ORMUS for Vibrational Healing

The purpose of ingesting Nano Minerals or ORMUS Alchemical products is healing and enlightenment. By increasing the subtle, natural energy of life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, you can increase your physical and spiritual health. Believed to help the cell to cell communication, ORMUS can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, slow or halt aging, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body. ORMUS elements or Nanoparticles allow the expression of more spiritual intelligence through your body and mind, enabling a more integrated, holistic state of functioning. In ancient times this “Food of the Gods” was the key to growing in body, mind and spirit, with compassion, love and light.

ORMUS and Nano Mineral materials are a link between our material world and the non-material worlds, and are easily imprinted with the energy of thought forms. Before ingesting, you should use meditation, prayer, or other loving methods to encode your intentions into the medium. You may also use radionic programming techniques, including writing words on paper that you set your product upon. Life Enthusiast brings you selected ORMUS or Nano Mineral products of finest quality. Each one of them varies slightly from the others. It is recommended you try several, in order to decide which works best for you. These products have provided many people with general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement.

What Is Alchemy!

The dictionary describes alchemy as a medieval chemical philosophy, that transforms base materials into gold, or the magic elixir of longevity. This ancient practice has been passed on for thousands of years by adepts and spiritual seekers. Recently rediscovered, we present it here for those enthusiasts wanting access to alchemical healing by competent practitioners. We also provide information on how to make your own products, how to get involved in a deeper study, and where to get involved in special research projects.

Through all of history, mankind has been searching to understand the mysterious workings of the physical world around him. Some individuals were content to accept the explanations offered to them by the religious leaders of their time. Others of a more adventurous spirit often tried to investigate things for themselves. These investigative spirits naturally began to congregate together to share their pursuit of the understanding of the workings of Nature. They became known as Alchemists, and throughout history, have made valuable contributions to man’s scientific knowledge, most notably the sciences of physics and chemistry.

What Is ORMUS Alchemy!

The term ORMUS comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs), an attempt to describe the nature of this unusual phenomenon. ORMUS is the material alchemists have sought; the magic elixir of longevity. When natural source elements are transformed into ORMUS, they no longer display original properties (toxic when ingested), but assume a nontoxic, easily assimilated form. Using processes developed after years of research, or rediscovered from ancient traditions, some source elements may be transformed into ORMUS. Some of the processes are very simple, others require laboratory equipment.

The average person is quite able to make their own ORMUS preparations. ORMUS elements produced by man are nontoxic, extremely stable, heat resistant, chemically inert. Their form can be crystalline powder (from metals, rocks, soils, and brines), oily liquid, or colloidal (suspension). Because ORMUS elements are chemically inert, their effects are not due to chemical reactions in your body, but come from an energetic effect. We believe that ORMUS elements simply generate the subtle energy of life force, holy spirit, prana or chi.

By increasing this natural energy at the cellular level, extraordinary healing, rejuvenating and enlightening effects are produced in your body, mind and soul. We know that all matter in our universe is in a state of rotation. Stars, planets & moons rotate, and on another level, subatomic particles are continuously whirling around the center of the atom, trillions of times per second. All these celestial systems may be cosmic mechanisms to generate life force, the light of life, from the vacuum. We see the possibility that these spinning elements act to stir the vacuum, giving rise to a subtle essence that the ancients called life force. This may contain the nectar of immortality.

ORMUS Contains Nano Particles of Energy!

Nanoparticles are much smaller than atoms, one-billionth of a meter in size (twenty million nanos are the size of one atom). While our visible world is three-dimensional (having width, length & depth), a nano is two dimensional: if it were turned on its side, it would disappear. Without depth or weight, but with a large surface area, a Nano holds an enormous amount of energy. It is this two-dimensional characteristic that gives a nano its incredible amount of unspent energy. But this energy is not in every atom. Very few sources of this power exist in concentrated quantity.

Where ORMUS is Naturally Found!

Nanoparticles containing ORMUS are abundantly available in nature and can be extracted from volcanic sources, gold-bearing ores & sands, and even sea water. They can also be produced from precious metals, using ancient, but recently rediscovered alchemical techniques. ORMUS is concentrated in volcanic soils. Plants grown in these soils absorb it, growing healthier with substantially more nutrients. Food with this energy supports proper nutrient absorption & toxin elimination, balances your body’s pH, and repairs & regenerates cells. ORMUS energy may be how our cells communicate with our consciousness.

Some very effective nanoparticles of gold (and other precious metals) come from freshwater sources, water drawn from deep within the earth, that travels up through a uniquely mineralized zone. The elements, in their naturally occurring ratios, when processed & concentrated for optimum potency, enhance mineral assimilation into the cells of your body. ORMUS exists in scientifically unseen and immeasurable places. For instance, when a tree is planted in a pot, placed in appropriate light and watered regularly, it will grow, gaining in mass & weight.

Research has proven that this growth is more than the sum of the pot, plant, soil, water and light. Plants are capable of forming elements that did not preexist in their external environment. Some believe the gain is from absorbing and concentrating the ORMUS elements from the soil and light they grow in. When a body ingests this ORMUS energy, the vital life force, holy spirit, prana or chi is enhanced, producing extraordinary healing & rejuvenating effects for your body, mind and soul. Ancient seers around the world considered this to be the elixir of longevity.

How to Choose a Nano Minerals/ORMUS Alchemy Product!

There is a wide range of nano-mineral products on the market. They vary in purity, in concentration, and in the mix of the individual constituent elements. The products are much like herbs – each of them is good for something, and each is based on a different mix of ingredients. At this stage the use of these products is experimental. We know that in general the ORMUS products provide strength to the immune system, and improve the flow of the life force (chi, ki, prana, etc.) through the body. We don’t know yet how each of these products will affect individual people or specific conditions. The best advice we can offer is this: try one, and if it is not working right, try another one. You will eventually find the right mix for your body type.

Read the user stories, and see if any of them inspire you. Share your own success with us so that we may pass it on to people who will follow us on this path. These are the pioneering days of ORMUS product use. We can assure you that these products are safe – they have been tested at 20 to 50 times recommended dosage, and still produce no serious problems other than healing reactions (Herxheimer, detox). Their long term use will lead to a rejuvenation of your whole body. Some will work faster for you, depending on your body genetics and the current state of health. Use your intuition or kinesiology to guide you to the product that is right for you.

Author: Life Enthusiast