Nettle – Urtica Dioica

Reknowned value for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers due to ability to dissolve uric acid from joints and urinary systems. Used to make soups and teas for people who are exhausted or recuperating. Useful in allergies and hayfever. Traditional uses included hemorrhoids, kidney tonic, blood purifier, expelling worms and mucous, stopping hemorrhages, backache, fever, colds and to restore hair color.

Acetylcholine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, Glucoquinones, Chlorophyll, Carotene, Vitamins; C, B2 & B5, Minerals; Silica, Sulpher, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron & Trace Elements. The powder is standardized to contain 1.6% Silica and a total of approx. 40% minerals.

Armor! Like a beetle has a shell. Like battle tanks and battle ships have armor. Your body needs Armor! Like steel bars reinforcing concrete bunkers – Armor!

Nettle provides activity on three key levels. There are the phytonutrients and their benefits. There are unique antioxidant benefits (one type of armor). And then there are the mineral silicon’s unique structural benefits that build layer after layer, cell by cell over time into Armor!

Nettle’s phytonutrients, including abundant bioflavonoids, produce a list of important benefits for joint mobility, respiratory conditions, circulatory concerns, allergies, expelling parasites, easing backache, reducing colds, restoring hair color, and even relieving hemorrhoids.

The antioxidant effect of Nettle’s Silica is considered by some to be the preeminent antioxidant for your health and longevity.

But obviously, I like its Armor. Silica is a reinforcer of all the structures that give you your shape. – All your shapes! Cell walls, organs, tendons, ligaments and bones – blood vessels – your face and your overall body form. The fact that a potent antioxidant is building into all of these structures is sheer, splendid, magnificent engineering design. Just give your body everything it needs – the potential is astounding.

You are already getting a little silica in your diet, so you will have some shape. But it won’t be your optimum shape as specified in your Creator’s blueprint. For that, you need to pay attention and get more Silica. In fact, we won’t know exactly what your Divinely-inspired blueprint would like for you to look like until you lend it enough extra silica to play with and have extra.

Silica – reinforced structures are the dead – bolt vault doors that repel invaders. Bullies always move fast to softer targets, and I say it is easier to bolt the antioxidant door than entertain the burglar once he has pried his way inside. Cosmetics are sort of like victim therapy for those who forgot to bolt the door.

In regard to aging and sagging, Silica is nutritional antigravity-anti-time. If it came as tiny glow-in-the-dark fluorescent purple pills, via aliens in a flying saucer, how much would you pay? The new Iridesca formula has a 633% increase in Nettle (the finest source of usable Silica) at no additional charge – a total of 247mg of Nettle (equivalent to 3,700mcg of bio-available Silica) – all in Iridesca’s superb synergistic matrix (not coincidentally reinforcing that amount of Silica with a matching amount from all the other Iridesca ingredients). That is the equivalent of giving your Silica a blank check to draft all the help it needs. Armor!

Fingernails and toenails are another form of Armor. Many people obsess over them and spend money on them all out of proportion to other crucial needs (such as nutrition supplements).

But your nails really are important to your health and beauty. At the typically poor dietary nutrition level, nails can have all sorts of problems. They can harbor the foulest bacteria, so keeping them healthy and clean is vital. They can be too thin or too brittle and they can break or split. They can grow too slow, and even come separated from their settings. They can become infected with pus and often host a fungus that makes them thick and primitive looking.

Fascinating as all this might be, fingernails have an even more important role. They are like the “warning lights” on your car’s dash that flash when your oil is too low or your engine is too hot. Their condition can be indicative of deeper and far more important concerns – like shape, structure and health of arterial walls.

Silica-nutrition-reinforced nails will evict fungus, gradually speed up in growth, and become more robust and get tough as stainless steel. When your nails start getting tougher, just remember, they are merely the lights on the dashboard. The really exciting stuff is going on deeper inside every cell and in every system of your entire body. – A structural strategic reserve of on-demand antioxidant power and – Armor!

For the past two years I have been taking extra Nettle. I have concluded that there are yet to be discovered qualities in Nettle, which work synergistically with other nutrients to enhance our mental creative velocity and our ability to manifest those ideas in the physical world. When it comes to the bottom line of survival, it has always been our ability as human beings to adapt and be creative which has proven to be our toughest Armor.

Author: Life Enthusiast