Ocean Alchemy

Ancient Alchemy for Modern Times

In ancient times, there was a substance with unusual healing and enlightening powers…

This “Food of the Gods” was used as a key instrument in the pursuit of ascension; to move forward and grow in body, mind and spirit with compassion, love and light. Ocean Alchemy products are believed to help cell to cell communication, strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body. It was known by many names such as The Philosopher’s Stone, Semen of the Gods, Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, White Gold, Elixer of Life, The White Dew, The White Dove, and westerners may remember it from the Bible as Manna, as referenced in the books of Exodus and Job.

Ocean Alchemy Supplements Help Your Cells Communicate With Your Consciousness

Based on our personal experiences, we strongly recommend that you begin with one of the spiritually healing Mannas (such as Great Salt Lake Manna or Atlantic Sea Eleven) as this will address any underlying illness or imperfection, and better prepare you for your journey towards enlightenment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to serve you.

The Components of Ocean Alchemy Products

David Hudson “rediscovered” these elements and called them ORMES. We refer to these as Nano Minerals or ORMUS elements. These elements exist naturally throughout nature. They are: rhodium, iridium, gold, silver, copper, cobalt, nickel, platinum, palladium, ruthenium and osmium. The primary elements in Ocean Alchemy products are: rhodium, iridium, gold, and copper. These are monatomic, not colloidal. Colloidals are still in metallic cluster form. Monatomic is the nonmetallic form of the metal. Using exacting and painstaking techniques, Ocean Alchemy extracts these monatoms from their natural “home”, and concentrates them, using only the very finest of natural ingredients.

The History of Ocean Alchemy Products

Don Nance of Ocean Alchemy is a well known alchemist, who has contributed to the movement that popularized alchemical products. Don himself has been healed from colon cancer by these alchemical products. The White Dove has been the staple of many ORMUS users since the early days. Don teaches others how to make them, and together with Steve Coleman he continues to produce both the water and fire alchemy extracts. During the 1980’s David Hudson was involved with research that provided us with some valuable answers. He discovered that the beautiful, resilient yet pliable gold metal was actually the “fallen,” low energy state of the gold atom. He established that gold and other platinum group elements exist in nature as monatoms.

These monatoms are not bonded together to form metal, and hence are not detectable by standard metals analysis methods. The very rare and valuable platinum group elements that physicists say must exist, but are missing, that 97 to 98% of the total, are actually right here on Earth, but are in their monatomic form. They are not missing. They are simply not bonded together to form the metals that everyone has been looking for. David Hudson further discovered that brain tissue contains a full 5% monatomic rhodium and iridium by dry matter weight. These monatomic elements are abundant in nature. They are found in aloe vera plants, carrots, grapes and grape seeds, watercress and in ocean water. This material exists naturally in our bodies and in every living thing. It is the conductor of the life force. It is how our cells communicate with our consciousness.

The following is taken from David Hudson’s Workshop, Dallas, 1995

“And so literally if our body becomes filled with the light, we literally eat this until our light body exceeding our physical body, then we supposedly become light beings. And our physical body no longer controls our light body, our light body now controls our physical body. And anywhere we can think we would like to go, we can travel there not only spiritually, but physically, and take our physical body with us. Now coincidentally, in the Bible, this is referred to as the rapture. It says, two will be working in the field and one will be gone, two will be laying in bed and one will be gone. It will be a physical taking up and disappearing from where you’re at. It says in Revelations, ‘Blessed be the man who will overcome for he shall be given the hidden manna, the white stone of purest kind, upon which will be written a new name.” [Rev. 2:17] You will not be the same person you were before you took the material. It actually says you will have a new name, you will be a different person. When you become filled with the spirit, when you become filled with the chrism, you are not the same person you were before.

All of that DNA that these biomedical people can’t figure out what it’s in your body for, it’s actually there to function, it just isn’t working right now. Right now we only use 8-10 percent of our brain. What’s the other 90 percent there for? Did we evolve a brain that we don’t use? I don’t think so. It’s like at some ancient time we used that brain, and we used that DNA, and we were a different person. Well that sure sounds awfully philosophical, doesn’t it. The Bible says that at one time we were the Adam Kadmon, we were the angelic being, and we have fallen to this animalistic state. But in the Bible, it says, that the day will come when the ancient of days returns here to Earth. Who is the ancient of days? The ancient of days is the Adam Kadmon, the original man And when this man returns here and he literally can read your thoughts in your mind without you opening your mouth, how much more could you ever be judged? No more skeletons in the closet, no more hidden agendas. Everything’s known. In the Bible they call it the opening of the book of life.”

Balance, Love, Light, Compassion and Peace within ones self. As more people heal and reach toward higher levels of consciousness, our world may become a better place for everyone and everything to grow and flourish in balance and peace. The m-state products we make available are for the purpose of philosophical research as tools for healing mind, body and spirit. The ancient alchemists believe that all things are made up of three parts; the philosophical mercury, salt and sulfur…. not actual mercury, salt and sulfur. These three parts make up the whole… like mind, body and spirit make us. We strive to maintain that balance of “essence” in all our products. And so came the phrase; Ancient Alchemy For Modern Times. Ocean Manna uses Wet Method Alchemy, Dry Method Alchemy, Wet Method Chemistry and The Sodium Burn Method to capture m-state Elements. It is a work of patience, observance and dedication directed toward growth and enlightenment.

Author: Life Enthusiast Staff