Organic Minerals Explained

When Drucker Labs uses the word organic, we are not referring to the grocery store use of the word, which means produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. Rather we are referring to the more important and true scientific meaning of the word organic, which means the branch of chemistry concerned with the composition, properties and reactions of compounds containing living carbon. Carbon is a natural component of all living tissue. Carbon is essential to the chemistry of the body, participating in most metabolic processes and acting as a component of carbohydrates, amino acids, triglycerides, deoxy-ribonucleic and ribonucleic acids, and many other compounds. For example, carbon dioxide produced in glycolysis is important in the acid-base balance of the body and in controlling respiration.

Organic carbon-based trace minerals can only be obtained from humified and enriched soils over hundreds of years from once living plant matter slowly yielding living organic soil-based complexes in the soil. After years of testing, Drucker Labs can state that the majority of trace mineral products in the marketplace (even those claiming “plant derived matter) do NOT contain sufficient quantities of true organic carbon. They also lack other critical ingredients such as: methyls and methylene groups, aromatic protonatic compounds, hetero-cyclic compounds, carbonyl compounds, carboxylic compounds, quinone compounds, and ketone-ketene like compounds.

There are a couple of key reasons that most manufacturers are unable to create a true 100% organic microcomplexed product. First, the soils in which the plants were grown and extracted were most likely already depleted of their critical organic complexes and nutrients. Next, they do NOT take the necessary precautions and massive expenses to preserve (not destroy) the 100% organic microcomplexes and organic carbon in the process of extraction and manufacturing the product. It takes Drucker Labs a full 40-days to produce just one bottle.

Understanding this concept is absolutely critical. This is because true organics (as listed above) are always present in Drucker Labs products. The exact compounds and elements are in synergistic amounts that match the makeup of our body and cells. Thus, there is an organic match from the organic living cells and tissues to the carbon-bond organic microcomplexed solution in each bottle. Each bottle contains carbon-bonded minerals, electrolytes and metalo-enzymes that can not be found in any other product we have found available in the marketplace.

Author: Life Enthusiast