Nutrition for Health

Nourish Your Cellular Terrain

nutrition for healthWe have the inherent ability to make better choices for ourselves, in all aspects of our lives. The energy that we put out into our surroundings directly impacts the energy we receive. What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how well we do. We need to take responsibility for our conditions and experiences in life. We should treat the body like the temple it truly is: own it wholeheartedly. Aspire to develop a sense of awareness, to consciously experience the energy exchanges in your life.

We know that the body naturally strives to be healthy. Given proper, absorbable, life giving nutrition, the body can heal itself, without the aid of dead pharmaceutical poisons: drugs, that mask symptoms of disease. Your cells, with proper nutrition and the Creator’s blueprint, do all the work. An important aspect of nourishment is exercise for your physical body, to maintain a healthy weight and nurture your mind and soul. Exercise should include stretching to maintain & increase all joints’ range of motion, strengthening to stabilize joints, and endurance to increase stamina. You should also reduce repetitive joint use, avoid sports injuries with proper warm-ups, and choose appropriate sports equipment.​

Nourish Your Body


Foods grown naturally in rich volcanic soils are filled with minerals, unlike foods grown in chemical fertilizer accelerated conditions in soils that have been pushed and depleted and stripped of minerals. Our produce no longer contains the levels of minerals that were present mere one hundred years ago. The major minerals we need are calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. We are especially deficient in magnesium, which is required to relax the sympathetic nervous system.

Refined foods have been proven to deplete and diminish our bodies. This holds true also of salt – the processed table salt you use is not filling your needs. Natural salt deficient people suffer from heartburn and other chronic stomach under-function deficiencies. Supplementing with natural crystal salt brine has been very beneficial for the functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system.

Recent rediscoveries of ancient alchemical secrets reveal that platinum group elements can exist in a crystalline, non-metallic form. In this form they are extremely beneficial and it appears that they provide the interface between the non-material consciousness and the material living bodies. These elements known as manna, ormus, white gold, nano-minerals, or mfkzt, appear to be playing a vital role in our well being and our ability to remain healthy.


There are thousands of enzymes that are combined and re-combined in our body every day. The main types are digestive enzymes that help us with breaking down of our food, and systemic enzymes that help us with the metabolic processes throughout our body. Systemic enzymes are very effective at removing scarring and painful soft tissue conditions (fibroids, fibromyalgia). They are also very effective at healing micro injuries caused by over-exercise.

Essential Fatty Acids

The standard western diet is lacking in omega-3 fatty acids. The oils on the grocery store shelves have been stripped of the most important fatty acids (because they quickly go rancid). These fatty acids are involved in most processes in our body, and without them we age faster, do not recover from injuries as well, and suffer from many systemic ailments.


Unless you are eating organic produce grown in strongly mineralized soils, you can no longer get sufficient levels of vitamins from the foods you eat. Supplementation with Superfoods is a must for maintenance of your body, and if you are already sick, you will need to use nutritional supplements to undo the damage.

Essential Amino Acids

Essential Amino Acids are required in every cellular process, in all organs, at all times. Five major reasons that will require you to supplement with free form amino acids are virus infections (herpes, chronic fatigue, cancer, Lyme disease, Epstein Barr, Coxsackie, Cytomegalovirus, etc.), fungus infections (candida albicans, cancer, etc.), heavy metal toxicity (mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, etc.), digestive disorders, and immune system disorders.

Author: Martin Pytela