make a balanced product.

Author: Life Enthusiast